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Shipping Label Templates

Here are some Shipping Label Templates created keeping in mind special needs of merchandisers so that they can easily create their needed Shipping Labels for bigger packets or cartons. These Shipping Label Templates are created using MS Word 2003 or later to help an average MS Word User to edit and create his/her own Shipping Labels quickly and effectively. The size is defined particularly for bigger parcel and packets. Feel free to adjust it as per your own sizes of parcels.

An identification label which is dispatched on a container or a box to enlist the contents of the shipment or parcel is called a shipping label. The key purpose of a shipping label is to identify the contents of the delivery without actually opening the box so that if it reached on a wrong address or something is missing, it can safely return to the shipper or cargo company. in international logistics, some countries need to check for the FDA approval for the inside contents of a shipment and that approval can be put on the shipping label too so that there is no need to reopen it for the inspection. This label also serves as the address carrier which provides the address and contact number of the person whom it’s sent to. Unlike a few years back, now companies use special type of laminated labels which remain safe in wet weather and clearly show all the enlisted information as compared to a simple paper and glued label.

A shipping label usually includes:

  • Vendor’s name, address and telephone number
  • Returning address if it’s other than the vendor’s address
  • Store’s name, street address and phone numbers
  • Country code along with city’s zip code
  • Purchase order number and sales invoice number
  • Article number
  • Quantity which includes discussing each and every item in the shipment
  • Information about the later coming parcels if there are any
  • Barcode  that can be scanned by a scanner or barcode reader
  • Special instructions if necessary

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