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Printable Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word Format enables every businessman to plan his day effectively. People sent us demands to upload a free daily planner printable so that they can easily manage their routine work easily. Our team has found this one the best for your needs.

An employed person and head of a family, we all have lots of tasks to do every day including finishing assignments, projects, preparing presentation or repairing a vehicle, grocery shopping or calling for a maintenance guy for the leakage in the basement. Sometimes it’s so difficult to remember everything or every task that needs to be done every day and when we have lots of balls in the air, it’s hard to show effectiveness or efficiency and no matter how hard we try, we always forget something. Although it’s not your fault if you forget a task from an enormous list of assignments but if that happens, most of us blame ourselves and the weakness of our memory. This is the point where a daily planner comes handy and helps you to organize and remember your each day stuff and tasks. You just need to dedicate a few minutes at the end of each day to plan for the next day and this way you can complete every task on daily basis.

Free Calendar Templates

Here are several free Calendar Templates in MS Word to assist you in preparing your own Calendar quickly.


Here is download link for this Calendar Template for 2020 or 2021.

Another great Calendar Word Template. It looks professional and beautiful. It is a monthly calendar and gives out a clear layout of days and dates. very much recommended for you if you are calendar loving person.

Similarly the common man can sometimes become bored by seeing those pre-printed pictures and animal portraits on the calendar. So why not create one’s own customized calendar; where they can add the pictures of their own choice? These might include the family portraits, the pictures of one’s children, their better half, parents and what not. Like the organizational calendars, the ones in the home can also have customized events like birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

The custom calendars can be created of any reason one might like. Obviously everyone has the right to live like they love, so why not include the customization of calendars in it? Shouldn’t we?


Here is download link for this Calendar Template for 2020 and 2021.

Another great Calendar Word Template. It is Portrait Sandy Brown Calendar and looks very professional yet beautiful. A must have thing to print and place on your table every month end.

Since there are hundreds to thousands of different calendars available in the market, then why do people design and create their own custom calendars? The answer is pretty simple but a little detailed one. Let us suppose you have a company and you want to place a calendar on every desktop of each official of your company; where you obviously can’t allow anyone to have their own different calendars, because it gives a very casual and unorganized look to the office. Then you definitely have to have your own company calendars; of a specific format and design, all of one kind so as to make the environment a very official and decent looking. Another advantage in such calendars you can have is that you can add your own company related events, so that every employee will be aware of what is going to be and when it is going to be; no matter it is a holiday, an important annual meeting of the company or any other event.


Here is download link for this Calendar Template in MS Word format.

One more useful Calendar Template for the year of 2020.


Here is download link for this Calendar Template,



The most important thing about a daily planner is that it helps us to organize the work we do on regular basis. It’s quite possible that you do different tasks all day long and still at the end of each day, you end up with some pending jobs and if you use a daily planner for the planning, you will be able to complete all the tasks each day along with some extra time which you can spend with a friend or your family. Using this planner, you actually increase your memory strength as now you don’t have to try hard to remember everything and you can just look up to the planner to see what the next task is that you have to do. This way you also increase your productivity as now you can perform more tasks on daily basis in lesser time. As you increase your productivity, you get appreciated by your employer which keeps you motivated to do more.

Here is a couple of more Calendar Templates,







Key Elements to make an Effective Daily Planner:

  • Put details for every task:
    According to the task, it’s important to provide some specifications for the task too. As it’s possible that even you remember it now but when you will actually start the task, you won’t remember every little detail. For example, “clean the office” is not enough but you have to specify about what kind of cleanliness you want to do like arranging the files in a new colored manner, getting rid of old or dead flowers or throwing out the old and useless files.
  • Use technology if possible:
    We are not saying that you always use everything digital or look out for technologies every time you want to perform something but in daily planning, if you use a software instead of using paper and pen, it will be more effective as now you will write lesser and a lot of work is already done by the software.
  • Arrange the tasks in such a manner as you want to perform them:
    As you write your tasks in a daily planner, you have some idea in mind about which task needs to be done early and which task can wait for a while. Tasks like meeting someone or attending some conference needs to have priority on the tasks like shopping or going for a party.
  • Make every task clear:
    It’s important that you organize or plan within minutes which doesn’t give you much time to describe each and every task but it will be a lot worse when you see a task and don’t know what it’s referring to. That’s why it’s important that you describe the task with a few extra words so that you don’t have think hard to remember that task.


https://www.wordtemplates.org/calendar-word-templates/calendar-templates/feed/ 0 5478
6 Free Project Task List Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/list-templates/project-task-list-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/list-templates/project-task-list-templates/#respond Thu, 27 Feb 2020 11:54:59 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=5126 Related posts:
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Here are several Free Project Task List Templates in MS Word format to guide you in preparing your own Task List quickly.

Managing Project Tasks, is a process in which the administrator or supervisor of a project, assigns different tasks to different employees and workers. This also involves allocating resources for the project in some specific cases but mainly it’s all about assigning various duties to different employees. A Project is usually consists of a set of tasks that one person can’t do all. So ti requires carefully planning and task assignment to the team members. Sometimes a project is so big that two or more than two companies do it together. This way it seems quite difficult to oversee and supervise the whole project and also keep an eye on the progress of the project and performance of the employees. This is where task management comes handy as you can handle it easily when you have a definite knowledge of who is doing what and how much time he needs more to complete his assigned task.

Project Development Life-cycle

The life cycle of a task includes:

  • Ready
  • Assigned
  • Terminated
  • Expired
  • Forwarded
  • Finished
  • Failed

Once you have a task ready to assign to someone, you look for the perfect match who is supposed to do it more effectively. You assign him the project which he may reject due to any reason or accept. If he rejects, the project manager can ask about his issues and once they are eliminated, he is ready to start the project. After that there can be number of possibilities about the results or outcomes of a project like it may be terminated by the supervisor or client or the employee didn’t have much time and it expired. Or he couldn’t do the project so he forwarded it to someone else capable of doing it or either he has finished the project according to the plan or he tried but failed.

Free Project Task List Templates

Project Management is not complete without assigning and monitoring tasks to team members. This is critical process and every project manager has well documented process to use in order to be effective and efficient. Here is our our Project Task Assignment Template that will help you quickly set it up in case you don’t already have one. Here is its preview,

Task Assignment Sheet

Here is its download link,

There are a lot of computer programs that can help you in the management of project’s tasks. Some of them are free and others need you to pay for them. Many websites are there on internet who offers to provide you with such software. It may seem or sound complicated but it’s not at all. If you want to create your own project task manager, you can do it by using a pen and paper. You just have to draw columns on the paper for different tasks, the person who is assigned to do it, estimated time to complete the task and allocated resources. This way you can analyze the progress of the task any time and it also helps to check for the performance of that employee for the future references.

