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Preparing a comprehensive Business Plan is the key to successfully execute critical projects. Pay full attention to all kinds of details while charting out your Business Plan. Explain all types of inputs to your Business and potential outcomes after processing the information or material. Here are we are sharing Free Business Plan Templates to help our visitors in preparing different kind of Business Plans easily.

Agriculture Business Plan – Free MS Word Template

Adopting agriculture as a business is usually a trend in families where this business is passed on to generations by their elders. However there is no cap to starting an agriculture business as long as someone has the passion for it and have basic know how of the field work and dealing with agriculture. Agriculture business needs not only just the idea to start, in fact a strong sum on investment is required especially to start buying some land for agriculture, the equipment required and other necessities of this business including seeds, sprays, farming equipment and paying the man power working under you.

Agriculture Business Plan Format Guide

To get to this sum of investment either some partner or loan is required by the agriculturist, so here are a few important features of a business plan for agriculture which will help writing a strong plan.

Executive Summary: The executive summary as the name suggests, in any business plan is to summarize the whole idea and briefly describe the readers what they are going to face or what is being proposed. Give a minor glimpse of your idea in this portion but make sure to keep things as brief as possible so that the readers might not lose interest just at the beginning.

Business Details: This portion suggests the readers of all the nuts and bolts related to the agricultural plan being presented. Even the minor details are to be mentioned to avoid any complexities at a later time. Include the location of land, size of land to be bought, the type of farming which will be done, the crops being planned to be cultivated and such things.

Proposed Solution: In this portion of the business proposal you suggest what has been cooking in your mind. You tell them to come forward to invest with you or sanction a loan for this agricultural business plan you have made. Make sure this is a convincing writing since they have to be convinced to turn your dream into reality.

Expected Outcomes: Well to be very honest, all what the investors and banks are interested in their own profit for which they will be investing. In business there will be no one with you for a good will gesture; not even your own closed ones. So make sure the calculations are perfect, accurately estimated with thorough research of the market and previously running agriculture businesses. Let them have the whole profit and expected outcomes picture because that is what they are looking forward to.

Here is a free Business Plan Template for the Agriculture Field in MS Word.

Agriculture Business Plan Template

Boutique Business Plan Template

Are you done with labor work? And you think you are tired of this tailoring and stuff? And you think that now it is time to start fresh and do the big work in the field which you have mastered for years. Or you are someone for whom boutique business was a passion since from the days of youth? So why wait? Go ahead, take up on an idea and start away with your very own boutique business. I have designed a great Boutique Business Plan Template for you in MS Word format for assistance.

Here is preview of this wonderful Business Plan MS Word Template.

Boutique Business Plan Template

Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Starting coffee shop business is very cool and nice idea but you need to consider and manage lots of things before starting coffee shop business. In fact, it happened with each business that is newly established. Proper planning and management is necessary to be successful in establishing new business. You are thinking of starting coffee shop business so you must prepare an effective coffee shop business plan that must consists of all the key elements need to be considered for new business start up. You can be very successful if you go through effective planning and management of business tricks and requirements. Coffee shop business is small scale business but you can make it gold mine with proper planning and management.

Here is preview of a comprehensive Coffee Shop Business Plan Template in MS Word format.

Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Drinks Bar Business Plan Template

A Bar Business is indeed a very successful business in modern societies. Almost everyone likes to catch up a drink on the way back home after a tiring day at office or workplace. This is even like a habit to some people. And not only this, people like to hang out at bars and celebrate parties and this makes a bar business much of a success itself.

So, if one has planned to stop doing job and start own business, first step in bar business will be to obtain finances such as a loan and that is where a bar business plan comes in the scene. To convince the bank people, bar business plan is one time shot and it must be such that the dream one has seen must not go to waste.

Here is preview of a Drinks Bar Business Plan Template in MS Word available for free download.

Drinks Bar Business Plan Template

Franchise Business  Plan Template

To get a franchise from a renowned product or company, one needs to have a convincing business plan for them where the owners can see potential of success and profits not only for you, the franchise owner but also for the company, their good will and obviously providing the locality with the same quality the company is serving with at their original actual location. So, the business plan for a franchise should be strong enough; since it also must convince people who might be funding or investing in this franchise business idea of yours.

