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It is usually a theory that includes the scope and outcomes of a project as a company wants to make sure that they are going to produce a successful product and the document that includes the detailed report about the scope of the project is known as project scope statement.

Brief Description:

A business or company puts a lot of assets at risk while executing a new project including resources, men power and finances and if there is no way to find out if the results will be according to the assumptions or not, it is not a good thing to execute the project. To make sure that the outcomes of a project are according to what the company has assumed, a detailed report is prepared by the marketers and it’s known as project scope statement.

Elements that are included in a Project Scope Statement:

  1. Justification:
    Justification of a project can be defined in many ways but in simple words, it’s the reason of executing a project. When a company starts a new project, there are many things that are at stake with the new project including; resources, finances, man power, time and credibility of the company in the market and thus it is quite necessary that before starting a new project, the project management describes the needs of the project for the company and the reasons of why it’s necessary for the company to execute the project despite of so many risks.
  2. Project scope description:
    This is usually described as the results that the project will produce in the future. Usually it includes the products or services, its reception and the results after introducing something new in the market. A company needs to know if the product they are about to produce will be well received in the market an if it will generate any revenue for the company or not and this part of the project scope statement defines that.
  3. Possible reaction of the market regarding the project:
    It is quite simple and clear from the title that this element of a project scope statement includes the possible outcome of the product or service along with the reception in the market. With this theory or assumption, the project management makes sure that they are going to produce a successful product and if figures show that there might be a problem; changes can be easily made before starting the production process.
  4. Success ratio for the project:
    Usually this factor or element is described in between the other elements but sometimes a project scope statement also includes the success ratio as a separate element in the report. This element actually provides a forecast about the success or failure of the project and if the company finds out that there are more risks in the project, it can stop it or make useful changes in time.
  5. Project development scope in the future:
    If a company is going to produce a new product, there will definitely be some developments in the production in future and the project scope statement includes the development theory for the project so that the company makes sure that there are possibilities for the project to have some development in the future.

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Project Scope Statement Template

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The problem statement is an important part of the research process to choose the exact problem that is important to investigate. Initially, the researcher chooses a general topic and outlines a specific problem statement to detail the description of the problem and its importance. The problem statement is written to describe and recognize the research problem to find its potential causes and solutions. The problem statement enables you to convey that the reason behind the problem is important and the factors affected by the problem. The problem statements are of two types, including quantitative statement and qualitative statement. The problem statement should be clear enough to demonstrate the vision and method of the research.

Tips to Write Problem Statement

There are some key tips that will help you to write an accurate problem statement:

The problem statement should represent your vision and for this purpose, it is important to understand your vision before deciding anything. It will be beneficial to explain some benefits to solve the problems.

It will be good to write an issue statement and explain different methods to solve your problems. You have to explain why the solution of the problem is an important part of your problem statement. It will be good to explain the different steps that you are ready to take to solve different problems.

Think about Ws

There are 5 “W”, including who, where, when, why and what, while writing an essay, you have to find the answers of all questions start with “W”. There are five “W” and you have to address them completely in order to design a perfect problem statement:

  • Who will get affected by the problem?
  • What will be the outcomes of unsolved problems?
  • Where the problem exists?
  • When it is important to fix the problem?
  • Why it is important to fix the problem?

Following are some vital queries that should be responded:

  • Is the problem impermanent or will continue into the future?
  • The number of individuals pretentious by the problem?
  • Would this study revise prevailing information or practices and how?

After answering all above questions, you will be able to write a well rounded problem statement. If you want to write a polished problem statement, try to make few drafts to fine tune the problem statement.

Benefits of a Problem Statement

The problem statement will help you to focus on your research and create an interconnected and guided project. During research, the problem statement will help you to get a sidetrack to collect available information. It enables you to remain always focused on the topics and answers of the questions at hand. This will help you to get better results in short period of time. In the presence of problem statement, there will be no waste of time to chase unnecessary avenues and diversions from your main goal.

An effective problem statement will help you to successfully complete the project as a whole. Focus on the above mentioned points and answer all questions to device a perfect problem statement.

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Problem Statement Template

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Usually on internet, every website is equipped with a statement that includes the information about what type of personal information is required by the user and how much of it will be shown on the website for other users. This statement is known as privacy statement.

Brief Description of Privacy Statement:

Often when you use a website as a visitor or a user, you need to provide some of your personal and basic information to the website and usually it’s necessary as you can’t proceed to the next step without providing the info and contact details. Now the question rises that if you are giving out your name, phone number and street address on the internet and thousands of other users are also browsing the website, isn’t is possible that others will also see your personal details and it could harm you in some way.

Yes this is a very big concern for most of the internet users that their personal information will be accessed by other people and they will misuse it. To make sure that no user feels unsecure while browsing a website, the website provides instructions on the web page that the user is required to provide the information and personal details but he can rely on the website as these details won’t be shown to anyone else on the internet.

A very common example of this privacy statement is that when you want to access a website’s data or want to log in to the website without an account, the website asks that either you create an account or use your social media i.e. Facebook account for logging in the website. This way you allow the website to access to your Facebook account and your personal information in it but the website provides a privacy policy to all of its users that their Facebook personal information won’t be shown to anyone.