Here is preview of another useful Project Task List Template for your quick review.

Project Task Assignment Template 01

Click on the button bellow to start downloading this MS Word Template in ZIP Format.

Yet another useful and good looking but simple Project Task List Form.

Project Task Assignment Template 02

Download link for this very useful Project Task List Template.

Managing project tasks is very important as you can’t remember each and every detail about a project and who is doing what in the team. This way when you assign a single task or set of different tasks to someone in the team, you don’t worry about it at all because now that person is responsible for the completion of the task on time although you have to keep an eye on him but that’s a lot easier than actually doing the task by yourself. This way you can assign all the employees to complete the task first which needs to be done to begin other tasks or the client has agreed to approve the project once he has seen a completed segment of it. this way it’s very easy to have a definite and real time knowledge about the completion of the project as you can ask different employees about their assigned duties and how much of them is completed and by compiling that data, you can present the overall progress of the project and also this way it’s very easy to update the client too.

Still looking for more options, here is Simple Project Task List Sheet for your quick review of your whole project work in progress.

Project Task Assignment Template 03

Here is download link for this Simple Project Task List Template.

One more useful and simple Project Task List Sheet for your quick guide and assistance.

Project Task Assignment Template 04

Download this very useful MS Word Template in ZIP form.

So here goes my last Word Template for your Project Task List objective.

Project Task Assignment Template 05

Download link for this wonderful Project Task List Template.

https://www.wordtemplates.org/list-templates/project-task-list-templates/feed/ 0 5126
11 Free Appreciation Certificate Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/appreciation-certificate-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/appreciation-certificate-templates/#respond Mon, 24 Feb 2020 13:10:13 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=5066 Related posts:
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Here are several Free Appreciation Certificate Templates that can be used to create a certificate to use at schools or businesses. Such letters or certificates of appreciation for a student or employee’s performance is needed to acknowledge his/her efforts. Most of these templates are prepared using MS Word Format and can easily be downloaded for further editing and working.

Appreciation is a big word and has a lot of meanings such as when we want to thank someone or show gratitude for what they have done, we appreciate or applaud them or by appreciating someone, we admire his or her qualities. As we live in a social world and we interact with thousands of people every day, we see them doing right or wrong acts. When they do something bad, we warn them and let them know about its outcomes and when someone does a good action, we admire them and appreciate their qualities which lead them to do what they did. It’s very important to appreciate a good person when he does something great for others or for the overall society because this will make him proud on himself and he will continue doing same good actions in the future. If we don’t appreciate and only criticize, no one will want to do anything good because our behavior is not appropriate about it.

Here is preview of our first Appreciation Certificate Template in MS Word format,

Appreciation Certificate Template 01

Please click on the button to download this Appreciation Certificate Template in MS Word.

Allow me to share another good looking Appreciation Certificate Template to help you prepare your own Certificates quickly. Here is its preview,

Appreciation Certificate Template 02

Download this Certificate Template in MS Word.


Appreciation Certificate Template 03

Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this Certificate of Appreciation Template.

An appreciation certificate is a proof that you give someone which will remind him that he has done something good for someone else. Companies award their employees with appreciation certificates to motivate them or educational institutes give appreciation certificates to the students to admire their qualities and abilities. Research shows that when you tell someone that he has done something very good or noble, it makes him proud of himself and he wants to do the same act again and again so that the people will admire him. Appreciation certificates vary according to the situation and occasion but a common certificate includes the following elements.

One more useful and comprehensive Certificate Template to assist you in designing your own Appreciation Certificate quickly.

Certificate of Appreciation Template 04

Here is its download link,

Yet another Appreciation Certificate Design with all the standard informational elements to quickly print for your own needs.

Certificate of Appreciation Template 05

Please click on the download button bellow to start downloading this Certificate Template.

Certificate of Appreciation Template 06


Importance of Appreciation Certificates:

  • Appreciation makes us happier and every time we see the certificate, it reminds us of our hard work and effort we made that resulted into getting us the appreciation certificate.
  • When we appreciate other people or our employees, it makes them realize that their employer is keeping an eye on their performances and he really wants them to grow. This way they like you just because you appreciated them.
  • Don’t you feel good about yourself when someone appreciates you or your work? The appreciation in real makes us healthier as it takes away the work or job worries from our minds and relaxes us.
  • Research shows that when a person is appreciated even when he is not doing so well, he feels good about himself which eventually makes him good on his job. This way he constantly grows and works with more effectiveness if his or her employer appreciates him.
  • Appreciation reduces feelings of envy and stress from our mind. Even if nothing is right in our life and everything seems messed up, when someone appreciates us, we forget about our worries for a while and plan to try harder to make everything right.
  • It’s a reality that when people are constantly appreciated, they always be in good moods and meet people with happy faces, big smiles and shiny eyes. 
  • Appreciation is directly related to optimism and optimism in return, makes us happy and satisfied.
  • When we are appreciated, it makes us to think about other people too. We actually care about the work of our coworkers and teammates and in the same way out senior appreciated us, we appreciate them.
  • Even if a person can’t do a task, if you appreciate him, he tries harder to complete the task and if he succeeds, it’s make him think that he can do whatever he wants and there is nothing which can stop him.

Still need to see more options before designing your own Certificate? Here are more free Appreciation Certificate Templates in MS Word to give you more choices.

Certificate of Appreciation Template 07

Here is download link for this MS Word Certificate Template.

Checkout this Thank You Certificate that can easily be used to appreciate someone’s efforts either in a school or office. With little change in title, you can easily fit it in any kind of situation possible.

Certificate of Appreciation Template 08

Here is download link for this good looking Thank You Certificate Template.

Following is a simple yet creative Certificate Design that can adds extra value when you are presenting it officially to someone.  Since its in MS Word format, so you can easily edit it to tailor to your own specific requirements. Here is preview of this Certificate of Appreciation Template,

Certificate of Appreciation Template 09

Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this certificate template.

Another good looking Certificate Design to give you some food for thought of your own design.

Certificate of Appreciation Template 10

Here is download link for this certificate.







https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/appreciation-certificate-templates/feed/ 0 5066
9 Free Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/agreement-templates/employee-non-disclosure/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/agreement-templates/employee-non-disclosure/#respond Fri, 14 Feb 2020 01:15:31 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=1803 Related posts:
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Download these Free Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates in MS Word format to study and edit in order to draft your own legal agreement quickly.