A franchise business looks easier to handle but surely is not the one easy enough to start with. The business plan strong enough can be the key to success.

Here is preview of a free Franchise Business  Plan Template in MS Word format.

Franchise Business Plan Template

Interior Design Business Plan Template

Interior design business involves in home decor and this is one of most expanding business today’s. People who possess creative sense to set and decorate home focus on making their careers in this field. Home decor business is an expensive but nice job to do. Some people do this business as individual entity while some are associated with some of interior design organizations or try to make their own institute. Interior design business or job is very hectic as well and an interior designer must give full attention to give new look to a place whether homes, offices, shops, institutes etc. If you are such a creative individual and looking for making your career as interior design business man or lady, you will have to first focus on sound planning to successfully start your business.

Here is preview of a good looking Interior Design Business Plan Template to help you in preparing your own business plan quickly.

Interior Design Business Plan Template


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Bat House Plan Template Sat, 30 Jul 2016 11:51:30 +0000 Related posts:
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There are many people in urban and as well as in rural areas that always complain about the insects i.e. mosquitoes and moths flying around their houses and biting their family members. On the other hand, they also complain about bats flying around their houses as well. You need to understand that bats are not bad in fact; they provide a very unique service to the humans. Bats are insectivores which means they feed on insects i.e. mosquitoes and moths that fly in the surroundings and you know that no matter how well you protect your house, you can’t get rid of mosquitoes most of the time. If that is such a big problem, why don’t you make a little compromise with the only flying mammal; the bats and let them live around your property so that they can find their food and also eat all the flying and crawling insects.

If you are really inspired by the above content and you want to eliminate the insect problem by letting the bats live around your home and even inside your attic, you should keep in mind that bats only fly at night and during day time, they sleep or rest in their nests and if there is no dark place around your house, you can’t force the bats to stay around but they will move to another place where they can find a dark corner or perhaps a nest to rest during day time.

This is why it is really important that you build a bat house and install it outside your house near the walls and in the corners. This way you can provide a good place for the bats to rest in the day and as it gets dark out there, they will leave the bat house and hunt for the insects to keep your atmosphere clean and free of night insects. By building and installing 2-3 bat houses in your backyard, you can stop worrying about keeping your children inside the house at night so that they won’t get bit by the mosquitoes and moths.

It is really easy to build a bat house and it won’t cost you more than $20 per house. The project is very interesting so you can also involve your kids to work with you and create a good looking bat house to let the bats rest when sun is up. You can design a very stylish bat house and there are hundreds of designs that you can get from internet and most of them are very easy to build and you only need 1-3 nails to install it on your backyard house wall.

Keep in mind that bats don’t need a wide open house that has many holes in it but they look for some place dark to hide during the day light and if you can make a small box with only 3-4 inch space in between, you have built a fine looking and easy usable bat house for these flying mammals. There are many types of woods that you can use for this purpose but if you like, you can also use chipboard or hardboard for constructing a bat house and your kids can color it afterwards too.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Bat House Plan Template created using MS Word,

Bat House Plan Template

Here is download link for this Bat House Plan Template,

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401K Plan Template Sat, 30 Jul 2016 11:46:49 +0000 Related posts:
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This is very common that when someone earns, he has to pay the taxes to the government regardless of his age and employment. On the other hand, you know that no matter how much you love to work, you can’t be employed forever and after you cross 50 or 60 years of life, you have to take a long break from working and we also call it retirement. When someone retires, he has no options of earning as he won’t work anymore but still, he is living and has a family so he will need money to provide for them. To manage that situation, employers offer retirements plans for the employees.

This way when an employee retires, he gets a huge amount of money which he can invest or spend as he wants. On the other hand, employees have the option to save a small portion of their earnings in the savings account and the best news is that they don’t need to pay any tax on the savings until they withdraw the savings from the account and use it in investment. 401K plan is actually the same plan that we have discussed here. We have mentioned above that this plan is actually a part of tax reform act and as it’s the section 401 and paragraph K, it is usually referred to 401K plan.

