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Allow me to share with you several of our Free Party Invitation Templates in MS Word format for your kind review.

Arranging a party is full of fun and excitement. However when it comes to sending invitations, it is always hard to quickly prepare professional looking party invitation cards or flyers.

Party Invitation Templates

Here are our Free Party Invitation Templates that you can download and start making professional looking party invitation templates today. These are actually two templates. Here are there previews and links to download,

Party Invitation Template 1

Here is an attractive Party Invitation template that can easily grab your guests attention.


This is a great looking party invitation template. People who love to see roses can appreciate this template much more. Click the link below to download this free party invitation template.



Party Invitation Template 2

Checkout this Party Invitation Template that we created specially for our website visitors. You can download and then customize them by drag & drop to adjust the layout as per your own requirements.

A gift oriented themed template perfect for birthday and/or anniversary celebration. Click the link below to download this free party invitation template.


Please let us know about your views on these free party invitation templates.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Here goes Free Wedding Invitation Templates that almost everyone is looking for. Wedding is a life time event and always became very critical even for everyone’s life. Its celebration is always started with a Wedding Invitation card or letter. Here are our Free Wedding Invitation Templates to help you quickly create some professional yet creative Wedding Invitation Templates,

Wedding Invitation Template 1

Here is preview of one of our Wedding Invitation Templates in MS Word format. You can use MS Word to customize this template easily. All graphical elements, images and text items are editable as well as movable to any other place. Just click on it and then pick & drop it to another location.


Here is download link for this Wedding Invitation Template,



Wedding Invitation Template 2

Here is download link,

Wedding Invitation Template 3

Here is download link,

Shower Invitation Templates


Inviting guests on a Shower Event is always a fun part of life. Since Shower parties are full of excitement and enjoyment hence its crucial that its invitation should also reflect the same feelings. There are several types of Shower Events such as Bridal Shower, Baby Shower etc. Here are some shower invitation templates to assist you in creating a professional looking design quickly. One of them is a Bridal Shower Invitation Template while the second one is Baby Shower Invitation Template.

Here are previews and download links of these Shower Invitation Templates,

Baby Shower Invitation Template


Bridal Shower Invitation Template


Baby Shower Invitation Templates

A Baby Shower Event is nothing but a day of excitement and happiness. Baby Shower Invitations are always read with delight and a smile on everyone’s face. People love to gather for Baby Shower Parties and play Baby Shower related games such as Take a Stroll, Stepsister etc. At this occasion, it is very important that Baby Shower Invitation must have been prepared using a professional template. A poorly designed baby shower invitation may lead to disappointment among the participants. Let us share with you a baby shower invitation template. Here is its preview,


And here is its download link,

Here is another template that can assist you the birth announcement when it comes.


Download this Baby Birth Announcement Template here,

Holiday Invitation Templates

Do you need some Holiday Invitation Templates to create great looking Holiday Invitations on this summer? Here are two best quality Holiday Invitation Templates that you need to create your very own distinctive invitations. One of them is created using MS Word 2003 while the second one is created using MS Word 2007. You can choose to download one or both based upon your installed version of MS Word.

Holiday Invitation Template 01

Here is preview and download links of both Holiday Invitation Templates,


Holiday Invitation Template 02


Family Reunion Invitation Template

When it comes a time for a Family Reunion, here is our Sample Family Reunion Invitations template to assist you quickly create professional quality Family Reunion Invitations. This Family Reunion Invitation template consists of two parts: Cover Page and the Insider for invitation body. This is very important to start your invitation with a cool look and feel while a professional quality inner body is also next to none.

This template includes critical information such as Date, Venue, RSVP and What needs to bring in while coming on this beautiful even of Family Reunion. This check list will help participants to fully prepared for this event and hence enjoy to the fullest.

Here is preview of this free family reunion invitation template,

Here is download links,

Download Family Reunion Invitation Cover Page

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween parties are a mode of excitement and entertainment for adults and children alike. All of us look forward t the event as it gives us an opportunity to just let things go and enter the world of fantasy where we can be anything we want to be and do whatever we want to do while the children take pleasure in the horrors that are planned for them. While planning a Halloween party we pay special attention to an elaborate setting and work hard but the one thing that remains neglected is the Halloween party invitation. People just do not seem to think that it is important that invitations are something different instead of being simply a piece of paper. You can change this trend by paying equal attention to the invitations you set out for your party.

Halloween Invitation Tips

When you decide to give a party for Halloween the first thing you do is prepare a guest list. The next step for you should be to select the party invitations. There are various ideas available on the internet and you can browse for inspiration. You may take ideas from the internet but it will be much more interesting if you use these ideas to prepare something unique. The invitation cards will have to be a symbol of everything your party is going to be which is why you can cut them in the shape of bones and skeleton or witches or even vampires. It can be anything you like but it must be something that will intrigue people and they will be excited to come to your party. Expectations will be high and this will make your Halloween party more interesting. Include all the details in your party invitations like where the party will be held and at what time and day. You can also use some quotes related to Halloween or simply some scary messages to make your invitations seem more exciting.

Here is a professional looking Halloween Party Invitation Template created using MS Word,

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween Party Invitation Template 1

Here is download link for this Halloween Party Invitation Template,


A lot of hard work goes in planning a party and you want your efforts to be appreciated. For that to happen you need to make sure that you have not been callous in any aspect of the preparations and the Halloween invitations are an integral part. Your invitations should give out the message that you are looking forward to the presence of each and every guest and you will make it worth their time. This is what the purpose of invitation is. It is a means to let people know that their presence is valued and your party will just not be the same without them. Your invitations should be such that people use it for inspiration and keep it with them for years to come as a memory of something that was different and worth valuing. Your invitations can speak volumes if you allow them. Deliver each invitation personally and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results that occur.

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template

There are hardly any words in the vocabulary that can even begin to describe the feelings of a person on his or her graduation day. It is a huge day for them as it is the mark of the beginning of a new world, wherein they will make their own decisions, earn their own living and strive to make their places in the world. There cannot be a prouder moment for any parent than seeing their child standing on the stage with the graduation cap and degree. It is a moment every parent dreams of. Since this day is such a huge milestone it seems natural that it will be commemorated in style in the presence of all family and friends. Graduation parties are an excellent way to wave a farewell to the life that has passed and welcome the future that is about to unfold.