When a company wants to protect its intellectual property, inventions, techniques and secrets from outside the company and competitors, it signs employee non-disclosure agreement with the employees and business partners so that when they leave the company for any reason, they don’t leak or share the secret information to anyone else outside the organization. And, in any case if any party violates the clauses of the agreement, the company has the right to file law suit against that party and stop them from revealing the information to other people with the help of this agreement.

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

When it comes to the secrets and intellectual properties of a company, there are two different scenarios. On one hand, it is very important of the top secret and high level government research institutes to keep their inventions and discoveries hidden from outside the world but they also have to hire hundreds of employees and anyone of them can leak or reveal the information to outsiders. On the other hand, with each new company in the market, the competition between companies and businesses is getting very tough and serious. In such situation, each business has to think of keeping their secrets and formulas hidden from their competitors and bound the employees not to reveal such high profile information to anyone besides the company and its employees. With the help of this agreement, it is very easy to protect the hidden information and secrets of a company and control the employees and their actions so that in any case, they don’t share the intellectual property of a company with anyone else.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

Here is download link for this Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template,


Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Non-Disclosure Agreement is a need of every day business. When you are outsourcing something or engaging someone in a contact while disclosing your propriety information, it is highly recommended to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement Agreement. However for a common man, finding a good and comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement is really a challenge. Here comes a sample Non-Disclosure Agreement template to help you get your hands on a professional Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Here goes its download link,

Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Here are more free and public domain Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates in MS Word format to assist you in drafting a legal and perfect Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 01

Download this Non-Disclosure Agreement Template in MS Word format.

Checkout this useful Agreement that can easily be edited to suit your own requirements and situation. You can also download it to study and improve your understanding of standard terms & conditions to prepare your own.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 02

Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.

Another useful standard agreement offered by ThoughtBot to guide you how to write a good looking agreement by yourself.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 03

Here is download link of this Agreement Template in MS Word format.

Download following Non-Disclosure Agreement to quickly help you in preparing your own agreement quickly and comprehensively. You can simply download it and fill-in empty spaces to send it for printing or email to your lawyer for signing.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 04

Here is download link for this Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.

Checkout another standard Non-Disclosure Agreement that includes all standard terms & conditions that can lead you to a comprehensive legal agreement in a few minutes. A big benefit of using such agreement templates is to quickly draft one such agreement when you are on the go and need to sign such an agreement with someone at a very short notice.

Non Disclosure Agreement Template 05

Here is download link for this Non-Disclosure Agreement Template in MS Word.


Non Disclosure Agreement Template 06



Key Elements to add in the Employee Non-disclosure Agreement:

  • Name of the company
  • Name of the employee or other parties
  • Date when the agreement is effected
  • Expiration or validity of the agreement
  • Clauses of the agreement
  • Reasons for signing this non compete agreement
  • Specific geographical area for effectiveness of this agreement
  • Compensation for the non competing party
  • Termination of the agreement
  • Signature of both parties and the witnesses

Importance and uses of Employee Non-disclosure Agreement:

It may sound like something very complicated and rarely happening but in reality, companies and corporations sign and deal with such agreements on regular basis and employees that work in such organizations are familiar with these agreements. In order to understand the use and importance of this agreement, suppose that you run a business that invents new technologies and electric gadgets regularly and the employees that are hired in the office, are well familiar with the techniques used in the company and if anyone of them tries to leak the information to someone else outside the company, it can put the whole business in jeopardy and cause a major loss or damage to the company. In order to protect your company and the intellectual property along with the secrets and new invented technologies, you should sign this contract with the employees working in the company so that when they decide to leave the company for some reason, they don’t share this information with anyone else i.e. with competitors, rivals and other similar companies.


https://www.wordtemplates.org/agreement-templates/employee-non-disclosure/feed/ 0 1803
Press Release Templates & Samples https://www.wordtemplates.org/office-stationery/press-release-templates-samples/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/office-stationery/press-release-templates-samples/#respond Mon, 27 Jan 2020 10:41:22 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4609 Related posts:
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  2. Internship Certificate Template – 6 Free Samples
  3. Rental Agreement Templates
Press releases are official announcements that are stated by companies and organizations to print, television and radio media. A press release can be both factual and address to some specific population or it can be a general announcement of a new product for the whole world. Some companies use it to announce changes in their companies or businesses where the others use it as a mean of advertisement for a new or upcoming product. Most companies ask within their organization to write a press release but some also hire an outsource agency which writes it for them. A press release is type of an article which contains number of different information about the company, a product or a service which it’s offering.

A perfect press release contains a lot of ingredients and you should do a number of tasks before you compose the actual press release. Things such as:

  • A little research about the people who will receive it and read it.
  • According to the selected population, selection of the appropriate keywords.
  • Putting some benefits for the readers in the press release.
  • Creating a mind blowing and unique headline.
  • Adding photos to make it more interesting as the visuals capture attention quickly.
  • Proofreading as much times as it’s possible.
  • Contacts addresses i.e. email address or phone number, at the end so that readers can contact you.

Press Release Templates

Press Release Template is a MS Word Template that allows your to quickly create professional looking Linear Press Release. Here is its preview,

Press Release Template

Checkout its download link bellow:

Sample Press Release Template

Here is another useful Press Release Template in MS Word that can provide you a foundation to kick start writing your own Press Release effectively.

Press Release Template

Please click on the download link bellow to start downloading this template.


General Tips to write a Perfect Press Release:

  • First and the most important thing is, to put a unique and attractive headline. The headline is the first thing that the reader notices and it’s the same thing that convinces him to read the entire paragraph(s).
  • There is no need to contextual situation and you should get to the point right in the beginning of the first paragraph. Most people won’t have that much time to understand the main purpose of theme of the press release and some of them won’t read the whole writing just because it’s difficult to find out the main reason of the writing.
  • Make your press release more authenticated by providing solid numbers and proof to what you are suggesting or revealing. If you are introducing a new trend, you should add review of famous or known personalities so that it looks more professional.
  • If it’s possible, provide the references or your sources of information so that if someone has a doubt, he or she can verify the facts or figures.
  • One page is fine but if you really want to discuss something in detail, two pages are more than enough.
  • Include your personal and contact information at the end of the press release such as your name, email address and a link to some online source where the reader can read it or refer it to someone else.
  • Once you have completed the writing, the most important thing to do is to proofread it and eliminate the grammatical and spellings mistakes. No matter how much research you conducted or how authenticated the facts are, if you have spelling mistakes or your grammar is not that good; people will immediately loose the interest in it.

Press Release Samples

Here are several free Press Release Samples to assist you in preparing and submitting your own Press Release easily.

press release template 03

Download link is bellow.

