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Here is a collection of Free Gift Certificate Templates that you can download and use in latest version of MS Word to tailor them as per your specific needs and requirements. These certificate templates are wonderful and very exciting in designs. You can choose whatever color scheme you feel appropriate for your events. From last several decades, gift certificates are used to boost your sales or to attract more and more customers to your product line. Customers with reasonable discount motivate themselves to try new products which can lead to becoming a regular and loyal customer in future.

If you take a look around you, almost every person is using Gift Certificates which are commonly known as Gift Vouchers or Gift Coupons. Many people prefer using these certificates because they provide a certain ease to the user. If you don’t know the style of a person who you want to give a gift on special occasion, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate. You can use these certificates for yourself, to give as presents to your friends and as gifts on holidays and other special occasions. If there are so many benefits of these certificates for the customer, why shouldn’t we focus on the benefits of these certificates for the seller or the company that offers these cards?

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Here is a some brief description of all these Free Gift Certificate Templates.

Gift Certificate Design for 2019

Here is a new design for your Gift Certificates in MS Word format. A neat blue color scheme helps to represent your company’s professional image to its reader. A smart place for your Company Logo at the bottom is also valuable.

Gift Certificate Template 2019

Click on the button bellow to start downloading this Gift Certificate.


Printable Gift Certificate Design

Checkout another useful Printable Gift Certificate Template to quickly assist you in preparing your very own Gift Certificate quickly.

Printable Gift Certificate

Here is download link for this Printable Gift Certificate Design,



Gift Certificate for Cash Sum

Here is a good looking Gift Certificate Format suitable for giving discount on Cash Sum,


Here is download link for this Free Gift Certificate Template,


Lately, companies and organizations globally are under some unknown competition when you have to get better and top of your rivals and whatever strategy you use for this purpose, it’s fair. Rather than investing in expensive marketing techniques, you can just simply offer Gift Certificates to your existing and new customers. They then, will use these certificates or vouchers to shop on discount and get other exciting offers. This will ultimately result in a boost in your sales and as your sales increase, so does your clientele. The clients and customers that find your offers attractive also stay loyal to you so it’s better for long term relations as well.

Gift Certificate Template for Company Employees

Here is a suitable Gift Certificate Design to offer to your company’s employees for a special discount/reward,

Employee Gift Certificate Design


Gift Certificate Template for Discount on Fourth Coffee

Here is a purple color themed Gift Certificate Template that can easily be used for a Coffee Shop discount offer,

Coffee Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Coffee Discount Gift Certificate Template,


Gift Certificate Template – Multi-Colors

Here is a cheering colorful Gift Certificate Template suitable for presenting on birthdays or any other special occasion.

Colorful Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Colorful Gift Certificate Template,


Increasing your customer base with Gift Certificates:

  • Keeping existing customers and clients is no science as compared to attracting new customers to your business. It’s kind of an art to attract new customers enough so they will leave their existing vendor and will buy from you. Gift Certificates help get you new customers and it can even break down that high number of clientele of your competitor as well.
  • Think of your Gift Certificate as a brand awareness and marketing tool for your products and services. You can save money by using readymade designs for the certificate but spending some money on customized and matching-with-your-brand gift certificates will help you increase brand awareness in the market. This will not only help people i.e. customer and consumers identify your products but will also create good image for the new customers.
  • It is no myth that when your clientele increases, your sales go up. With more clients and customers shopping at your company, your accounts will show higher figures and more profit in the income of the company.
  • As a vendor or supplier, you should understand that when you offer any kind of discount or gift to your customers, they really appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive gift or high discount but even reducing few bucks can result in much appreciation. In order to help the customers realizing you have better and long term deals for them, these Gift Certificates play a very vital role. They help keep the customers happy and loyal to your company and in the evaluation, if your company still wins, this will make that customer- supplier bond stronger and finer.

Gift Certificates (3 Color)

Here is a simple yet professionally designed Gift Certificate Template with 3 Color distinction.

3 Color Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this 3 Colored Gift Certificate Template,


Gift Certificate Design for Restaurant Dining

Here is a good looking Gift Certificate Design for Dining in a Restaurant using this specially reward or gift.