There are number of benefits and advantages of 401K plan but the most important benefit is that when you get your salary check, the savings amount is already been withdrawn from your earnings before tax deductions. This way, you save a small portion of your income in the savings account and you get tax deductions on your salary too. Usually people work only with regular 401K plan but there is another plan introduced called Roth 401K plan which is a combination of 401K plan and IRA and it helps the employees to save and invest the money at the same time without any tax payments until the money is withdrawn from the savings account.

Benefits of 401K plan include:

  • Any type of business and organization can set up the 401K plan for its employees either it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, a public limited company or a private business.
  • The guidelines and eligibility criteria are set by each individual company for its employees.
  • It is up to the employer of a company to declare if a particular employee is eligible for the plan or not.
  • The money in the savings account can come from the salary of the employee, return on his investment or from the employer too.
  • Employees get to save their money in the savings account but they don’t need to pay any taxes on this savings.
  • If they want, they can invest the money in any business or idea and the return of the investment is also tax free.
  • The employer is not obligated to make any contributions in the 401K plan of a particular employee but he can do that if he wants.

Here is preview of a Free Sample 401K Plan Template created using MS Word,

401k Plan Template

Here is download link for this 401K Plan Template,

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Estate Plan Template Mon, 25 Jul 2016 11:37:11 +0000 Related posts:
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In order to make all the decisions about transferring the estate to other family members after the owner or head of the family dies, people prepare legal documents on which they enlist the names of people who they want to give a part of their estate and that document is called an estate plan.

Brief Description of Estate Planning:

There is something very interesting that most people think only wealthy people have estates that they can declare to the world but in reality, everyone in the world has an estate although it can vary in size and face value but it is a fact that everyone has an estate. You live in a farm house and you have a huge farm and that is your estate but if you live in a city in a small house and drive a small family car, don’t you have an estate? Yes you do because your car, your house, your investments, your accounts, your personal possessions and your life insurance is your estate. The common element in any kind of estate is that no matter how big or small it is, you can’t take it with your when you are deceased.

When that happens (your death), you know that you can’t control the ownership or transfer of any of your estate but it will be the court that will decide who will get what in your estate. So isn’t it better if you decide all of that in your life and enlist the names of people or organizations that you trust the most and want to have a part of your estate? This way you don’t need to look down from the heaven and regret that you should have given your company to your other son and your classic corvette to your younger daughter. Rather than regretting your decisions up from the heaven, it is better to prepare an estate plan for your wealth and belongings. This way you can give anything to anyone of your family member or friend and there won’t be any dispute about the distribution of your estate after you die.

A Good Estate Plan should include these Elements:

  • There should be two parts or sections of your estate plan; one that includes the passing of your wealth and the other that includes the passing of your family values to upcoming generations.
  • The estate plan must include the instructions about your care and look after if you are disabled before death.
  • You are not supposed to take any sides in the estate plan and all of your children should get equal amount of your estate but if you like to give more to particular one child, it’s up to you and no one can challenge or change your decision.
  • If you think, a particular family member has more abilities to run the family business, you can nominate him as your substitute once you are dead.
  • Another most important thing is that you need to update the estate plan on periodic basis and it’s not a onetime thing but an ongoing process.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Estate Plan Template created using MS Word,

Estate Plan Template

Here is download link for this Estate Plan Template,

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Business Financial Plan Template Mon, 25 Jul 2016 11:24:32 +0000 Related posts:
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Probably money is the most important or one of the important elements to run a company and it is not possible for an organization to operate without finances. When a company operates, it earns money but it also spends money on different elements and in order to make sure that it doesn’t spend more than it is earning, planning is important. The plan that indicates the sources of income of a company and its expenses is called a business financial plan.

Here are the Steps that you need to take for Business Financial Plan:

Define the Type of Business:
This is the first and most important step in any kind of planning either it’s financial, marketing, strategy making or change management planning is to define the business type that you are dealing with. When you understand the business and its operations, it is very easy to develop a plan of any kind i.e. financial plan for business. That’s why before starting the planning process, you need to define the type of business i.e. either it’s a manufacturing company, a consultant agency or a marketing firm.

Explain the Operations of Business:
As the first step includes explaining the type of business, the second step indicates and enlists the operations a business includes. For example, if it is a manufacturing company, what kind of products it produces and if it’s a consultant agency, what kind of service it offers to the clients. This way it is easy to develop the financial plan for such business when we know the operations and general functions of the business. For example, the manufacturing company needs more money for the raw material and manufacturing process where a consultant agency doesn’t need to make any of the above expenses.