Fill in the Blanks Press Release Template

Download this Template to just fill-in your own details and come up with a Press Release of a Student Achievement in the Arts. This is quite a handy template that anyone can easily tailor to prepare a professional press release quickly. It contains all standard terms & conditions to help you prepare your own official press release much quickly.

press release template 04

Event Press Release Template

Here comes another useful Press Release Sample in DOCX format that you can study to understand how a good Press Release look like. Moreover, you can easily input your own details in the mentioned fields and then print it out to send to your Press Release syndicates. This is a simple yet very effective Press Release that can enable you to start writing Press Releases in as less as possible time.

press release template 05

Please click on the link bellow to start downloading this template.

Medical Press Release Templates

Please review following Press Release Sample related to Medical field. It is created on World Polio Day but can easily be modified to suit any other event or situation. Please read it carefully before selecting it to create your own Press Release.

press release template 06

Checkout following Press Release Template that includes all standard information that any Press Release should have. You can customize it as per your situation to input your specific details. You can see highlighted text in light green color that includes instructions as how you can customize this template to satisfy your needs.

press release template 07

Again, click on the link bellow to start downloading this Press Release Template.

Sports Press Release Template

If you want to promote a Sports Event in your area through Press Release then checkout following useful Press Release Template. This template includes all kinds of instruction to help you in preparing your own Press Release in as less time as possible.

press release template 08

Please find the download link button bellow.

Official Press Release Template

Here is another useful Official Press Release Template on a Letterhead to spread the news among your community members. Just click on the item you want to edit and hence you can also customize its colors or even the whole layout by picking & dropping these items.

press release template 09

Download link is bellow, just click on this button.

Yet another Medical Press Release Template to write up your Immediate Release for an upcoming event or informational campaign.

press release template 10

Click on the button bellow to start downloading this Press Release Template for an Immediate Release.

https://www.wordtemplates.org/office-stationery/press-release-templates-samples/feed/ 0 4609
Free Shipping Label Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/label-templates/shipping-label-templates-2/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/label-templates/shipping-label-templates-2/#respond Sat, 18 Jan 2020 08:12:01 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4468 Related posts:
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  2. Purchase Order Templates
  3. Aspect CD-DVD Label – Word Template
Here are some Shipping Label Templates created keeping in mind special needs of merchandisers so that they can easily create their needed Shipping Labels for bigger packets or cartons. These Shipping Label Templates are created using MS Word 2013 or later to help an average MS Word User to edit and create his/her own Shipping Labels quickly and effectively. The size is defined particularly for bigger parcel and packets. Feel free to adjust it as per your own sizes of parcels.

An identification label which is dispatched on a container or a box to enlist the contents of the shipment or parcel is called a shipping label. The key purpose of a shipping label is to identify the contents of the delivery without actually opening the box so that if it reached on a wrong address or something is missing, it can safely return to the shipper or cargo company. in international logistics, some countries need to check for the FDA approval for the inside contents of a shipment and that approval can be put on the shipping label too so that there is no need to reopen it for the inspection. This label also serves as the address carrier which provides the address and contact number of the person whom it’s sent to. Unlike a few years back, now companies use special type of laminated labels which remain safe in wet weather and clearly show all the enlisted information as compared to a simple paper and glued label.

Shipping Label usually includes:

  • Vendor’s name, address and telephone number
  • Returning address if it’s other than the vendor’s address
  • Store’s name, street address and phone numbers
  • Country code along with city’s zip code
  • Purchase order number and sales invoice number
  • Article number
  • Quantity which includes discussing each and every item in the shipment
  • Information about the later coming parcels if there are any
  • Barcode  that can be scanned by a scanner or barcode reader
  • Special instructions if necessary

Fragile Shipping Label Template

Here is preview and download link of these Shipping Label Templates,


Here is download link,


Address Shipping Label Template

Here is 2nd set of Shipping Label Templates,


Here is download link,

Shipping label also has another use other than telling about the receiver’s address which is, presenting your company or business in the common market. You can create a different place for your brand and product by using a unique and colorful shipping label. You can use different labels for each kind of product or a common one for the entire business. You can put your company’s logo on the label which serves as a publicity technique aside from its basic purpose. Now companies use software or computer programs which are linked to the customer’s account in the company and when he buys something or place an order, the software puts his address on the label automatically and it saves the extra effort.

Key Benefits of using a Shipping Label:

  • The most important benefit of a shipping label is that it designates the place where the parcel is going to. This way the shipment company or delivery staff know exactly where to deliver it and which person will receive it.
  • Without opening the parcel, it provides information to the receiver of the delivery about the inside items and he can make sure if he has received what he ordered or there  is some mistake in the delivery.
  • If the shipment charges are receiver’s to pay, the shipping label or slip provides information about the shipper’s destination and the distance the delivery had traveled so that it’s possible to count the charges of shipment and delivery.
  • The shipping label is also used in legal disputes if you haven’t receive what is written on the label and by using this label, you can sue the shipment company or cargo firm into court for the claim of your goods or products you ordered.

Personalized Shipping labels are used by every shipper or business group operating online. However this is also a fact that many of these are using either less attractive shipping labels or simple listing of customer addresses.

Professional Shipping Label Template

Here is a professional looking shipping label template. These sample shipping labels can be used freely for any business. Here is its preview,

Personalized Shipping Label

Here is its download link,

Printable Shipping Label Template

Shipping Label Template is a MS Word 2013 Template. Shipping Label is a need of every business that deals with shipment or send postal mail to anywhere either domestic or international. This template allow you to print Linear Shipping Labels as much as you want.

Here is preview of Shipping Label Template,

Shipping Label Template

Here is download link,

Professional Label Templates

Here are some professional Printable Labels Templates. Almost every business, no matter it is a small business or medium scale business or even large scale, requires labels to be printed for the day to day customer/partner correspondence. Here comes some Labels Templates specially keeping in view of its printing needs. Feel free to alter it before printing to suit your particular requirements if there are any. These are created using MS Word 2007 so must be very easy to edit for everyone.

Here is preview and download links of these Printable Labels Templates,


Here is its download link,


Here is another set of Printable Label Templates,


Here is its download link,



https://www.wordtemplates.org/label-templates/shipping-label-templates-2/feed/ 0 4468
9 Free Business Flyer Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/flyer-word-templates/business-flyer-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/flyer-word-templates/business-flyer-templates/#respond Sat, 18 Jan 2020 07:37:35 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4451 Related posts:
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Download these Free Business Flyer Templates to assist you in designing your own eye-catching Flyer Designs quickly and with very little efforts. You can also checkout our collection of free Wanted Poster Templates available on our website.