An Invitation to be Remembered

In such a big and important event, you would want everything to be perfect. There cannot be flaws in any aspect be it the menu, decors, or anything else. One very important thing to be arranged is the graduation party invitations. Sometimes, we get so engrossed in preparing for the extravagant and stylish party that we forget to pay attention to the invitations. You must not forget that the invitation card is something that will prompt the people to attend your party. Your card must be the epitome of happiness that you are feeling and must make them feel that you genuinely want them to be a part of all the celebrations. A lot can be conveyed from the invitation cards and thus you must make sure that the invitations you select a mirror to your feelings. There are many themes which you could go for your graduation party invitation. It seems customary that the cover of the invitation has a graduation photo. There are various samples available all over the net. You can either purchase the cards or if you want to give it a personal touch, design your own card.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer

Don’t Miss Out on Details

While it is important that you keep your invitation unique, it is equally important that you have given all the details of the event in the card correctly including time, venue, the activities you have planned and much more. It will be a good idea if you include a personal message in the invitations that will convey the message to your guests that you will deeply be gratified and joyous on their presence in your party. Graduation parties come only once and if you want your graduation party to be remembered and cherished, you need to pull up your socks form the very beginning. While it has become common to give invitations on email or via an express service, in my opinion, personally delivering an invitation would have different impact all together and all the time that is surfed ion it will be worth it. Celebrate your graduation in style and include all your loved ones in the memorable day of your life.

Here is download link for this Graduation Party Invitation Flyer,


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Free Card Templates (Sympathy, Christmas, Birthday, Thank You etc.) https://www.wordtemplates.org/art-and-graphics/card-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/art-and-graphics/card-templates/#respond Sat, 04 Jan 2020 16:25:06 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4176 Related posts:
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If you are looking some quality Card Designs then you reached at the right spot. We offer several different kind of Card Designs & Templates to help you in designing and printing your very own card at home. It contains but not limited to Thinking of You Cards, Sympathy Cards, Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards and Christmas Cards. Feel free to download them as per your own requirements and edit them in MS Word as per your will.

The core purpose of preparing these Card Templates in MS Word is to enable our website visitors to edit them very easily. Since most of you already familiar with MS Word hence you don’t have to go through a learning curve as how to customize these cards.

Thinking of You Card Templates

Here is a great word template for Thinking of You Cards. When it comes to you to print and send Thinking of You cards then you will find this template very useful and handy. This is quite flexible and easy to edit template that can fulfill almost all possible purposes.

Here is preview of this Thinking of You Card Template,

Thinking you card template

Download link for this simple yet motivational Card.


Checkout another good looking Thinking of You Card Template in MS Word format.


Click on the button bellow to start downloading this MS Word Card Template.


Here goes anther good looking Thinking of You Card Template to help you communicate your message to your loved one effectively.


Here is download link,



Sympathy Card Templates

If you want to prepare and print a custom Sympathy Card for your relative and/or friend then here is our collection of free Sympathy Card Templates that you can use. You can also edit the message (text) as per your own feelings and choice. Moreover, you can also replace background and/or can add more images.

Here is preview of our first Sympathy Card Template,


Here is its download link for you.


If you want to see another choice with more Business feel then here comes a blue themed Sympathy Card Design for your particular requirements.


Here is download link for this Sympathy Card Template.


Here is another useful Sympathy Card Template in MS Word to assist you in sending a heart feeling card.


Download link for this Card Template in MS Word.



Merry Christmas Greeting Card Templates

Here is a wonderful Christmas Greeting Card Template to help you quickly create some professional looking Merry Christmas Greeting Cards. This is MS Word 2016 Template that you can will find every easy to edit and then fulfill your purpose by printing it out.

Here is preview of this Merry Christmas Greeting card Template,


Here is download link for this Christmas Card Template.


Let me share with another good looking Christmas Card Template to fill you event with an extra bit of happiness. Give your loved one a unique and custom made greeting card.


Here is download link for this MS Word Card Template.


Yet another professional looking Christmas Greeting Card Template in MS Word to help you prepare and print your very own tailed made Card Design easily.


Here is download link for this Christmas Card Template in MS Word.



Valentines Day Card Templates

Here is MS Word Template that will help you quickly print happy valentines day cards. This Happy Valentines Day card template is simple yet very attractive that will definitely fill excitement and enjoyment to your loved one. Red roses shows the feeling of your love while the overall background adds extra bits and bytes the whole situation.

Here is preview of this Printable Happy Valentines Day card template,


Here is download link for this Valentine Day Card Template in MS Word format.



Yet another heart touching design for your Valentine Day Greeting Card to communicate your heart feeling with the right choice of design.


Click on the link bellow to start downloading this MS Word Card Template.


Still need to see another good card design, here is a Valentine Day Card Template that can easily communicate what you exactly feel inside your heart.


Here is download link for this Valentine Day Special Card Template.




Happy Birthday Card Templates

Birthday event is really bring in the opportunity to make everyone involved excited and happy. Happy Birthday cards then just ads extra mint on it. If it is your birthday, you will definitely be looking for ways to make it memorable and for this, your actions starts with a creative yet professional Happy Birthday Cards. Here is a similar kind of Happy Birthday Card Template that will help you quickly design your desired cards on the fly with a little as possible time and efforts.

Here is preview of this Happy Birthday Card Template,


Here is its download link,


Another good looking Happy Birthday Card Template that can enable you quickly create an eye catching Birthday Card for your loved one. This card is based upon traditional Birthday Balloon theme to give it an eye catching touch.


Download link for this Birthday Card Template.


Yet another professional Happy Birthday Card Template in MS Word to allow you create your own custom Birthday Design and print it for your own party event. This beautiful Candle Design can spice up your Birthday Party and add an extra excitement for the Birthday Boy.


Here is download link for this Birthday Card Template,




Happy Anniversary Card Templates

Whenever it comes to celebrate your wedding anniversary, there comes a need for Happy Anniversary Cards. Here is a couple of ms word templates for creating professional looking Happy Anniversary Cards quickly yet efficiently. Usually Happy Anniversary Cards differs in style based upon the age of couple. Older couples prefer a more simple and elegant look & feel while young couple always prefer a creative and unique style.

Here are choices and I am sure you will like it too. These both Happy Anniversary Card Templates are fun yet professional and elegant.