Restaurant Dining Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Gift Certificate Design,


Holidays Gift Certificates

Here is a colorful Gift Certificate Template suitable for Holiday Season or an Annual Event,


Holidays Gift Certificate Design

Here is download link for this Holidays Gift Certificate Design,


Loyal Customer’s Gift Certificate Template

Here is a cute Gift Certificate Template that can be used to please your loyal customers for any kind of business.

Customer Loyalty Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Free Loyal Customer Gift Certificate Template,


Gift Certificate Format for Achievement of Goals

Here is a good looking Free Gift Certificate Format that can be used to award special deal on achieving a particular goal.

Acheivement Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Gift Certificate Template,


Kisses N Cuddles Gift Certificate Template

Here is a sample Kisses N Cuddles Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Kisses n Cuddles Gift Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Kisses N Cuddles Gift Certificate Template,


Salary Certificate Templates https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/salary-certificate/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/salary-certificate/#respond Wed, 16 Oct 2019 14:57:40 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=3724 Related posts:
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Download these several Free Salary Certificate Templates in MS Word format to review before coming up with your own letter for printing.

There are dozens of occasions or reasons when someone is asked to provide details of his or her income. For instance, you are applying for home loan and the bank gives you a wide list of documents to obtain. Among those essential documents, there will be a document called salary certificate. This document is created by the employer and it gives official verified analysis of one’s income before and after all deductions and compensations.

There are basically two concepts regarding these certificates; one is salary certificate and the other is salary certificate letter. Although you might not think that they are different but in fact there is difference in both of these. When you ask your employer to write you a salary certificate without specifying who will receive it, it’s a salary certificate. If the same letter is written to the manager of a bank or a loan company, it would become a salary certificate letter because now it’s official communication between two companies.

Importance of a Salary Certificate:

The most important and basic purpose of a salary certificate is to proof how much you earn. This salary certificate is a legal document that shows your income and it can be used anywhere it’s needed. For instance, you are applying for loan or credit card, no bank or Credit Company will authorize credit or loan without confirming if you will be able to return it and they can only give surety of credit or loan return if they know how much you make each month. If you agreed for $2,000 return each month for a loan, the bank needs your salary certificate to see how much you make and if it’s possible for you to pay $2,000 every month after all expenses.

Not only that a salary certificate is required when you get a loan but it’s also essential to produce one when you are buying something on credit or installments. Whether it’s a piece of property or a car, the seller wouldn’t allow it unless they see that your salary certificate indicates you will be able to make monthly installments. Another scenario is when you are traveling aboard on study visa and the host country wants to see your guardian’s salary certificate and bank statement. These documents will tell the authorities that your guardian will be able to afford your education expenses and you will not need to do any part time job which is prohibited in most of the countries that allow study visas.

Salary Certificate Format:

Basic Employee Details:

The salary certificate will start by stating the name of the employee whose salary certificate is being created. This will mention his full name, his designation, department in which he works and name of the company where he works and date on which the salary certificate is created. Below these details, there should be a subject that states it’s a salary certificate or salary certificate letter. After that, it’s important to mention the month that is under discussion with regard to the salary.

Salary details including Deductions:

There can be any format of a salary certificate as long it includes all the necessary details. Usually small companies go with a common format that is available online but bigger organizations design their own format of the certificate. Generally, there should be two separate columns. 1st column should include the basic salary and additional benefits i.e. medical allowance, travel allowance or house rent compensation. Basically the 1st column will include everything that the employee is getting either its salary or additional compensation. 2nd column is the place with all the deductions whether it’s tax deduction or insurance fund or retirement fund. After adding all these figures in both columns, there should be a heading of net received income and it’s calculated after all the additions and deductions. This is the exact figure that the employee got in specified month.

Details of Authorized Person:

After all the above details, at the bottom of the certificate, there needs to be a section for the details of person stating that above information is valid and true. This has to be the authorized person in the company and he should have the authority to prepare and sign these certificates.

Free Salary Certificate Templates:

Here are previews and download links for these professional Salary Certificate Templates.

Salary Certificate Template 01

Here is download link for this Salary Certificate Design.