Flyers are an economical but highly effective ways of grabbing attention of the customer toward a business. If your company has low advertising budget, business flyers on internet will serve you best. Business flyers are of great magnitude in the internet era of marketing at present. You can find divers range of fairly innovative, low-cost advertising and business promotional tools in form of flyers that you can utilize. Business flyers can give you best advantage over internet as free or low-cost tools of advertising your business. It is more valuable in case you want to expand your territory but cannot afford to plant stores all around, for instance. Nearly all types of business promotion flyers are available on internet easily now, and you can enjoy the convenience and ease of choosing a free or low-in-cost flyer of your choice to use online. These business flyers available on internet are great means of advertising, and learning about business tools as well. Flyers are the means to offer your customer what they want in a sound and pleasant manner.

Business Flyer Template

Here is preview of a Free Printable Business Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Bussiness Flyer Template

Here is download link for above shown free Business Flyer Template,

For Sale Flyer Template

In case you are planning to sale your real estate and you desire to ensure that people know it’s for sale then preparing an appealing and informative flyers and putting it on a common place is a fantastic opportunity. This will save your time and money as well as an information flyer can make your property be noticeable out of the audience. Precisely how and what important information is listed on the flyer is essential for any buyer. You intend to list the basics, accentuate the best features and give plenty of important information to get the customer fascinated. In case you are concern yourself with exactly how to make a flyer which attracts the interest of the passersby, don’t worry here you will then see helpful suggestions for making a flyer for example just how to use images, how to use text thoroughly and exactly what information relating to it.

Everyone near us is in need of Flyers on different occasions to print and use. Here is a Word Template that will allow you to quickly print a For Sale flyer.

Apartment For Sale Flyer

Here is the download link,

Car Wash Flyer Template

Looking for a car wash flyer? However it is a boring business for some people, but it can be very interesting and profitable for the others. So you need to make your car wash flyer interesting and attractive one.

There can be various options to try. You can download a ready to use car wash flyer template available here. There is a large variety of latest modern designs according to the innovative trends of making flyers. You can either make it by your desire that would be personalized copy of flyer template. Here is preview of a specific Free Car Wash Flyer Template created by our staff specially for our visitors,

Car Wash Flyer Template

Here is download link for above shown Free Car Wash Flyer Template created using MS Word,

You can also take your business to Twitter. However, Twitter is a conversation place instead of just pushing your business flyer copy there.

Leave your flyer on Google+. Google+ provides business pages that are the recent stream of business promotion in the world of social media. Your business flyer must be here in a very striking, appealing and innovative form.

There are many more ways of business promotion using flyer on the internet. No one of those go wrong in any way. It signifies the importance of business flyers in internet era.

Make your business flyer more relevant, customer friendly, eye catching, and interesting as well. It is much easier to keep your business flyer updated and innovative on internet. You can easily hit the specific market or customers to promote your business in customized areas of the world.

Business flyers designed in bold and eye-catching colors, and motivating slogans will bear no issue to find viewers on internet for you. To enhance the magnetism of your flyer, use bold titles and headlines, clear and concise sentences, short paragraph contents, and highlights for appealing offers of customer’s interest.

Carnival Flyer Template

Carnival flyer showcases the best features, people’s favorite activities, and whereabouts of the festival. Carnival flyers include and promote all the attractions during the carnival festival. You must consider some special promotion, and you should take proper time to plan everything to obtain the cause of event done. Carnival flyers are the effective tools to convey information about the carnival function, venue, date and time, or other details to the people. These flyers are also used to promote your carnival event. Carnival flyers are best choice as advertising tool that are created by the host party regarding the event to notify and invite people to join them. Carnival flyers are the means to depict fun and enhance excitement among people about the event.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Carnival Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Carnival Flyer Template

Here is download link for the above shown Carnival Flyer Template,


Carnival is a season of festivals that is celebrated immediately before Christian season of Lent. A carnival allows people to enjoy a bunch of activities at their fullest. This is a social event celebrated specially in Europe and Latin that covers a series of festivals to be conducted, and the main event typically occurs during February. The carnival season for 2016 is going to begin on Friday, February 5 to Wednesday, February 10.

Carnivals can be held for the variety of reasons; often these events are an extension of nonprofit efforts to benefit a community of people. Carnival festivals involve public celebration activities that may include circus, public street parties, games etc.

Carnival flyers are used to encompass all the important information relating the carnival in order to attract the people toward it. These are also means and great way of making money for a cause.

Painting Workshop Flyer Template

Painting is the most colorful and dynamic way to express and it’s also an effective way to refresh yourself. Conducting a painting workshop is a good idea if you are tired of your daily routine. A vibrant flyer can help in attracting a good number of interested participants for the workshops you are conducting. It’s understood fact that a highly classy and creative title will help in compelling the attention of the target group.

Most artists are sensitive towards things so the title of the pamphlet need a special attention and time before finalization because you should consider the standards of your target audience while designing a title. Selection of font, color and size for the title is also a tricky and a challenging step because you are targeting such people who are very much sensitive and are eager for a creative tinge. The pamphlet should be colorful but at the same time it should not be really showy and random.

The flyer design should project some creative and professional aspect. By mentioning this that proper degree holders and expert artists will be there to guide the participants, you can add a creative flavor to your pamphlet. Special competitions should also be conducted and prizes will be distributed in order to make the event effective. This thing should be given in the flyer. The price for entry tickets should be decided keeping in view all the facilitation that will be given to the participants.

Here is a Free Sample Painting Workshop Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Painting Workshop Flyer

Here is download link for this Painting Workshop Flyer Template,


You can use these business flyers either on your own website, or pay other classified ads website or directory to publish your flyer on their pages. Some websites are paid and some are free to post your advertisement. You can participate in forums and blogs to leave your business flyer. It will bring a lot of traffic and customers to your business. Forums and blogs are often free services where people join to meet different communities. Make use of user pages to leave your business flyer on the sites that allow this action. It is a great way of promoting your business on internet.

Free Flyer Templates (others)

Creating a Flyer is very common for a business marketer or an active community member to spread word of mount among a group of people. However creating a Flyer is always the question of skill. Here are some great Flyer Templates that can help almost everyone even the newbie to create professional class Flyers quickly and efficiently. The best thing about these flyer templates is that all these are created using MS Word hence you can easily edit them to fulfill your needs.

Here are previews and download links of these Flyer Templates,

Food Flyer Template

Here is one flyer template related to food and parties.



Car For Sale Flyer Template

Here is another Car for Sale Flyer Template,



Advertising Flyer Template

Mostly used flyer template for advertisement.