Here is preview of first Happy Anniversary Card,

Here is its download link,

Here is 2nd Happy Anniversary Card Template,

Here is its download link,




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8 Professional Contract Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/contract-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/contract-templates/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 14:19:55 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4055 Related posts:
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  3. Sales Quotation Template
Allow me to share with you common Business Contract Templates to assist you in preparing a legal contract for your own situation. All these contract templates are prepared using MS Word as we love to prepare and print documents using MS Word.

Building Maintenance Contract Template

Construction is an ancient business having its origin from the times of cavemen. Man has always been building in jungles, mountains and deserts to ensure his survival and this has led to many ancient civilizations including that of Egypt, Greeks, Chinese and many more. Building is a business which is never ending and for this fact, it is one of the successful businesses in the modern day world. The reason of the materials being worn out gives rise to the survival of this profession. A building once constructed is not the end point. The maintenance keeps on till the end of time and hence the builders have their bread earned from the nature’s rules of dealing with materials.

Here is preview of this free sample Building Maintenance Contract Template created using MS Word 2013,

Maintenance Contract Template

Contracts are a good way of doing business since everything goes on paper and hence the complexities are avoided during the course of time for which contract is signed.

Here is download link for above mentioned Maintenance Contract Template,



Partnership Contract Template

A partnership contract is usually signed between two persons, between two companies and also sometimes among a company and an investor. No matter what is the scenario, it is really important to have these documents created and taken care of since these matters are sensitive and can lead to serious financial hazards and losses if one is ignoring them.

A partnership contract usually states the name of both the parties at the starting in form of a statement. It states that one is sharing the ownership rights by a specified percentage to the other, with the names of both mentioned in the correct order. The date and time is very necessary to be mentioned in these contracts for reference in the future. By signing a partnership contract one agrees to have a share in not only the ownership but also the profit and loss, which the business might fruit. After stating the base of the contract, the terms, which are applicable to both parties, are stated; to which both will be bound to follow at every cost. No one is allowed to violate any clause of the contract until permissible by the other party.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Partnership Contract Template created using MS Word,

Partnership Contract Template

Here is download link for this Partnership Contract Template,


Professional Services Contract Template

Professional services are provided by various people as mentioned earlier. Hiring a professional is usually beginning with signing of a contract of service between both the parties, i.e. the customer and the professional (if it is an individual for example a teacher or a painter etc.) and also if it is professional services providing company for example cleaners, washers, caterers etc. A contract is a pact, which holds certain terms and conditions on which the business will be done between the two parties. The customer is bound to pay a certain amount whereas the professional is committed to provide the said services in the contract.

Usually in daily life, a contract is not signed for small jobs like fitting an electric device at your home or fixing a tap in your kitchen; contracts instead are signed for long term services hired from a professional. For example, a bank might hire a chartered accountant to provide them auditing services for a contracted time period, and bank will pay him or her for that. Another example is a furniture company signs a contract with a lumber mill company to provide them with wood for say one or two years for which they will be paid.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Professional Services Contract Template created using MS Word,

Professional Services Contract Template

Here is download link for this Professional Services Contract Template,



Sales Contract Template

A Sales Transaction is always critical to note down details and refer back to this document at latest stages when needed. Hence use of professional sales contract template is a necessity. Here is one such Contract Template that can assist anybody to draft a compelling and professional looking Sales Contract. You just need to download this Contract Template from the link below to start editing.

Here is preview and download link of this sales contract template,


Here is download link,


Employment Contract Template

Here is a professional Employment Contract Template that can help you signing a comprehensive contract with one of your employees regarding services you want to render. This Contract Template draft the services accurately and then explain the terms and conditions under which these services would be rendered. This template is created using MS Word 97-2003 and hence anyone can edit it using any latest version of MS Word.

Here is preview and download link of this Employment Contract Template,


Here is its download link,


Business Contract Template

Are you going to conduct a Business with your partner? You must be in need of a Business Contract Template. Here is one such template created in MS Word to assist. This Contract Template is well suited for small to medium scale businesses. Even though its current state suits more of a Partnership Business than a sole proprietorship yet it is very easy to tailor as per needs. You only need MS Word installed on your PC to actually edit it. The core layout and sections are firmed and suit almost all possible situations.

Here is preview and download link of this Business Contract template,


Here is download link,


Housing Loan Contract Template

A Housing Loan Contract is a legally binding between the lender and the borrower to identify the purpose of loan, important procedures and rights of both borrowers and the lenders. Lenders and real estate brokers write the housing loan contract during the sale process of the property. The terms and conditions of the contract can be modified according to the policies of the business and by mutual consent of all parties. It is important to strictly adhere to the guidelines of writing a housing loan contract to avoid future conflicts and troubles. A well written housing loan contract enables you to get desired benefits and you will get a security against lots of troubles.

It is important to identify all parties that are involved in the housing loan contract. Explain the use of loan, rules and regulations and any important process of the loan. It is important to include all casualties, censure and insurance reporting clauses in the agreement.

Here is a sample Housing Loan Contract Template created using MS Word,

Housing Loan Contract Template

Here is download link for this Housing Loan Contract Template,



Contractor Contract Template

Do you need a Contract Template to create your very own (fully customized) professional contract to sign with a Contractor? Here is one such MS Word template that can solve your problem in a second. This is a professional Contract Template written using MS Word 2007 with full focus on Ease of Use. This template is worthy addition to your everyone’s personal library of documents and templates.

Here is preview and download link of this Contract Template,


Here is its download link,






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7 Business Agreement Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/agreement-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/agreement-templates/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 13:32:51 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=4025 Related posts:
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  3. Business Financial Plan Template
Allow me to share with you several free Agreement Templates in MS Word to assist you in drafting your own legal agreement in as less as possible time. It is always a wise choice to study existing Agreement Samples to prepare yourself for drafting your own agreement. Hence we have provided following Agreement Templates to allow you to quickly prepare your own agreement with all standard terms & conditions already in place.

Use of MS Word enables our visitors to quickly edit them without wasting a lot of their time on learning the software while editing. MS Word is a common application which is installed on almost every PC running Windows Operating System.

Subcontractor Agreement Template

Here is a Subcontractor Agreement Template prepared using MS Word 2016. In almost every business on this earth, there comes a need to subcontract your tasks and projects. While dealing with subcontractors, trust and agreement details are vital. Once you have established a level of Trust with your selected Subcontractor, you must be looking for a professional agreement to sign with your subcontractor. Here is our offered Sample Subcontractor Agreement Form.