Features of a Privacy Statement:

There are two key features of a privacy policy and these two features are quite basic. First of all, the main feature of a privacy policy is that the website asks you to provide the information that it requires along with the reasons of asking for this particular information or your personal or contact information. This also includes the type and amount of information and details that the website requires i.e. you name, home address, zip code, phone number, email address, age, sex, marital status and many other particulars. Sometimes you may have the option that you can choose which details you want to share with the website and what kind of information you don’t want to share but most of the time, you don’t have the option to choose or deny providing any particular information.

Secondly the privacy policy includes the feature of letting you know that how many and what type of other users could access your information. This usually includes that your personal information is kept very private and hidden and no one will be able to see it besides you and this is the heart of the privacy policy and the main reason of developing this statement.

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Privacy Statement Template

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The personal statement should be written carefully, because it provides you a great opportunity to sell yourself. You have to write your skills and attributes to get desired benefits. You can divide your mission statement in two segments, including:

  • Keep your mission statement general and comprehensive
  • Responsive all questions very specifically

Write your mission statement in general and comprehensive way according to your selected field. Sometimes, few specific questions are asked in the business and school applications, therefore you have to write you in the statement in a specific way.

Answer Different Questions Before Writing

If you want to make your personal statement more effective, try to answer following questions in more specific way:

  • What is very special, unique and impressive in your life?
  • Write details about your history, family problems, events, people and goals of your life?
  • Why are you interested in this field and how you learn about the profession? What is your motivation to further stimulate your interest and reinforce your verdict that you can perform well in this field?
  • What you have learnt during your education and detail any specific skills that may contribute in the growth of the organization?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Explain any discrepancies and gaps in your academic records as well as GPA pattern?
  • What are your personal characteristics, including integrity, compassion and persistence that may help you to show growth in this profession?
  • Have you had any experience to overcome any unusual obstacles and hardships, such as family problems, physical and economic problems in your life?
  • What skills do you have, including leadership, analytical and communicative?
  • Why you are a stronger candidate for this job, and how you can perform more effectively in the field as compared to other applicants?
  • Give most compelling reason for your interest in this profession or organization?

Write an Impressive Story

You have to write an impressive story to demonstrate your concrete experience. You have to persuade the reader with your story so keep it fresh, live and unique. It is important to distinguish yourself with the help of your powerful words to make your story memorable.

Try to be As Specific As Possible

Do not write only that you can become a perfect manager; write some solid reasons and experiences to back it up. Try to give logical reasons to describe your statement. Conclude your story with logical reasons to back it up.

Focus on Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph is really important, because it is a great chance to grab the attention of reader. It will serve as a framework of your rest of the personal statement.

Elaborate Your Qualifications in Middle Section

You can explain your interests and experiences in the middle section regarding your selected field. Try to be as specific as possible, and explain everything that you have complete understanding about the field. Use professional language to convey your information and refer your experiences, additional classes, seminars and training. Write the names of books relevant to your field that you have read to increase your knowledge about the field.

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Personal Statement Template

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A Bank Statement is an important report released by bank to provide history of transaction under a defined period. These statements are really important for both banks and account holders, as the statements provide details of debit and credits of the bank accounts. The statements provide details of annual percentage yield, current interest rate and charges. The statement provides clear picture to customer about the value of account, outstanding checks and cash deposits as well as withdraws. The banks statement is issued on monthly basis, but now the customer can electronically access the bank statements.

Benefits of Bank Statement

The bank statements are issued by banks and the errors in the banks statements can be reported within six months from the date of statement notify by the bank. After that time, you can’t ask to rectify the bank statement. The copies of banks statements help you to avoid extra charges in the certain situations. With the help of bank statements, you can apply for loan, or can check either you are qualified for the loans. The banks statements are confidential documents; therefore it is the responsibility of the person to keep his/her banks statement secure to avoid any financial fraud.

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Bank Statement Template

Description of Banks Statement

The information on the bank statement can be confusing and difficult to understand for new users. Every bank has its own style to design bank statement, but the information always remains same.

Accounts Details

The bank statement details the type of account an individuals has among a checking account and a saving account. Checking account has direct connection with debit card and the saving accounts are usually preferred by the users because of higher interest rate. The bank statement display all transactions of your bank account and but only last four digits of your account number are displayed for your safety and protection.

Deposits and Additions

The bank statements have a separate column with the name of deposits to write the details about cash deposited by any individual in the account. The column contains total amount added in your account and the date of transaction. If you want to keep the record of your deposits, it will be good to keep your deposit receipts secure to ensure that the money is going into the correct place.

Money Withdrawals

Whenever the individual takes out money from his/her account, the transaction is listed in the withdrawals section. The money withdrawer through an ATM is also listed in this section.

Pending and Posted Transactions

The transaction made after banks timings and on holidays will go into the section of pending transactions. Some transactions go into pending section to protect you from any financial fraud. The posted transactions are both debit and credit card purchases, ATM withdraws, cleared check and online bill payments.

Date and Description of Transactions

The bank statements contain the description of each transaction, for instance, if the transaction is made at gas station, the bank will write the name of gas station for your convenience.

Total Balance

The balance is an important part of bank statement. It is given at the top and at the end to tell you about total amount in your account. The negative balance means you owed money from banks. The positive balance shows the existence of money in your account.

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