You can use email to send your business flyer to groups, businesses, individuals or any category. But there is drawback attached with this trick. You need to be aware that some email recipients consider this as spamming and complain it. Better way is to seek for some agreement of most relevant or interested-only customers to be emailed. It sounds more effective and professional way of advertisement by making good sense to business that your flyers are sent to people who are interested to hear about your products or services. Such emails are also called newsletters.

In the modern internet era, Facebook has become most universal and broad way of expanding your personal and community news and associations. Why not to employ it for business promotion? Off course Facebook is a big portal that presents you multiplicity of ways to advertise your business flyers on internet. You must create a business page on it very carefully to put all aspects of your business in form of flyers or anything. Otherwise you, as representative of your business, can also leave flyers on walls of people or in some community groups of relevant category. More comments and likes you get, more your business become popular. Without speaking a word, just your business flyer can work great.

https://www.wordtemplates.org/flyer-word-templates/business-flyer-templates/feed/ 0 4451
14 Free Invitation Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/brochure-templates/invitation-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/brochure-templates/invitation-templates/#respond Fri, 10 Jan 2020 13:35:31 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4325 Related posts:
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  3. Free Heart Templates
Allow me to share with you several of our Free Party Invitation Templates in MS Word format for your kind review.

Arranging a party is full of fun and excitement. However when it comes to sending invitations, it is always hard to quickly prepare professional looking party invitation cards or flyers.

Party Invitation Templates

Here are our Free Party Invitation Templates that you can download and start making professional looking party invitation templates today. These are actually two templates. Here are there previews and links to download,

Party Invitation Template 1

Here is an attractive Party Invitation template that can easily grab your guests attention.


This is a great looking party invitation template. People who love to see roses can appreciate this template much more. Click the link below to download this free party invitation template.



Party Invitation Template 2

Checkout this Party Invitation Template that we created specially for our website visitors. You can download and then customize them by drag & drop to adjust the layout as per your own requirements.

A gift oriented themed template perfect for birthday and/or anniversary celebration. Click the link below to download this free party invitation template.


Please let us know about your views on these free party invitation templates.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Here goes Free Wedding Invitation Templates that almost everyone is looking for. Wedding is a life time event and always became very critical even for everyone’s life. Its celebration is always started with a Wedding Invitation card or letter. Here are our Free Wedding Invitation Templates to help you quickly create some professional yet creative Wedding Invitation Templates,

Wedding Invitation Template 1

Here is preview of one of our Wedding Invitation Templates in MS Word format. You can use MS Word to customize this template easily. All graphical elements, images and text items are editable as well as movable to any other place. Just click on it and then pick & drop it to another location.


Here is download link for this Wedding Invitation Template,



Wedding Invitation Template 2

Here is download link,

Wedding Invitation Template 3

Here is download link,

Shower Invitation Templates


Inviting guests on a Shower Event is always a fun part of life. Since Shower parties are full of excitement and enjoyment hence its crucial that its invitation should also reflect the same feelings. There are several types of Shower Events such as Bridal Shower, Baby Shower etc. Here are some shower invitation templates to assist you in creating a professional looking design quickly. One of them is a Bridal Shower Invitation Template while the second one is Baby Shower Invitation Template.

Here are previews and download links of these Shower Invitation Templates,

Baby Shower Invitation Template


Bridal Shower Invitation Template


Baby Shower Invitation Templates

A Baby Shower Event is nothing but a day of excitement and happiness. Baby Shower Invitations are always read with delight and a smile on everyone’s face. People love to gather for Baby Shower Parties and play Baby Shower related games such as Take a Stroll, Stepsister etc. At this occasion, it is very important that Baby Shower Invitation must have been prepared using a professional template. A poorly designed baby shower invitation may lead to disappointment among the participants. Let us share with you a baby shower invitation template. Here is its preview,


And here is its download link,

Here is another template that can assist you the birth announcement when it comes.


Download this Baby Birth Announcement Template here,

Holiday Invitation Templates

Do you need some Holiday Invitation Templates to create great looking Holiday Invitations on this summer? Here are two best quality Holiday Invitation Templates that you need to create your very own distinctive invitations. One of them is created using MS Word 2003 while the second one is created using MS Word 2007. You can choose to download one or both based upon your installed version of MS Word.

Holiday Invitation Template 01

Here is preview and download links of both Holiday Invitation Templates,


Holiday Invitation Template 02


Family Reunion Invitation Template

When it comes a time for a Family Reunion, here is our Sample Family Reunion Invitations template to assist you quickly create professional quality Family Reunion Invitations. This Family Reunion Invitation template consists of two parts: Cover Page and the Insider for invitation body. This is very important to start your invitation with a cool look and feel while a professional quality inner body is also next to none.

This template includes critical information such as Date, Venue, RSVP and What needs to bring in while coming on this beautiful even of Family Reunion. This check list will help participants to fully prepared for this event and hence enjoy to the fullest.

Here is preview of this free family reunion invitation template,

Here is download links,

Download Family Reunion Invitation Cover Page

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween parties are a mode of excitement and entertainment for adults and children alike. All of us look forward t the event as it gives us an opportunity to just let things go and enter the world of fantasy where we can be anything we want to be and do whatever we want to do while the children take pleasure in the horrors that are planned for them. While planning a Halloween party we pay special attention to an elaborate setting and work hard but the one thing that remains neglected is the Halloween party invitation. People just do not seem to think that it is important that invitations are something different instead of being simply a piece of paper. You can change this trend by paying equal attention to the invitations you set out for your party.

Halloween Invitation Tips

When you decide to give a party for Halloween the first thing you do is prepare a guest list. The next step for you should be to select the party invitations. There are various ideas available on the internet and you can browse for inspiration. You may take ideas from the internet but it will be much more interesting if you use these ideas to prepare something unique. The invitation cards will have to be a symbol of everything your party is going to be which is why you can cut them in the shape of bones and skeleton or witches or even vampires. It can be anything you like but it must be something that will intrigue people and they will be excited to come to your party. Expectations will be high and this will make your Halloween party more interesting. Include all the details in your party invitations like where the party will be held and at what time and day. You can also use some quotes related to Halloween or simply some scary messages to make your invitations seem more exciting.