Enlist Sources of income of the Company and Expenses:
At this stage, the sources of income of the company and its regular expenses are enlisted. This is a simple and easy way to find from where the company is getting its money i.e. return on investment, sponsorship, sales profit etc and where the money is going as regular expenses i.e. office supplies, employees’ salaries, office rent and many others.

Enlist Possible Future Risks Regarding Finances:
This step includes the possible failures and errors that could affect the company regarding finances or we can also say that this step includes the money problems for the future of the company. It can be shortage of resources, more expenses that the earning, loss of sponsorship or a property damage to the company that is also a financial problem. This way company can prepare itself for the future upcoming disasters and issues that could delay the progress or regular operations in the company.

Enlist Strategies to Overcome the Risks:
Now that possible future problems related to money are indicated, it is time to enlist solutions for those problems. It is not enough to only talk about the problems that could happen to the company in the future but also it is very important that company decides what it will do in the problem or unusual situation so that when it really happens, there won’t be any delay to understand the problem and choose a solution.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Business Financial Plan Template created using MS Word,

Business Financial Plan Template

Here is download link for this Business Financial Plan Template,

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Education Plan Template Mon, 25 Jul 2016 11:17:22 +0000 Related posts:
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Education planning can be described in many ways but in simplest words, it’s the planning of the process to conduct educational experiments in the institute in order to bring out the best in the students and to achieve institutional goals and objectives as well.

When we talk about education, there is no way to compromise on this as we know that we are talking about the future of our country and the future of our new generation as well. This is where the importance of educational planning gets very clear that without proper planning and strategies, there is no way to educate the students in a proper way and to conduct the operations as per requirements.

Common types of Educational Planning include:

  1. Strategic Planning:
  2. Normative Planning:
  3. Operational Planning:
  4. Functional Planning:

Just like an organization or a company where it is really important for the CEO or directors to define company goals and objectives in front of the employees and other staff members so that they know exactly what to do and what the expectations of company are from them. This not only gives them a clear path to follow the company rules but also helps them to stay connected and increase their performance levels. On the other hand, it ultimately benefits the company as it increases its performance and level of expertise in the regular operations. The same thing happens with the education planning that the institute has to deliver the clear guidelines to the teachers and professors about how they need to teach the students and lead them towards the excellence of the institute.

Common Stages of Education Planning include:

  • Policy formation Stage
  • Plan preparation Stage
  • Coordination Stage
  • Implementation Stage
  • Evaluation Stage

While talking about the Educational Planning, it is really important to discuss the four basic approaches to the planning which are; cost-benefit analysis approach, the synthetic approach, manpower requirement approach and social demand approach. One approach benefits the institute and the parents of students as they are able to pay less for the education of their children where the institute can make more profit where the other approach is regarding the manpower in the institute and it divides the students in smaller or bigger groups depending on the available faculty in the institute.

On one hand, educational planning enables the institutes to deliver best services to the students where on the other hand, government makes sure that the parents are getting the best educational services for their children. Modern governments consider educational planning as one of their most important priorities in order to make room for excellence in the future of the country and to provide more better options for the students and new generation of the country that will someday lead the nation to top position among other countries in the world.

Here is preview of a free Sample Education Plan Template created using MS Word,

Education Plan Template

Here is download link for this Education Plan Template,

Importance of Education Planning includes:

  • Limited resources for education
  • Rising growth in population
  • Avoiding misuse and wastage of resources and time
  • To aid investment decision
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Staff Training Plan Template Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:08:32 +0000 Related posts:
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Here are the steps to create a Staff Training Plan:

Define Organization’s Goals and Objectives:
What would you do with the training program if you don’t know what the goals of your organization are? This is why it is really important that first you define the goals and objectives that your organization has and then you define a training process in order to enable the staff to achieve those goals.

Define Training Resources:
This step includes the sources and materials from where the employees can get information about the training program and organizational objectives. It could be a trainer who is actually the supervisor of the staff or it can be literature including books and content on company website.

