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Building Maintenance Contract Template

Construction is an ancient business having its origin from the times of cavemen. Man has always been building in jungles, mountains and deserts to ensure his survival and this has led to many ancient civilizations including that of Egypt, Greeks, Chinese and many more. Building is a business which is never ending and for this fact, it is one of the successful businesses in the modern day world. The reason of the materials being worn out gives rise to the survival of this profession. A building once constructed is not the end point. The maintenance keeps on till the end of time and hence the builders have their bread earned from the nature’s rules of dealing with materials.

Building maintenance is a broad term which includes several other departments related to the maintenance of a building which has been constructed. Painting, electrical maintenance, ceilings, flooring, plumbing and many others like that are dimensions of building maintenance. Building maintenance services are hired by both the domestic and commercial customers every now and then. This business yields more in areas with extreme weather conditions like deserts, heavy rain fall regions and fast wind areas etc.

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Maintenance Contract Template

Building maintenance at domestic level is usually occasional. You do not get your house painted every month or done plumbing every week. It is usually after a year or may be more than that, so domestic users usually go without signing a contract with builders for maintenance of their property. Commercial or industrial customers are however the ones who need maintenance very often due to excessive usage of their buildings. This type of maintenance requires time and time again service and hence to avoid wastage of time and other issues companies like to sign contracts with the builders to get over with it.

A building maintenance contract is usually signed for an agreed time period or on basis of a project like reconditioning a building or refurbishing a plant in someone’s industry. These contracts have terms and conditions of service which are included from both sides i.e. the customer and the builders. Both sides put up their concerns and risks on paper beforehand so as to avoid any complexities in the business once they start working. These are then reviewed by both sides and signed to agree.

Matters like cost of maintenance and time period for which services are required are included in the contracts. Other important complexities like cost of materials, time frame requirement by the customer, requirements by the builders and any other points are also included in the contracts. Contract once signed becomes a firm commitment among the parties and both of them have then to follow it at every cost or might face the court of law since the other party has all the rights to approach law against the former for violating the contract.

Contracts are a good way of doing business since everything goes on paper and hence the complexities are avoided during the course of time for which contract is signed.

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