Here is a professional looking Halloween Party Invitation Template created using MS Word,

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween Party Invitation Template 1

Here is download link for this Halloween Party Invitation Template,


A lot of hard work goes in planning a party and you want your efforts to be appreciated. For that to happen you need to make sure that you have not been callous in any aspect of the preparations and the Halloween invitations are an integral part. Your invitations should give out the message that you are looking forward to the presence of each and every guest and you will make it worth their time. This is what the purpose of invitation is. It is a means to let people know that their presence is valued and your party will just not be the same without them. Your invitations should be such that people use it for inspiration and keep it with them for years to come as a memory of something that was different and worth valuing. Your invitations can speak volumes if you allow them. Deliver each invitation personally and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results that occur.

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template

There are hardly any words in the vocabulary that can even begin to describe the feelings of a person on his or her graduation day. It is a huge day for them as it is the mark of the beginning of a new world, wherein they will make their own decisions, earn their own living and strive to make their places in the world. There cannot be a prouder moment for any parent than seeing their child standing on the stage with the graduation cap and degree. It is a moment every parent dreams of. Since this day is such a huge milestone it seems natural that it will be commemorated in style in the presence of all family and friends. Graduation parties are an excellent way to wave a farewell to the life that has passed and welcome the future that is about to unfold.

An Invitation to be Remembered

In such a big and important event, you would want everything to be perfect. There cannot be flaws in any aspect be it the menu, decors, or anything else. One very important thing to be arranged is the graduation party invitations. Sometimes, we get so engrossed in preparing for the extravagant and stylish party that we forget to pay attention to the invitations. You must not forget that the invitation card is something that will prompt the people to attend your party. Your card must be the epitome of happiness that you are feeling and must make them feel that you genuinely want them to be a part of all the celebrations. A lot can be conveyed from the invitation cards and thus you must make sure that the invitations you select a mirror to your feelings. There are many themes which you could go for your graduation party invitation. It seems customary that the cover of the invitation has a graduation photo. There are various samples available all over the net. You can either purchase the cards or if you want to give it a personal touch, design your own card.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer

Don’t Miss Out on Details

While it is important that you keep your invitation unique, it is equally important that you have given all the details of the event in the card correctly including time, venue, the activities you have planned and much more. It will be a good idea if you include a personal message in the invitations that will convey the message to your guests that you will deeply be gratified and joyous on their presence in your party. Graduation parties come only once and if you want your graduation party to be remembered and cherished, you need to pull up your socks form the very beginning. While it has become common to give invitations on email or via an express service, in my opinion, personally delivering an invitation would have different impact all together and all the time that is surfed ion it will be worth it. Celebrate your graduation in style and include all your loved ones in the memorable day of your life.

Here is download link for this Graduation Party Invitation Flyer,


https://www.wordtemplates.org/brochure-templates/invitation-templates/feed/ 0 4325
Free Card Templates (Sympathy, Christmas, Birthday, Thank You etc.) https://www.wordtemplates.org/art-and-graphics/card-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/art-and-graphics/card-templates/#respond Sat, 04 Jan 2020 16:25:06 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4176 Related posts:
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  2. Free Business Card Templates
  3. Recipe Card Templates
If you are looking some quality Card Designs then you reached at the right spot. We offer several different kind of Card Designs & Templates to help you in designing and printing your very own card at home. It contains but not limited to Thinking of You Cards, Sympathy Cards, Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards and Christmas Cards. Feel free to download them as per your own requirements and edit them in MS Word as per your will.

The core purpose of preparing these Card Templates in MS Word is to enable our website visitors to edit them very easily. Since most of you already familiar with MS Word hence you don’t have to go through a learning curve as how to customize these cards.

Thinking of You Card Templates

Here is a great word template for Thinking of You Cards. When it comes to you to print and send Thinking of You cards then you will find this template very useful and handy. This is quite flexible and easy to edit template that can fulfill almost all possible purposes.

Here is preview of this Thinking of You Card Template,

Thinking you card template

Download link for this simple yet motivational Card.


Checkout another good looking Thinking of You Card Template in MS Word format.


Click on the button bellow to start downloading this MS Word Card Template.


Here goes anther good looking Thinking of You Card Template to help you communicate your message to your loved one effectively.


Here is download link,



Sympathy Card Templates

If you want to prepare and print a custom Sympathy Card for your relative and/or friend then here is our collection of free Sympathy Card Templates that you can use. You can also edit the message (text) as per your own feelings and choice. Moreover, you can also replace background and/or can add more images.

Here is preview of our first Sympathy Card Template,


Here is its download link for you.


If you want to see another choice with more Business feel then here comes a blue themed Sympathy Card Design for your particular requirements.


Here is download link for this Sympathy Card Template.


Here is another useful Sympathy Card Template in MS Word to assist you in sending a heart feeling card.


Download link for this Card Template in MS Word.



Merry Christmas Greeting Card Templates

Here is a wonderful Christmas Greeting Card Template to help you quickly create some professional looking Merry Christmas Greeting Cards. This is MS Word 2016 Template that you can will find every easy to edit and then fulfill your purpose by printing it out.

Here is preview of this Merry Christmas Greeting card Template,


Here is download link for this Christmas Card Template.


Let me share with another good looking Christmas Card Template to fill you event with an extra bit of happiness. Give your loved one a unique and custom made greeting card.


Here is download link for this MS Word Card Template.


Yet another professional looking Christmas Greeting Card Template in MS Word to help you prepare and print your very own tailed made Card Design easily.


Here is download link for this Christmas Card Template in MS Word.



Valentines Day Card Templates

Here is MS Word Template that will help you quickly print happy valentines day cards. This Happy Valentines Day card template is simple yet very attractive that will definitely fill excitement and enjoyment to your loved one. Red roses shows the feeling of your love while the overall background adds extra bits and bytes the whole situation.

Here is preview of this Printable Happy Valentines Day card template,


Here is download link for this Valentine Day Card Template in MS Word format.



Yet another heart touching design for your Valentine Day Greeting Card to communicate your heart feeling with the right choice of design.


Click on the link bellow to start downloading this MS Word Card Template.


Still need to see another good card design, here is a Valentine Day Card Template that can easily communicate what you exactly feel inside your heart.


Here is download link for this Valentine Day Special Card Template.




Happy Birthday Card Templates

Birthday event is really bring in the opportunity to make everyone involved excited and happy. Happy Birthday cards then just ads extra mint on it. If it is your birthday, you will definitely be looking for ways to make it memorable and for this, your actions starts with a creative yet professional Happy Birthday Cards. Here is a similar kind of Happy Birthday Card Template that will help you quickly design your desired cards on the fly with a little as possible time and efforts.

Here is preview of this Happy Birthday Card Template,


Here is its download link,


Another good looking Happy Birthday Card Template that can enable you quickly create an eye catching Birthday Card for your loved one. This card is based upon traditional Birthday Balloon theme to give it an eye catching touch.