Develop a Schedule:
You know that if there are hundreds of employees working in your company on different levels, you can’t train them at once. You can’t ask the manual workers to sit with high profile managers in the meeting and learn about the management and you can’t ask the administrators to sit with production employees and learn how to increase the production ratio. This is why you need a schedule that will define each person’s contribution in the training process and on the other hand, it will help the trainer to make schedule his training programs for different kinds of employees in the company.

Nominate a Trainer:
Now it is time to choose who will lead the employees or train them according to the plans. It can be an external trainer hired by the company for this specific purpose or it can be someone inside the company who knows the objectives and goals well and has the ability to lead people with training. Make sure that you choose the right person because not every experienced employee has the guts to train people and interact with every employee in the organization.

Now that everything else is done, it is time to communicate with the employees. The trainer has to make the training process easy enough so that not only the manager and directors but also the manual labor can understand it easily and have no difficulty about any step. Trainer has to define the company goals, previous achievements and future expectations from the employees so that they know what they need to do and what they need to change.

Tracking the process and its progress:
Training process is nothing and useless without proper tracking and verifying if it’s going well or not. Every time the trainer achieves a new milestone, it is important to stop the process for a while and take a look on the progress. It will then show if the staff is getting anything done or if the trainer has any achievements up until now.

Encourage feedback and criticism:
This is a very important part of training process that you allow the staff members to openly communicate with the trainer if they have any query or feedback about the process or company itself. It is very much possible that during the training process, there will be some employees who have some concerns about the training and these concerns can only be eliminated by establishing communication between staff members and the trainer.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Staff Training Plan Template created using MS Word,

Staff Training Plan Template

Here is download link for this Staff Training Plan Template,

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Retirement Plan Template Thu, 21 Jul 2016 11:07:59 +0000 Related posts:
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No matter how much you love to work and how happy it’s make you to spend more time in your office, you can’t work for your entire life and there will come a certain point when you just want to stay at home, enjoy time with your family members and don’t do any work at all.

To prepare yourself for that time, you need to have a retirement plan. This is a plan that gives you guidelines to start saving a small portion of your earnings into a savings account and when you retire, you can use that money to invest in a business or you can also start your own business with that money.

Here are the most common Retirement Plans:

  1. Individual Retirement Account (IRA):
    This is the most common retirement account that is preferred by most of the old people and by those who want to retire before time. The best factor of IRA retirement plan is that you get to save an amount of your income in your savings account and you don’t need to pay any taxes on the savings. You can use this money to invest in any kinds of shares, stocks and bonds and the return on investment is also tax free which makes it possible to grow your savings quickly. You don’t need to pay any kind of tax on the savings unless you withdraw the entire amount and if you take out the savings before age 59 ½, you have to pay around 10% of penalty amount to the government as tax deductibles. But the good news is that you can withdraw the savings anytime you want which means you can also get early retirement.
  2. Roth IRA:
    This is very similar to the above mentioned IRA retirement plan but there are some additional advantages and setbacks of this particular retirement plan. You need to pay tax on the amount of your income that you put in your savings account but the good news is that you can invest that savings money in any kind of bonds and stocks and there won’t be any tax deductions on the return on investment. Also you can withdraw your entire savings at any age without any penalty and you don’t need to pay any tax at the time of withdrawal either. Those who understand that currently their earnings aren’t that high but in future, they will earn more, this plan is the most preferred one.
  3. 401K Plan:
    This is a retirement plan that is usually offered by the employers for their employees and company workers. This is a very simple plan but it is not that beneficial as compared to IRA or Roth IRA retirement plans. Best thing about this retirement plan is that you get to deduct the savings amount before tax deductions so you get to save on the tax payments. For example if you earn $30000 and you save $5000 in the savings account, you will only pay tax on $25000 along with keeping the other $5000 tax free. You can invest the savings in any kind of plan i.e. shares, stocks and bonds and the return on investment is also tax free. Alike other plans, when you withdraw the savings before age of 59 ½, you need to pay a penalty of 10% to the federal government as tax deductions.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Retirement Plan Template created using MS Word,

Retirement Plan Template

Here is download link for this Retirement Plan Template,

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Night Party Plan Template Thu, 21 Jul 2016 11:00:55 +0000 Related posts:
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Here are the basic steps in order to Plan a Night Party:

Define the purpose of the Party:
You need to define the purpose of the party and the reason(s) why you are arranging the event. Although it’s not necessary to have a reason to have fun with your friends in a night party but there could be any particular reason that you need to tell your friends i.e. birthday of one of your children, your graduation celebration, your engagement party of just a fun way to hang out with your friends.