Checkout another good looking Salary Certificate Template in MS Word format to help you prepare your own Salary Certificate when and if required.


Here is download link for this MS Word Template,

Yet another letterhead design to print a standard Salary Certificate to oblige your employee.


To download this Certificate Template, please click on the button bellow.

Still need one more? Here is another attractive Salary Certificate in MS Word format.


Download this Word Template from the link bellow.

Salary Certificate Mistakes to Avoid:

While preparing your own Salary Certificate in 2018 or 2019 Standard Format, please avoid following common mistakes,

  • Don’t address to someone in particular – To Whom It May Concern is good to go.
  • No need to include details of Salary such as any Advances or extra Bonuses being offered.
  • Clearly mention if your employee is on probation period and/or is on contract basis. Limited and unlimited Employment should be there in writing.
https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/salary-certificate/feed/ 0 3724
Work Experience Certificate Templates – (4 Free Templates) https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/work-experience-certificate-template/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/work-experience-certificate-template/#respond Wed, 08 May 2019 01:28:17 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=1536 Related posts:
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A work experience certificate is a letter issued on behalf of an employer to the employee at the end of his / her service period. It supports to confirm the period the employee has been associated with the company and attests his skills, intelligence, performance, profile, and work habits throughout his tenure. It is an important document that helps secure a new career or bridge the career / education gaps. It can be looked as the shorter version of reference letter (but it is not actually a reference letter), that helps prospective employer to ascertain whether it is a safe chance to hire him / her or not. A work experience certificate is just about one paragraph long, whether a reference letter goes beyond a page usually. Prospective employer loves to see written evidences that support the resume and personal interview, so that they can establish the credibility of a potential employee. They look for work experience certificate of potential employee to authenticate how long an individual served at a particular organization, and what kind of skills and conduct he / she demonstrated while working there. As such, it can also be referred to as character certificate of an employee.

There can be certain absolutes that employers seek when they take an experience certificate in their hands. Being a formal and official document, it must have certain elements for the candidate to be able to take benefit optimally.

There you can find some useful tips that should be kept in mind while composing work experience certificate. Like any other official document or certificates, work experience certificate should also be typed or printed out on company’s proper letterhead. It is ideally written or issued by the immediate supervisor or manager of the employee who has been in close supervision contact with the employee.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Work Experience Certificate Template created by our staff using MS Word,

Experience Certificate Template

Work experience certificate must contain and describe all valuable details, like full name, date of joining and date of resignation (leaving) the organization, designation within the organization, and overview of career description of the employee. It should also state the work excellence, general conduct of communication, and other special skills of the employee during the career period. There should be all suitable collection of information and details included in a précised manner that are necessary for a prospective employer to reveal about the candidate’s proficiency. Experience certificate should not be longer then a paragraph, so you need to describe the total tenure of the candidate in few lines summary. Include only positive comments and do not comprise any negative remarks in this document. If you don’t find something extra ordinary to mention about the candidate, keep the certificate simple by just including the job description and two lines about the conduct of the employee within the organization.

Format of work experience certificate includes the following components:

Date of issuance lies at the top right corner of document. The next line indicates the declaration “To Whom It May Concern” below the date line. It is written in unspecific salutation because you may not know who will be reading this certificate. Another reason is that the candidate may make copies of the certificate and provide it as reference to various prospective employers.

Fill the full name, designation, and tenure of the employee under the organization in the appropriate space in the format. Next write a paragraph describing the job details and work habits of the candidate. It is important to describe the employee in emphasized upon and unbiased manner.

Close the description with summary of the organization’s objective impressions of the employee. Additionally, wish the candidate success or good luck.

Regards or sincerely words should be followed by the signature, name and designation of the signatory within the organization in the bottom of the document. Stamp the company seal, name and complete address of the organization to make the certificate authentic.

Here is download link for the above shown Work Experience Certificate Template,


More Work Experience Certificate Templates:

Checkout these more free Work Experience Certificate Template to help you prepare and write your own Experience Letter for any situation.

Work Experience Certificate Template 02

Here is download link for this above shown Work Experience Certificate Template in MS Word format.