Following image shows its preview to help you understand what you are going to download,

Subcontractor Agreement

Here is download link for this Agreement Template.



Separation and Release Agreement Template

The separation and release agreement is a professional contract that is given to the employees at the time of the termination of their employment for any reason and cause. It can be the employer who decides to let go the employee due to poor performance, the company may go bankrupt, there is downsizing in the company or the employee just decides to leave the company for a better opportunity in another company.

Other than small and local companies, the big and global organizations take the employee turnover very serious and these organizations are the ones that rarely face a law suit from a former employee as they take very good care of the employment termination process. Whether the employer or company wants to end the employment of a worker or the employee himself decides to leave the company for another job, it is mandatory in global organizations to present the separation and release agreement to the employee and ask him to sign it. The signed agreement is then used as a legal proof in case of any dispute or law suit against the company in future.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Separation and Release Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Separation and Release Agreement

Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this agreement template.


Music License Agreement Template

When a company wants to own the rights of a music album, video, song or lyrics or when a distributor wants to acquire the rights or distributing and reproducing the copies of the music with the permission and authentication of the original owner, an agreement is signed between the owner and the company that will act like the new or temporary owner of the music. This agreement is known as the music license agreement. Unlike many other types of agreements, this is a very important and delicate agreement so lawyers and legal attorneys are included in this process to draft the content of the agreement with the mutual consideration and permission of both parties.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Music License Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Music License Agreement

Here is download link for above shown Music License Agreement Template,



Consumer Loan Agreement Template

When a bank, loan firm or financial company gives a loan to the consumer or an individual, the consumer has to sign on the legal agreement with the company and this agreement serves as the proof or paper of guaranty for the consumer that if he doesn’t repay his debt/loan, he will face consequences explained on the agreement and the consumer agrees to the terms and conditions by signing the agreement. This agreement is known as the consumer loan agreement and it is very common in credit card applications and processes.

Usually when we talk about the loan or debt, people think that business loan and consumer loan are the same kind and there is no difference where in reality, they both are very different. For example, business loans are huge in amount like millions whereas the consumer loans are not that valuable or expensive i.e. $10,000 or $100,000 in most cases. Also when it comes to business loan, adding a guarantor is essential in the process so that if the company refuses to pay back the debt, the financial firm or bank can claim the loan from the guarantor where on the other hand, there is no need of a guarantor in getting consumer loan. Business loans are required to invest more money in the company where the consumer loans are more for the casual or common uses i.e. real estate purchase, automobile purchase, education or medical. Usually when we talk about the consumer loan, it refers to the credit card loan that banks and other financial companies grant to the individuals.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Consumer Loan Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Consumer Loan Agreement

Here is download link for above shown Consumer Loan Agreement Template,



Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template

The agreement that is written and signed between a company and the local patent department of the government related to the copyrights of a business is known as the assignment of copyrights agreement. This is a very common type of agreement that is used by governments and patent registration departments around the world and even when the government and laws are different in various countries, the content of this agreement is almost the same most of the time with the same terms and conditions and clauses along with same obligations and jurisdictions for the Copywriter.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Assignment of Copyright Agreement

Here is download link for above shown Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template,


Indemnity Agreement Template

When an insurer takes full responsibility of actions that are going to occur against another person or company, it is known as the indemnity process and most commonly, it includes the money and financial help. In simple words, with indemnity, a person agrees to pay the bills and financial expenses that are due on another person on his behalf so that the other person or company is excluded of this process. The agreement that is signed by the insurer and insured person to execute the indemnity process is known as the indemnity agreement. This is a very important and legal document that is very common these days and it is also implacable or essential when a person or company applies for loan from a financial firm or bank and he has to present an insurer as security of safely return of the loan.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Indemnity Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Indemnity Agreement

Here is download link for this Indemnity Agreement Template,


Lease Agreement Template

Here is a Lease Agreement Template. This Agreement Template is created using MS Word 2007 and is suitable for every kind of Agreement. Anyone can use it without much changes for Lease Agreements however this can also be easily customized to suit other purposes. Just download the .dotx file inside a zipped file from the link below and start editing.

Here is preview and download link of this Lease Agreement Template,


Here is download link,







https://www.wordtemplates.org/legal-documents/agreement-templates/feed/ 0 4025
13 Free Gift Certificate Templates (Updated for 2019) https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/free-gift-certificate-templates/ Sun, 01 Dec 2019 01:46:33 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=379 Related posts:
  1. Salary Certificate Templates
  2. Free Letterhead Templates
  3. Avery Templates
Here is a collection of Free Gift Certificate Templates that you can download and use in latest version of MS Word to tailor them as per your specific needs and requirements. These certificate templates are wonderful and very exciting in designs. You can choose whatever color scheme you feel appropriate for your events. From last several decades, gift certificates are used to boost your sales or to attract more and more customers to your product line. Customers with reasonable discount motivate themselves to try new products which can lead to becoming a regular and loyal customer in future.

If you take a look around you, almost every person is using Gift Certificates which are commonly known as Gift Vouchers or Gift Coupons. Many people prefer using these certificates because they provide a certain ease to the user. If you don’t know the style of a person who you want to give a gift on special occasion, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate. You can use these certificates for yourself, to give as presents to your friends and as gifts on holidays and other special occasions. If there are so many benefits of these certificates for the customer, why shouldn’t we focus on the benefits of these certificates for the seller or the company that offers these cards?

See Also: Printable Gift Certificate Templates of 2018

Here is a some brief description of all these Free Gift Certificate Templates.

Gift Certificate Design for 2019

Here is a new design for your Gift Certificates in MS Word format. A neat blue color scheme helps to represent your company’s professional image to its reader. A smart place for your Company Logo at the bottom is also valuable.

Gift Certificate Template 2019

Click on the button bellow to start downloading this Gift Certificate.


Printable Gift Certificate Design

Checkout another useful Printable Gift Certificate Template to quickly assist you in preparing your very own Gift Certificate quickly.

Printable Gift Certificate

Here is download link for this Printable Gift Certificate Design,



Gift Certificate for Cash Sum

Here is a good looking Gift Certificate Format suitable for giving discount on Cash Sum,


Here is download link for this Free Gift Certificate Template,


Lately, companies and organizations globally are under some unknown competition when you have to get better and top of your rivals and whatever strategy you use for this purpose, it’s fair. Rather than investing in expensive marketing techniques, you can just simply offer Gift Certificates to your existing and new customers. They then, will use these certificates or vouchers to shop on discount and get other exciting offers. This will ultimately result in a boost in your sales and as your sales increase, so does your clientele. The clients and customers that find your offers attractive also stay loyal to you so it’s better for long term relations as well.

