Thursday , January 23 2020
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Portrait Rust Calendar – Word Template

One more Word Template for Rust Calendar. I have found many people looking for Word Calendar Templates and I though why not I should post it here. It looks good and prominent.

Most common type of calendars is the one that we currently follow and is managed according to the solar day (means the time according to the rising and setting of sun). With the passage of time the history of calendars has changed vastly. In the early ages, man used to write in the form of signs and on the rocks etc. Then with the advent of more sophisticated literacy system, languages rose up and the writing materials changed from stones to leather and barks of tree. And now in the present era we have paper with in which a hundred different varieties are present. The calendars now-a-days are printed on paper and on card paper as well. They are available in several designs and prints.

Here is preview of Portrait Rust Calendar Template,

Jan 2017 Calendar Rust Template

Here is its download link,

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