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Professional Services Contract Template

No doubt about the fact that doing your own work saves you money, gives happiness and improve expertise and makes you an independent person which in long term is a good and healthy activity. But in some cases there are matters, which are beyond your reach and needs someone else’s help or assistance who is an expert in performing such jobs. We encounter various such issues in our daily life where we need professional services. It can be electric work, massive cleaning, house construction, painting of some special type that you can’t do with a regular paintbrush on your wall and many other scenarios. However this fact works somehow for domestic users to perform most of their work on their own, but the situation is quite opposite in case of an industry where one manufacturer needs to avail some other professional services in order to achieve their goals of whatever they are creating or serving.

Professional services are provided by various people as mentioned earlier. Hiring a professional is usually beginning with signing of a contract of service amongst both the parties, i.e. the customer and the professional (if it is an individual for example a teacher or a painter etc.) and also if it is professional services providing company for example cleaners, washers, caterers etc. A contract is a pact, which holds certain terms and conditions on which the business will be done between the two parties. The customer is bound to pay a certain amount whereas the professional is committed to provide the said services in the contract.

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Professional Services Contract Template

Usually in daily life, a contract is not signed for small jobs like fitting an electric device at your home or fixing a tap in your kitchen; contracts instead are signed for long term services hired from a professional. For example, a bank might hire a chartered accountant to provide them auditing services for a contracted time period, and bank will pay him or her for that. Another example is a furniture company signs a contract with a lumber mill company to provide them with wood for say one or two years for which they will be paid.

Contracts related to professional services usually comprise of terms and conditions from both the parties. The customer put up their requirements and any other conditions which they need to be fulfilled by the professional they are hiring. The professional or the company puts up their own terms and conditions of services, which will be applicable during the course of time for which the contract holds active. These terms and conditions are then to be agreed upon and both parties are then bound to follow them or either of them can file a case in court of law in case of violation by the other. The contracts of professional services include the payment amounts and procedures and other details like if the payments are to be done in installments etc. Contract is an important document and needs to be signed with care since it bounds you after you have signed it.

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