Gift Certificate Template for Company Employees

Here is a suitable Gift Certificate Design to offer to your company’s employees for a special discount/reward,

Employee Gift Certificate Design


Gift Certificate Template for Discount on Fourth Coffee

Here is a purple color themed Gift Certificate Template that can easily be used for a Coffee Shop discount offer,

Coffee Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Coffee Discount Gift Certificate Template,


Gift Certificate Template – Multi-Colors

Here is a cheering colorful Gift Certificate Template suitable for presenting on birthdays or any other special occasion.

Colorful Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Colorful Gift Certificate Template,


Increasing your customer base with Gift Certificates:

  • Keeping existing customers and clients is no science as compared to attracting new customers to your business. It’s kind of an art to attract new customers enough so they will leave their existing vendor and will buy from you. Gift Certificates help get you new customers and it can even break down that high number of clientele of your competitor as well.
  • Think of your Gift Certificate as a brand awareness and marketing tool for your products and services. You can save money by using readymade designs for the certificate but spending some money on customized and matching-with-your-brand gift certificates will help you increase brand awareness in the market. This will not only help people i.e. customer and consumers identify your products but will also create good image for the new customers.
  • It is no myth that when your clientele increases, your sales go up. With more clients and customers shopping at your company, your accounts will show higher figures and more profit in the income of the company.
  • As a vendor or supplier, you should understand that when you offer any kind of discount or gift to your customers, they really appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive gift or high discount but even reducing few bucks can result in much appreciation. In order to help the customers realizing you have better and long term deals for them, these Gift Certificates play a very vital role. They help keep the customers happy and loyal to your company and in the evaluation, if your company still wins, this will make that customer- supplier bond stronger and finer.

Gift Certificates (3 Color)

Here is a simple yet professionally designed Gift Certificate Template with 3 Color distinction.

3 Color Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this 3 Colored Gift Certificate Template,


Gift Certificate Design for Restaurant Dining

Here is a good looking Gift Certificate Design for Dining in a Restaurant using this specially reward or gift.

Restaurant Dining Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Gift Certificate Design,


Holidays Gift Certificates

Here is a colorful Gift Certificate Template suitable for Holiday Season or an Annual Event,


Holidays Gift Certificate Design

Here is download link for this Holidays Gift Certificate Design,


Loyal Customer’s Gift Certificate Template

Here is a cute Gift Certificate Template that can be used to please your loyal customers for any kind of business.

Customer Loyalty Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Free Loyal Customer Gift Certificate Template,


Gift Certificate Format for Achievement of Goals

Here is a good looking Free Gift Certificate Format that can be used to award special deal on achieving a particular goal.

Acheivement Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Gift Certificate Template,


Kisses N Cuddles Gift Certificate Template

Here is a sample Kisses N Cuddles Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Kisses n Cuddles Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Kisses N Cuddles Gift Certificate Template,


13 Free Wanted Poster Templates (Printable Docs) https://www.wordtemplates.org/flyer-word-templates/wanted-poster-template/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/flyer-word-templates/wanted-poster-template/#respond Sun, 01 Dec 2019 01:18:22 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=734 Related posts:
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  2. 11 Free Gift Voucher Templates
  3. Free Brochure Templates
With the world, fast changing to digital, much technological advancement has been observed. This means that most systems that were handling their information through analog systems are going digital. The security departments have not been left out. In the old days, it was normal to see many Printed Wanted Posters in areas with high traffic. However, gone are those days, and we have now been introduced to the Electronic Wanted Posters era. However, should this be a case of “out with the old, in with the new”? Below is a comparison of the Electronic Posters vs. the Printed Posters. Keep reading to find out more.

Wanted Poster Design

Whether the Wanted Poster Design is electronic or printed, they are both equally efficient. This is because both of them have all the required information to track down the wanted person. Electronic or manual are just channels through which the same essential information is communicated to the public. It is true that electronic and Printed Posters may have different rates of success at the end of the day, but one should not be used on its own. It is recommended for you to reach the largest number of target audiences; you should use both the electronic and the Printed Posters.

Importance of Wanted Poster

With the world become more and more advanced regarding technology, most people are going digital. This means that by the use of Electronic Wanted Posters, a larger audience will be reached. Most people from the younger generation can be included through the use of Electronic Posters. However, Printed Wanted Posters will reach more of a mixed audience both the young and the old generation. This is because bus terminals and most areas with high traffic have people from all races, age, religions and all without any significant restrictions. Therefore, if you are aiming at involving everyone, then it is advisable to use both the electronic and Printed Posters.

Printable Wanted Poster Template

Here is a good looking Wanted Poster Template created using MS Word by our Staff,

wanted poster design 1

Here is download link for this Wanted Poster Template,


Wanted Poster Design Example

Wanted Posters are the posters which were used to create awareness to the public about a criminals or a person who was being sought by the police or other government authorities. However, in the recent years, we have noticed a significant decrease in their use. This has left us to with the question: is the Wanted Poster Design still relevant and carry importance in the current era?

Here is another Wanted Poster Design created by our staff using MS Word 2013,

Wanted Poster Design 2

Here is download link for this Wanted Poster Design,


Wanted Poster Template – MS Word

Wanted Posters are mainly posted or pinned on areas with high traffic. These may include the bus terminals, the public noticeboard(s), or other high traffic areas. This is because their main aim was to create awareness to the public that the person was being sought by the police. In this era, electronic posters are being used to ensure that the majority of people can be reached by the information. The posters are even given out to airports so that if the person tries to escape by flying to another country, they may get arrested immediately they land.

Here is another Wanted Poster Template created by our staff using MS Word.

Wanted Poster Template 3

Here is download link for this Wanted Poster Template,


In this digital era, communication has been made easier, faster and more personal. Most of the electronic Wanted Posters are include a hotline number. This is the number which anyone can use to contact the relevant authorities in case they have any information concerning the person of interest. With just a telephone, the public feels at ease to drop an anonymous tip on the whereabouts of the person of interest without fear of being judged by anyone. Telephone calls also ensure the privacy of the potential witness and it gives them the confidence to report what they know about the person of interest.