Another good looking Word Experience Letter Sample to assist you in MS Word.

Work Experience Certificate Template 03

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.


One more useful Work Experience Letter Format to your assistance.

Work Experience Certificate Template 04



https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/work-experience-certificate-template/feed/ 0 1536
Internship Certificate Template – 6 Free Samples https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/internship-certificate-template/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/internship-certificate-template/#respond Thu, 28 Mar 2019 01:20:54 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=1532 Related posts:
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Internship programs based on different courses are the great opportunity for students to appear in a career and make their knowledge solid. Internship programs are offered not only to students but other candidates also get proper benefits from these programs for their career. Moreover, internships play vital role to strengthen the basic required skills inside a person and make a strong relationship with field experts. This is an appropriate way of stepping into a career and learning the competitive edges of the particular career. Internship certificates serve the candidate applying for a career as an experience letter, and get them enjoy lots of advantage. This certificate is helpful for the candidate to prove their worth for a particular position. Internships are either free of cost or low paying learning programs.

All of the internship supervisors are appealed to make sure about the points described below in the internship certificate when they are going to issue this document. In case there are errors in certificate, internship is not measured as valid.

Mention the duration of internship that should be minimum of 6 weeks, because short duration internship result is usually not accepted by the company you are applying in. Declare the starting and ending dates of internship while making internship certificate. Though it is an academic document, it must be printed on a proper letter head of the company that is issuing it. Moreover, issuance date and proper reference number should also be there on internship certificate. Please take care that you do not make an error of mentioning the incorrect issuance date of the certificate, i.e. a date earlier than the ending date of internship period. This error can result in serious issues or even invalidity of the certificate.

Similarly, be very careful about the start and end date of internship period. It must be a working day for both dates. It should not be a Sunday, or Christmas holiday.

Keep in mind that internship program period must not go beyond the classes and terminal exam’s total period. It is better to attach a hard copy of internship report and evaluation form to submit.

Sample Internship Certificate:

Generally a predefined format is used for the certificate body to describe the certificate ownership and internship program details.

For instance:

“This certificate is presented to _______ in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and contributions for the _________ (internship) program.”


“We present this certificate to __________ in appreciation for the work as an intern at ___________ under the leadership of _________ from _____ to _____.”


“This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. _____________ has successfully completed summer internship program _____________ under the guidance of ___________.

The duration of this project was from _______ to _______.

The internship on evaluation fulfills all the stated criteria and student’s findings are his / her original work.

I hereby certify his / her work excellent / good / satisfactory to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Mentor _________”

Internship certificate attached with your resume copy will add positive edge to your resume and increase the chances of your appointment.

Here is another ready made free Printable Internship Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Internship Certificate Template

Here is its download link,


Here is another good looking Internship Certificate Template that anyone can easily edit to print a professional Internship Letter quickly.

Internship Certificate Template 2

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.


Business Management Internship Certificate

It is essential for a Business Manager position to developer his/her Communication, Business Strategy, Financial and Leadership Skills. White studying these in a classroom environment, it is highly recommended to get hands on experience of a Business Management Internship in some reputable organization. It is also a matter of fact that such reputable organization might not accept you for internship without adequate training.

In a traditional way, you have to spend thousands of dollars studying in university programs for years. It will be costly as well as time consuming task for you.  Moreover, most of the stuff they teach consists of extraneous material and more relates to philosophy or business rather than practical know-how.

On the other hand, by joining a Business Manager Specialist Training program you can improve you skills within six or even less than six months. It will definitely cost less than a traditional university program. In some cases, you can also apply for scholarship programs to get financial aid from the company.

Businesses offering such opportunity definitely need to print professional looking Internship Letters and Certificate at the end. Allow me to assist in such case to all those in search of it.

Here is a wonderful looking Business Management Internship Certificate Template to help you print such certificates for your Interns.

Internship Certificate Template 3

Again, click on the link bellow to starting downloading this Internship Letter template.


Business Consultant Internship Certificate

It is always a nice way to start your professional career with a self-employed Business Consultant Internship Program. This helps to get more work from prospective clients by offering your perception of value. It is also possible that you can offer Business Consultancy services while still working in another organization as as full time employee. No need to mention that being a consultant doesn’t require any special degree or diploma.