Choose the date and venue for the Party:
Before you start planning the night party that you want to arrange, first choose a perfect date for the event. You don’t want to organize the party on week nights because then only few of the guests will come as they have to go to work next morning and you won’t be able to hold the guests pass midnight if it’s not weekend. This is why it is important that you try to organize the party on weekend and if it’s not possible, choose whatever you are comfortable with. Then it is time to choose the venue to arrange for the party. If it’s just you and your friends, you can have the party in your backyard but if there will be more guests, arrange for a bigger and wider place. Night party sounds better if it is arranged in an open place i.e. beach, a garden or a picnic point of the city.

Decide who will be there in the Party:
Now it is time to enlist the names of people that you want to invite for your night party. It can be your friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors which depends on how bigger the party is and how much people you can handle in the party easily. If you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your friends that you forgot to invite them, you need to make a list of people that you want to invite and them; you can choose who is more important to be there in the party and who will be your second choice.

Send the invitations to the Guests:
Then you need to arrange for invitation cards and send them to your friends and other invited people at least 2 weeks prior to the party. This way people will have enough time to decide if they will have time to attend your party and they can also make plans for their kids and arrange for a babysitter in time. Also when they reply you with a yes or no answer, you can easily organize your party at least 1 week before the actual day.

Arrange for the Entertainment and Food:
Then the last thing is to make the arrangements in the party. It includes the enjoyment, fun games, entertainment and foods. The entertainment options choice depends on what kind of party you want to organize. And the food should also be bought by keeping the guests in mind because you don’t want someone to starve all night just because you don’t have any vegetarian food item.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Night Party Plan Template created using MS Word,

Night Party Plan Template

Here is download link for this Night Party Plan Template,

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Picnic Table Plan Template Thu, 21 Jul 2016 10:48:31 +0000 Related posts:
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Common plans of picnic tables include the following types and shapes:

One Piece Picnic Table:
It is very obvious from the title that this table has only one piece and the table top and benches are joined together in one piece. High pressured lumber is used for building this table and the wood panels are put together with nails, bolts and wood glue. This way it is very easy to lift and take it to another place because there are no moving or additional parts in it.

Three Piece Picnic Table:
This is the most common type of table that is used these days and you can find this table anywhere around the world. This table is built in three pieces; one table and two benches. Sometimes people build four benches for each side of the table where two benches are common full size and the other two smaller sized with shorter height for kids.

Kid’s Picnic Table:
It is obvious that kids usually can’t sit on an adult or full size picnic table as they can’t reach to the table while sitting on the bench because of the gap for adults. This is why when people buy a picnic table; they usually buy another for their kids. A kids table is smaller and shorter in size and it has fewer gaps in the bench and table top so that kids can easily reach to the food on the table. You can buy kids picnic table in both wood and metal but due to sharp edges and possible corrosion problem, it is better to have a wood picnic table for kids as it has very smooth top and round corners and edges.

Wooden Picnic Table:
This is the most common type of picnic table that is used these days and preferred by most of the people around the world. The reason why people prefer wooden picnic table is that it’s cost effective and usually one can buy it in less than $150 around the world. Also the wood when painted with a good primer and varnish is a very good resistance for open weather. Also if the table breaks by any way, it is very easy to replace the wooden panels or legs with new pairs. As because it’s made with wood, it is not that heavy either so it is very easy to pick and change its position.

Metal Picnic Table:
These picnic tables aren’t very famous and most people don’t prefer buying a metal table for picnic purposes. The first reason is because this table is too heavy and you can’t take it to another place or pick it by yourself. Also the metal itself is very delicate and if you use it in open space, it is soon attacked by corrosion and rust on the edges and joints. Also the metal is very expensive as compared to wood so most people don’t buy metal picnic tables due to its cost.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Picnic Table Plan Template created using MS Word,

Picnic Table Plan Template

Here is download link for this Picnic Table Plan Template,

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