Here is preview of another Wanted Poster Template created by our staff using MS Word 2016.


Here is download link for this Wanted Poster Template 2016,


Instead of the police conducting the search on their own, it is more time-efficient to involve the public. Without Wanted Posters advertisements, we could be wining and dining with criminals without our knowledge. Engaging the public always saves a lot of time since more people will be included in the search and at the end of the day, there has to be someone somewhere who knows at least one thing or two about the criminal being sought. In other cases, the nosy neighbor can get a glimpse of the visitor next door and make a discrete phone call to the local authorities. Furthermore, two hands are always better than one

Here is another Creative Wanted Poster Template created using MS Word 2016.

Wanted Poster Template 5

Here is download link for this Creative Wanted Poster Template,


When police official gives out the Wanted Posters, it provides you with the confidence that they are doing their job. This gives you t peace of mind, and it will be easier for you to sleep knowing that someone is keeping an eye over you.

Wanted Posters may be a rare sight in the current era, but their importance cannot be ignored. They are a good way to create awareness to the public about a criminal who is on the loose. They are also a good way to target a mixed audience and prevent biasness. They save both the police and the public a lot of time which could have been used to do other more constructive duties. Lastly, they are a good way to increase the confidence of the public in police work.

Here is a wonderful looking Wanted Poster Design created using MS Word 2016.

Wanted Poster Template 6

Here is download link for this Wanted Poster Template,


Here is another Modern Wanted Poster Template with creative Border Design.

Wanted Poster Template 7

Here is download link for this Modern Wanted Poster Template,



Printed Wanted Posters are more prone to get damaged as compared to Electronic Wanted Posters.

When using Printed Wanted Posters, many things are involved. These include the printing costs (which are not needed for Electronic Wanted Posters), they can get torn easily, they can be easily affected by the weather (especially rain), they can be pulled down by other people (including children when playing), and, many other challenges. However, using Electronic Wanted Posters is more cost-efficient and less prone to physical damages. The only downside of using Electronic Wanted Posters is that they can be deleted or taken off the internet before they spread out to many people. Moreover, both ways are still practical and can give back desired results.

The arrival of the Electronic Wanted Posters does not necessarily mean the exit of the Printed Wanted Posters. Each of has its unique way of producing results. Even though most people might prefer the use of one or the other, it is recommended that both the electronic and the Printed Posters should be used together to maximize on the target audience. It is also important to consider the age group of the target audience so as to know the best channel to use to achieve maximum results.

Here is a Black & White Wanted Poster Template created using MS Word 2013.

Black & White Wanted Poster Template

Here is download link for this Black & White Wanted Poster Template,


Wanted Poster Template in MS Word 2016

Here is another Colorful Wanted Poster Template designed by our staff using MS Word 2016.

Colorful Wanted Poster Template 9

Here is download link for this Colorful Wanted Poster Template,


Here is another Classic Wanted Poster Template create using MS Word 16.

Classic Wanted Poster Template 10

Here is download link for this Classic Wanted Poster Template,


Here is a traditional Wanted Poster Template created using MS Word.

Wanted Poster Template 11

Here is download link for this traditional Wanted Poster Template,


Here is another good looking Wanted Poster Template created by our staff.

Wanted Poster Template 12

Here is download link for this Wanted Poster Template,


Do you need to announce a Wanted Event? Here is a great looking Wanted Poster Template that can help you in creating a professional and eye catching Wanted Poster to display in public places. This template is created using MS Word 2003. Hence you will need it or some later version of MS Word in order to edit it. Good thing is that it is very easy to edit and tailor to your requirements.

Here is preview and download link of this Wanted Poster Template,


Here is download link,

https://www.wordtemplates.org/flyer-word-templates/wanted-poster-template/feed/ 0 734
Rental Agreement Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/contract-templates/rental-agreement-template/ Sun, 01 Dec 2019 01:11:12 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=684 Related posts:
  1. Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
  2. Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
  3. Free Business Templates
Are you going to get involved in a contract with your renter? You must be in need of a professional Rental Agreement Template in order to draft your own Rental Agreement. Here is a collection of free Rental Agreement Templates and Application Forms that anyone can easily use/edit to sign a secure and comprehensive Rental Agreement. All these Contract Agreements are created using MS Word and hence you will find it quite handy to edit at will. While preparing your own Rental Agreement using one of these samples actually give you freedom to save a lot of your time in picking up standard terms & conditions for your legal agreement. It is strongly recommended that you shall study at least a couple of different Sample Agreements in details before finalizing your very own.

Rental Agreement Format Guidelines

Usually, a professional Rental Agreement contains following key information,

  • Property Information
  • Property Owner Information
  • Renter Details
  • Standard Terms of operation
  • Rent Details such as Amount and Time Period (Monthly or Annually)
  • Contract Renewal Procedure
  • Contract Termination Procedure


Rental Agreement MS Word Template

Here is preview of a free sample Rental Agreement Template created by our staff,

Rental Agreement Template

Here its download link for this Rental Agreement Template,

Free Rental Agreement Forms

Here is a very detailed and professional Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format that can allow you to print and prepare Rental Agreements quickly. This is particularly important in situations where clients fill-up such forms as Rental Application and its up to the owner of the property to approve on his discretion.

Here is preview of this Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format.

Rental Application Template 02

Here is download link for this Free Rental Agreement Form.

Should you need to explore more choices, then checkout following Rental Agreement Application Form in MS Word to assist you. You can easily modify it and print to place in your front desk office for interested clients to fill-in and submit quickly. Optionally, you can also ask for money to sell such Forms as and if demands increases.

Here is preview of this wonderful Rental Agreement Application Form.

Rental Application Form

Download link is bellow.

Still not clear about what you are looking for? Checkout following Rental Agreement Form designed and used by professional real estate companies. This Rental Form can easily give you best view as how a real world Application Form look like. Obviously, you need to modify it before using for your own purpose as its been already in use by them.

Preview of this Professional Rental Application Form.

Rental Application Form 02

Here is download link for this Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format.

One more Rental Agreement Form in the form of questionnaire to quickly guide you in preparing a professional agreement. This is a pretty in details Form that can actually guide a client as what exactly he is looking for and what should expect from the property he is interested in. An added benefit of such Agreements is that a renter has to go through all terms & conditions while filling them to understand and then answer. This way, no surprises will come later one when one or more of relevant terms are enforced by the Property owner.

