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In order to get the staff read the memo and respond to it as well, it is very important to work on the tone, length as well as on the level of formality of the memo. Doing this by putting all the efforts requires that the person drafting the memorandum has a great idea that what is that memo intended for. He should always think about the priorities of the staff he is drafting the memorandum to and also try to imagine that why the information being presented to the staff is important for them.

Always introduce the issues to the staff clearly:

The person drafting the office memo must always brief the staff with the context behind every action that he wishes the staff to take. This is more like a thesis statement that at first introduces the topic and then states why it matters. The only required information must be included in the memo that is needed. And the opening of the staff memorandum must be about ¼ of the total length of the memo.

Support the action:

In the discussion statement, the person drafting the memo should be persuasive. He should mention how the staff can get benefits from the action that is recommended in the memo and also the disadvantages of not following instructions in the memo.

Close the memo with friendly endings:

The memo must always be closed with friendly ending that encourages the staff to take an action that has been recommended in the memo for the specific issue. With an effective ending, the staff must be given a sense of solidarity and optimism as well.

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