In order to get consultancy clients, you need to show them some sort of proof of your credentials. A Business Consultant Internship Certificate can be a good starting point.

Similarly, if you are a business owner offering Consultant Internships, you will be in need to a professional Certificate or Letter to certify your candidates. Here is one such Business Consultant Internship Certificate Template in MS Word format to assist you.

Internship Certificate Template 4

Click the link bellow to start downloading this template.


Sales Manager Internship Certificate

Are you offering Internship Opportunities to students or professionals looking for a way to start their career as Sales Manager? You will definitely need some creative yet professional looking Internship Certificate Templates to print some quality Internship Letters for your Interns. Allow me to share with you one special word template created for this purpose solely.

Here is preview of this wonderful Sales Manager Internship Certificate Template in MS Word format.

Internship Certificate Template 5

Click here to download these unique Internship Certificate Template.


Another good looking Internship Certificate Template that I can’t think of a possible target market for. So lets make it a general purpose Internship Certificate Letter.

Internship Certificate Template 6

Click button bellow to start your download.


https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/internship-certificate-template/feed/ 0 1532
Printable Gift Certificate Templates for 2018 – (15 Free MS Word Designs) https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/printable-gift-certificate-templates-for-2018/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/printable-gift-certificate-templates-for-2018/#respond Mon, 12 Nov 2018 14:34:03 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=3061 Related posts:
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  3. Word Templates – Download Free Microsoft Word Templates
I just realized that holiday season is coming back and my website visitors must be looking for good looking discount vouchers and gift certificates. Here I am going to share with you 15 Free and Unique High Quality Gift Certificate Templates in MS Word. I have created them myself so you are not going to find it anywhere else. These Gift Certificate Templates are very easy to edit using your favorite MS Word Application.

How to Create Your own Gift Certificate?

Here are step by step procedure to download and edit these gift certificate templates.

  1. Download your desired Word Template from the list bellow and then extract ZIP file to get .docx file.
  2. Open it in your MS Word and enable Editing.
  3. Now Drag & Drop graphics/images to customize their look & feel.
  4. Click on the Text to edit it as per your requirements.
  5. Feel free to add more graphics or images or even text items that suits you.
  6. Give it a final review and make sure you edit or update Price Value for your Gift Voucher.
  7. Type In necessary fields including Expiry Date.
  8. And then just Print.

I have crated most of the graphics used in these word templates but some of them are picked form public domain. So please be very careful when deciding to print them. Its better to replace them with your own graphics specially when it comes to Model or Person’s photograph.

Free Gift Certificate Templates

So without delaying much here comes my collection of Free Gift Certificate Designs in MS Word Format.

Christmas Gift Certificate Templates for 2018

Here are gift certificates specially for this Christmas Season.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 01

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Here is another version of this same Gift Certificate Design but in white background and different layout.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 02

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Yet another good looking Gift Certificate Layout for your consideration.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 03

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

One more design for you. Its quite colorful and eye catching for walking customers. You can call it quick attention grabber with best return on investment.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 04

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Checkout this design.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 05

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Here is another design with same graphics as in previous template just changed 2018 graphics format.

Christmas Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 06

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Templates for 2018

Now let me share with you more free gift certificate templates for Restaurant Business. If you are running a restaurant and want to benefit from this holiday season, these word templates can assist you a lot. Please don’t forget to post comment to let me know what do you think about my designs. This way, I can keep myself improving to offer you better templates and designs for free.

Here goes the first design of my creatives.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 07

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Here is another design for you.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 08

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Yet another good looking Gift Certificate Design for you.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 09

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Checkout this creative design with same graphics.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 10

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

One more design for your kind review and download.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 11

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

One more creative look at this design from another angle.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 12

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Looking for another Gift Certificate Template to view. Check this one.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 13

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

And what do you think about this design layout?

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 14

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

Let me try to be more creative with this Design. Lets see if I can impress you.

