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Aspect CD-DVD Label – Word Template

Are you going to burn some CDs or DVDs and in need of great looking Labels to be placed on its front side? Obviously this is going to make it very easier for you to find it when you need it. This is a age of information and data is usually saved or burned into CDs or DVDs for durable storage. While, we can see commercial products on DVDs and CDs having attractive and distinctive labels but can’t find a way to print our own custom labels for such storage discs. This CD/DVD Label Template created using MS Word will help you to do it in a convenient way.

You can create your desired CD/DVD Label using this template easily and then you can send it to printer directly to print on CDs or DVDs. If you don’t have such printer available then alternatively you can print on sticker and then place sticker on your burned CDs or DVDs. This process can easily be done a home or small to medium scale business offices.

Here is a wonderful Aspect CD/DVD Label template for you,

Here is the link to download it,

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