Here is preview of this Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format.

Rental Application Form 03

Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this Rental Agreement in ZIP Format. You need to extract it to find out the MS Word DOCX file format.

House Rental Agreement Samples

If you own a House and want to rent it out Or interested to rent a house from someone, here is an excellent Rental Agreement Sample for our to assist. It contains all standard terms & conditions that any professional Rental Agreement should have to satisfy both party concerns. Since its available in MS Word format so its quite easy and handy to edit as per situation and requirements. Just read it out carefully and highlights areas where you want modification and then do changes as suits you.

Its a good habit however to always consult your attorney before signing a deal as it can save a day for you. Relying 100% on one or two Sample Agreements wouldn’t be a wise decision.  Checkout preview of this Rental Agreement for Residential Lease for your quick assistance.

Residential Lease Agreement Template

Here is download link for this Residential Lease Agreement Sample in MS Word format.

Simple Room Rental Agreement Sample

Here is a good looking and brief Room Rental Agreement Template in MS Word format to help you sign a Room Rental Agreement. This is the most easiest way for anyone to rent out one or more rooms of his/her house for an extra income. Such agreement templates are usually brief and not in very detailed as most of the involved parties are not feeling comfortable to go into transaction details.

Checkout preview of this Room Rental Agreement.

Room Rental Agreement Template

Download link for this Room Rental Agreement Template.






Cash Receipt Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/receipt-templates/cash-receipt-templates/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/receipt-templates/cash-receipt-templates/#respond Thu, 14 Nov 2019 07:40:46 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=3777 Related posts:
  1. Payment Receipt Template
  2. Invoice Receipt Template
  3. Bank Statement Template
A cash payment receipt is a common document that is used both in between individuals and companies. Whenever there is money transferred from one end to another, there is the need of a receipt. This receipt includes all the important details i.e. why the money is transferred and exactly how much money is transferred.

Importance of Cash Payment Receipt:

As described above that a cash payment receipt is a legal document that proves there was monitory transaction between two parties. When you think of money being transferred from one person to another, it’s not complicated most of the time. But everything changes when some amount is transferred from one company to another. Whether we talk about the taxation purposes or we just focus on the importance of keeping record of each transaction being made with the company’s account, there are basically endless important aspects of cash payment receipts. On one hand, it gives an idea of how much money was paid and who received it for what purpose where on the other hand, it secures the party who paid it by being legal evidence that the other party has in fact received the payment and can’t claim there is any amount due in the future.

Cash Payment Receipt Templates

Here are several Free Cash Payment Receipt Templates in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Printable Receipt quickly.

Payment Receipt Template

Here is download link for this Payment Receipt Template.

Cash Receipt Template in MS Word

Here is preview and download link for this Cash Receipt Template in MS Word format.

Receipt Word Template

Simple Cash Receipt Template

Another useful Cash Receipt Template with minimum options for you to quickly download. This template allows you to specify any amount received previously and/or Balance due after this payment. Moreover, you can also specify mode of payment such as cash, cheque, money order and/or credit card.

Cash Receipt Template 02

Petty Cash Receipt Template

This is Petty Cash Receipt Template that allows you to print an official receipt with minimum but critical details. You can also mention Previous Balance and current Balance after this due payment.


Cash Voucher Template

Here are good looking Cash Voucher Template in MS Word format. It is usually used in different organizations to issue payments to their customers and/or suppliers.


Cash Payment Voucher Template

Another useful Cash Payment Voucher Template that allows you to receipt payments by Invoices.





Guidelines for creating a Cash Payment Receipt:

Introduction to both parties involved:

A cash payment receipt note starts with giving details of both parties involved in the monitory transactions. The first party is the one who is making the payment and 2nd party is the receiver of the payment. This part should include their full names, addresses and contact details and if possible, name of the companies they work for.

Date of Payment:

For tracking and record keeping purposes, it’s very important to put date on the cash payment receipt. This will indicate the exact date on which the payment was made.

Unique tracking number of the receipt:

The basic purpose of a cash receipt is to keep track of payments made in the past and it can’t be done if you can’t track a particular payment to the receiver. There has to be a unique tracking number on the receipt so it’s in the permanent record and when there is need to track who made this particular payment, who authorized it and who received it against what services or products, this tracking or reference number will come handy to track all the details.

Type of Business:

This part is not very common but for taxation purposes, multinational organizations and corporations are asked to mention nature of business of each involved party. For instance, a car showroom wants to buy new computers from an IT firm so on the cash receipt, they will mention that 1st party ‘buyer’ has a car showroom and needs new computers for their office where the 2nd party ‘IT firm’ sells computers. For more of day to day purchases, this part is not mandatory to be added in the cash payment receipt.

Description of Product or Service:

This part of the cash receipt will include full details and description of the products or services against which the parties are transferring money. For instance, a business has purchased new furniture and they agreed to make the payment on delivery. This means when the furniture is delivered, they will make the payment and it will be described in the receipt that this payment is made against purchase of office furniture. The same thing goes for the services that are provided to an individual or a company.

Payment Details:

This is like the heart of the cash payment receipt because it will include all the crucial details of the payment. Starting with the exact amount that is being paid is written both in numbers and words so there is no error or typo. Next thing would be to include the method of payment i.e. check, cash or bank transaction. Further it will include the details of previous payments and balance to pay amount after making current payment but these are mostly used for businesses that regularly do business on credit. When this receipt is used for one time purchase, there is just the need of the statement that full payment is made with no balance.

Signature of both Parties:

At the end, a cash payment receipt will be considered completed and it will have legal value only if both parties involved in the transaction sign the receipt. When we talk about these cash receipts, there are usually two copies made; original stays with the person who paid and photocopy goes to the receiver of the payment. Both of these copies need to be signed by both parties.

https://www.wordtemplates.org/receipt-templates/cash-receipt-templates/feed/ 0 3777
Project Log Template https://www.wordtemplates.org/project-management-templates/project-log-word-template/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/project-management-templates/project-log-word-template/#respond Mon, 04 Nov 2019 01:53:09 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=74 Related posts:
  1. Project Progress Report Template
  2. Project Task Assignment – Word Templates
  3. Project Plan Template
A project log is a document which contains all the information and progress report about a project and the executive or manager can understand it by just taking a look. Every project either it’s big or small, local or international, it involves more than one person or sometimes more than one departments to complete it which means it’s hard to keep a record of who is doing what and how much he has completed his assignment. By using a project log you can easily keep track of each one of the participants, resources and equipment. It’s a piece of paper with columns on it and you need to fill out the information on this Log as you proceed with the project.

