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Basic Agenda – Word Template

If you are going to organize a meeting and your boss has assigned you task of preparing meeting agenda, here is a quick agenda template that can save a lot of your time.

Key Elements of a Meeting Agenda Document
Before you start writing your first meeting agenda, be sure to include following very important (I would say ‘crucial‘) information.  Without this, you can not call your agenda as a complete meeting agenda. Here are these,

  • Meeting Title
  • Meeting Date and Time
  • Names of Participants
  • Purpose of Meeting
  • Time and Subject of Speaker (if conference meeting)

Layout of Meeting Agenda Document
It is important that you should keep your agenda document clean and simple. A professional meeting agenda document shouldn’t be written using more than two colors (black and white). A colorful agenda will just give the look and feel of a bizarre meeting.

This agenda template is prepared using MS Word 2003 so that you can easily download it and start editing to fulfill your purpose. Here is preview of this agenda template,

Basic Agenda Template

Those were the most common mistakes made while preparing meeting agendas as well as during these meetings. You’re meeting would only be successful and fruit bearing if you always try to avoid these mistakes and prepare everything timely and not wait for the last minute, because last minute preparations always lead to nothing.

Here is its download link for this agenda template,

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