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Meeting Agenda Template

Here is a simple yet professional Meeting Agenda Template that can assist anyone in creating a comprehensive yet handy Meeting Agenda. It doesn’t matter what kind of meeting you are going to conduct. It does matter how better you organize it. Preparing an agenda is critical for organizing an official meeting. This MS Word 2003 template can be found a worthy source of creating professional meeting agendas specially when you are on rush.

The most common of all mistakes is relying on your memory, preparing everything inside your head and not writing down the key points. No matter how strong you memory is, never rely on that otherwise there are chances that you might forget most of the important points that are to be discussed. Write down the details and always stick to the document, do not try to improvise during the meeting or you will mix up everything. Not sticking to the planned document and making irrelevant, random and sudden changes to the agenda and interrupting everyone in the meeting is another common mistake. If there is something that needs a change in the agenda it should be done before hand, prior to the meeting to avoid any misunderstandings. Remember, the only purpose of a meeting is to ask people about their opinion and letting everybody participate in the discussion. Do not just keep on talking and use up all the time, rather let everybody speak; give them a chance to provide something valuable. A meeting should only consist of few topics that are interrelated and require immediate action. Avoid stuffing a lot of topics and issues into one meeting rather just focus on the most urgent ones. Your written meeting agenda is useless if you don’t attach supporting documents to it because no would have any clear idea about the facts and figures on which your discussion is going to be based upon. Finally, never invite extra people whose expertise is not relevant to the issues being discussed in the meeting; instead always try to invite people who can add something useful to the conversation. Do not forget to sum up all the points raised during the meeting and everything at the end of the discussion

Here is preview and download link of this Meeting Agenda Template,


Here is download link of this Meeting Agenda Template,