Download link for this Birthday Card Template.


Yet another professional Happy Birthday Card Template in MS Word to allow you create your own custom Birthday Design and print it for your own party event. This beautiful Candle Design can spice up your Birthday Party and add an extra excitement for the Birthday Boy.


Here is download link for this Birthday Card Template,



Congratulations Card Template

When you need to congratulate someone on big achievement in his/her life, here is a Word Template to save your time. This can also be used for sending greetings of anything.

Here is its download link,



Happy Anniversary Card Templates

Whenever it comes to celebrate your wedding anniversary, there comes a need for Happy Anniversary Cards. Here is a couple of ms word templates for creating professional looking Happy Anniversary Cards quickly yet efficiently. Usually Happy Anniversary Cards differs in style based upon the age of couple. Older couples prefer a more simple and elegant look & feel while young couple always prefer a creative and unique style.

Here are choices and I am sure you will like it too. These both Happy Anniversary Card Templates are fun yet professional and elegant.

Here is preview of first Happy Anniversary Card,

Here is its download link,



Here is 2nd Happy Anniversary Card Template,

Here is its download link,




https://www.wordtemplates.org/art-and-graphics/card-templates/feed/ 0 4176
8 Professional Contract Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/contract-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/contract-templates/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 14:19:55 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4055 Related posts:
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  2. Sample Business Plan Templates
  3. Sales Quotation Template
Allow me to share with you common Business Contract Templates to assist you in preparing a legal contract for your own situation. All these contract templates are prepared using MS Word as we love to prepare and print documents using MS Word.

Building Maintenance Contract Template

Construction is an ancient business having its origin from the times of cavemen. Man has always been building in jungles, mountains and deserts to ensure his survival and this has led to many ancient civilizations including that of Egypt, Greeks, Chinese and many more. Building is a business which is never ending and for this fact, it is one of the successful businesses in the modern day world. The reason of the materials being worn out gives rise to the survival of this profession. A building once constructed is not the end point. The maintenance keeps on till the end of time and hence the builders have their bread earned from the nature’s rules of dealing with materials.

Here is preview of this free sample Building Maintenance Contract Template created using MS Word 2013,

Maintenance Contract Template

Contracts are a good way of doing business since everything goes on paper and hence the complexities are avoided during the course of time for which contract is signed.

Here is download link for above mentioned Maintenance Contract Template,



Partnership Contract Template

A partnership contract is usually signed between two persons, between two companies and also sometimes among a company and an investor. No matter what is the scenario, it is really important to have these documents created and taken care of since these matters are sensitive and can lead to serious financial hazards and losses if one is ignoring them.

A partnership contract usually states the name of both the parties at the starting in form of a statement. It states that one is sharing the ownership rights by a specified percentage to the other, with the names of both mentioned in the correct order. The date and time is very necessary to be mentioned in these contracts for reference in the future. By signing a partnership contract one agrees to have a share in not only the ownership but also the profit and loss, which the business might fruit. After stating the base of the contract, the terms, which are applicable to both parties, are stated; to which both will be bound to follow at every cost. No one is allowed to violate any clause of the contract until permissible by the other party.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Partnership Contract Template created using MS Word,

Partnership Contract Template

Here is download link for this Partnership Contract Template,


Professional Services Contract Template

Professional services are provided by various people as mentioned earlier. Hiring a professional is usually beginning with signing of a contract of service between both the parties, i.e. the customer and the professional (if it is an individual for example a teacher or a painter etc.) and also if it is professional services providing company for example cleaners, washers, caterers etc. A contract is a pact, which holds certain terms and conditions on which the business will be done between the two parties. The customer is bound to pay a certain amount whereas the professional is committed to provide the said services in the contract.

Usually in daily life, a contract is not signed for small jobs like fitting an electric device at your home or fixing a tap in your kitchen; contracts instead are signed for long term services hired from a professional. For example, a bank might hire a chartered accountant to provide them auditing services for a contracted time period, and bank will pay him or her for that. Another example is a furniture company signs a contract with a lumber mill company to provide them with wood for say one or two years for which they will be paid.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Professional Services Contract Template created using MS Word,

Professional Services Contract Template

Here is download link for this Professional Services Contract Template,



Sales Contract Template

A Sales Transaction is always critical to note down details and refer back to this document at latest stages when needed. Hence use of professional sales contract template is a necessity. Here is one such Contract Template that can assist anybody to draft a compelling and professional looking Sales Contract. You just need to download this Contract Template from the link below to start editing.

Here is preview and download link of this sales contract template,


Here is download link,


Employment Contract Template

Here is a professional Employment Contract Template that can help you signing a comprehensive contract with one of your employees regarding services you want to render. This Contract Template draft the services accurately and then explain the terms and conditions under which these services would be rendered. This template is created using MS Word 97-2003 and hence anyone can edit it using any latest version of MS Word.

Here is preview and download link of this Employment Contract Template,


Here is its download link,


Business Contract Template

Are you going to conduct a Business with your partner? You must be in need of a Business Contract Template. Here is one such template created in MS Word to assist. This Contract Template is well suited for small to medium scale businesses. Even though its current state suits more of a Partnership Business than a sole proprietorship yet it is very easy to tailor as per needs. You only need MS Word installed on your PC to actually edit it. The core layout and sections are firmed and suit almost all possible situations.

Here is preview and download link of this Business Contract template,


Here is download link,


Housing Loan Contract Template

A Housing Loan Contract is a legally binding between the lender and the borrower to identify the purpose of loan, important procedures and rights of both borrowers and the lenders. Lenders and real estate brokers write the housing loan contract during the sale process of the property. The terms and conditions of the contract can be modified according to the policies of the business and by mutual consent of all parties. It is important to strictly adhere to the guidelines of writing a housing loan contract to avoid future conflicts and troubles. A well written housing loan contract enables you to get desired benefits and you will get a security against lots of troubles.

It is important to identify all parties that are involved in the housing loan contract. Explain the use of loan, rules and regulations and any important process of the loan. It is important to include all casualties, censure and insurance reporting clauses in the agreement.

Here is a sample Housing Loan Contract Template created using MS Word,

Housing Loan Contract Template

Here is download link for this Housing Loan Contract Template,



Contractor Contract Template

Do you need a Contract Template to create your very own (fully customized) professional contract to sign with a Contractor? Here is one such MS Word template that can solve your problem in a second. This is a professional Contract Template written using MS Word 2007 with full focus on Ease of Use. This template is worthy addition to your everyone’s personal library of documents and templates.

Here is preview and download link of this Contract Template,


Here is its download link,






https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/contract-templates/feed/ 0 4055