There are many websites and online portals that offer their visitors to create a project Log and save it in their computer to print it later. This way you don’t have to do a lot of trouble and simple by entering details into some boxes, you get a ready-made project Log with a number of choices of different colors and templates. Although a project Log box is the same either it’s a big project or small but sometimes the information is just different and you need to create a unique Log. In this case you can use a pen and paper and can create it by yourself in just five to ten minutes.

Project Log Template

It is very crucial for the success of a project that its activities must be logged correctly. This requires filling a document named Project Log. Here is our template for this important project management activity. Once again, despite of all of our efforts to make it comprehensive, please feel free to modify it as per your needs. Here is its preview,

Project Log Sheet

Here is its download link,

Key Elements or Purposes of using a Project Log:

  • What you have done i.e. progress and completion estimate of a project.
  • While working as a team, what kind of discussions you’ve had with your teammates.
  • Any change that is essential to make in the way over to complete the project. This may be a strategic change or a new allocation of resources or finances.
  • Up until now what kind of resources you have allocated and what are your expectations for the future?
  • What kind of problems you have encountered up until now and how did you solve them? And also what problems you think will occur in the future and what you’re planning for those situations?
  • What are the things or tasks you are going to do next and how you will do that?

By using a project Log you can supervise or handle a project more effectively and the good thing is that you don’t have to provide extra effort. You can keep track of each one of the teammates about what they have done up until now and what is their effectiveness ratio. This way you can evaluate their performance to call them for the next project and to check if someone is doing something wrong. Also you can check if someone is on schedule or behind schedule or if there is someone who can perform a task better than the current assigned one. This way you can supervise the expenses of the project to complete the project while staying in the budget. In the long run this Log also has many benefits as you can save the data for future and it will help you a lot in the same projects which you will manage in the future. Also by using this Log, you can constantly update the administration and client about the milestones and progress report.

https://www.wordtemplates.org/project-management-templates/project-log-word-template/feed/ 0 74
Salary Certificate Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/salary-certificate/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/salary-certificate/#respond Wed, 16 Oct 2019 14:57:40 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=3724 Related posts:
  1. Employee Experience Certificate Template
  2. Medical Certificate Template
  3. Basic Cover Letter
Download these several Free Salary Certificate Templates in MS Word format to review before coming up with your own letter for printing.

There are dozens of occasions or reasons when someone is asked to provide details of his or her income. For instance, you are applying for home loan and the bank gives you a wide list of documents to obtain. Among those essential documents, there will be a document called salary certificate. This document is created by the employer and it gives official verified analysis of one’s income before and after all deductions and compensations.

There are basically two concepts regarding these certificates; one is salary certificate and the other is salary certificate letter. Although you might not think that they are different but in fact there is difference in both of these. When you ask your employer to write you a salary certificate without specifying who will receive it, it’s a salary certificate. If the same letter is written to the manager of a bank or a loan company, it would become a salary certificate letter because now it’s official communication between two companies.

Importance of a Salary Certificate:

The most important and basic purpose of a salary certificate is to proof how much you earn. This salary certificate is a legal document that shows your income and it can be used anywhere it’s needed. For instance, you are applying for loan or credit card, no bank or Credit Company will authorize credit or loan without confirming if you will be able to return it and they can only give surety of credit or loan return if they know how much you make each month. If you agreed for $2,000 return each month for a loan, the bank needs your salary certificate to see how much you make and if it’s possible for you to pay $2,000 every month after all expenses.

Not only that a salary certificate is required when you get a loan but it’s also essential to produce one when you are buying something on credit or installments. Whether it’s a piece of property or a car, the seller wouldn’t allow it unless they see that your salary certificate indicates you will be able to make monthly installments. Another scenario is when you are traveling aboard on study visa and the host country wants to see your guardian’s salary certificate and bank statement. These documents will tell the authorities that your guardian will be able to afford your education expenses and you will not need to do any part time job which is prohibited in most of the countries that allow study visas.

Salary Certificate Format:

Basic Employee Details:

The salary certificate will start by stating the name of the employee whose salary certificate is being created. This will mention his full name, his designation, department in which he works and name of the company where he works and date on which the salary certificate is created. Below these details, there should be a subject that states it’s a salary certificate or salary certificate letter. After that, it’s important to mention the month that is under discussion with regard to the salary.

Salary details including Deductions:

There can be any format of a salary certificate as long it includes all the necessary details. Usually small companies go with a common format that is available online but bigger organizations design their own format of the certificate. Generally, there should be two separate columns. 1st column should include the basic salary and additional benefits i.e. medical allowance, travel allowance or house rent compensation. Basically the 1st column will include everything that the employee is getting either its salary or additional compensation. 2nd column is the place with all the deductions whether it’s tax deduction or insurance fund or retirement fund. After adding all these figures in both columns, there should be a heading of net received income and it’s calculated after all the additions and deductions. This is the exact figure that the employee got in specified month.

Details of Authorized Person:

After all the above details, at the bottom of the certificate, there needs to be a section for the details of person stating that above information is valid and true. This has to be the authorized person in the company and he should have the authority to prepare and sign these certificates.

Free Salary Certificate Templates:

Here are previews and download links for these professional Salary Certificate Templates.

Salary Certificate Template 01

Here is download link for this Salary Certificate Design.

Checkout another good looking Salary Certificate Template in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Salary Certificate when and if required.


Here is download link for this MS Word Template,

Yet another letterhead design to print a standard Salary Certificate to oblige your employee.


To download this Certificate Template, please click on the button bellow.

Still need one more? Here is another attractive Salary Certificate in MS Word format.


Download this Word Template from the link bellow.

Salary Certificate Mistakes to Avoid:

While preparing your own Salary Certificate in 2018 or 2019 Standard Format, please avoid following common mistakes,

  • Don’t address to someone in particular – To Whom It May Concern is good to go.
  • No need to include details of Salary such as any Advances or extra Bonuses being offered.
  • Clearly mention if your employee is on probation period and/or is on contract basis. Limited and unlimited Employment should be there in writing.
https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/salary-certificate/feed/ 0 3724