Restaurant Gift Certificate Template 2018 - 15

Click on the button bellow to start downloading.

https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/printable-gift-certificate-templates-for-2018/feed/ 0 3061
Certificate of Awesomeness Templates – 4 Unique Designs https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/certificate-of-awesomeness-templates-4-unique-designs/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/certificate-of-awesomeness-templates-4-unique-designs/#respond Fri, 28 Sep 2018 06:29:13 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=3044 Related posts:
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Here are 4 Unique Certificate of Awesomeness Templates that I have designed to help my readers to print their own certificates for different occasions. Certificate of Awesomeness can help you to appreciate someone in his or her achievement. Such appreciation always lead to improvement in your kids or employee’s performance. It has a magical effect as they feel being acknowledged for all the handwork they have put in.

Check out these cute certificate designs and feel free to edit as per your own will and situation.

Certificate of Awesomeness Template 01

Certificate of Awesome Template 02

Certificate of Awesomeness Template 03

Certificate of Awesomeness Template 04

https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/certificate-of-awesomeness-templates-4-unique-designs/feed/ 0 3044
Medical Certificate Template https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/medical-certificate-template/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/medical-certificate-template/#respond Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:14:47 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=1528 Related posts:
  1. Student of the Year Certificate Template
  2. Employee Performance Certificate Template
  3. School Attendance Certificate Template
Medical certificates are the legal documents containing health and/or disability related information of a person. A doctor must state an honest and faithful certification. A perfect medical certificate needs to be written legibly, using minimum medical terms in it, so that an ordinary person can understand it well. Doctor should clearly identify the examination date and expected period of treatment if required.

In all types of medical certificates, it is unlawful to provide ambiguous or untrue information, deliberately or neglectfully, and such medical certificates are professionally offensive. Doctor must discuss the certificate information to the person, their guardian, or representative in order to make certain the information provided on certificate is correct. Medical certificate is usually issued only once; however request may be made for a duplicate certificate in case the original copy is lost.

A medical certificate necessitates investigation and responsibility. Medical certificates are very important when the case managers get help from these certificates to determine a person’s eligibility for a benefit or supplementary benefits. A person should complete his/her medical certificate as soon as they become aware that they may be eligible for financial assistance from work and income.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Medical Certificate Template created using MS Word 2013,

Medical Certificate Template

Medical certificates are of ultimate value in many cases to get special consideration. For instance, in most universities, students having 65% attendance are permitted to write their final semester exams on producing a medical certificate, and an employee rejoins his work after long period of sick leave after submitting a medical certificate. So it provides a lot of benefits to its holder. Person should inform their employer/university that they are going to take sick or carer’s leave. It should be done as soon as possible, or it can be done when the leave starts over. It should be précised in the certificate by the doctor how long the person is expecting to off from work/university. Medical certificate are a written evidence to confirm why the person has been disappeared from work or university. It can be made for even for 1 day sick leave. Employee who gives medical certificate evidence to the employer is entitled to be paid for their leave as benefit.

To get benefits or supplementary benefits using medical certificates, it is necessary that the certificate is authentic, not fake. To check the authenticity of medical certificate, make it certain that certificate is made only on letterhead of doctor with complete address and qualification. Date and time of issuance should be correct. Medical certificate should be made for legitimate purpose and only when necessary. It works only when it contains true, clear and definite information of a person in very clear words in accordance with the specific purpose it is issued for. Any diagnosis must not be disclosed without the person’s approval unless required by law.

Person with fake certificate is imposed legal liability with the same punishment as giving false evidence that ranges imprisonment of 3 years and fine, or imprisonment of life. Issuing and using fake medical certificate willfully is a crime in itself. Fake changes made in original certificates deliberately to deceive are also punishable of imprisonment of 2 years and fine.

Here is download link for the above shown Medical Certificate Template,


https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/medical-certificate-template/feed/ 0 1528
Warranty Certificate Template https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/warranty-certificate/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/warranty-certificate/#respond Mon, 02 Nov 2015 09:12:30 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=1523 Related posts:
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  2. Student of the Year Certificate Template
  3. Employee Experience Certificate Template
On purchasing any goods, consumers require a written note of warranty to ensure that the goods or items they are buying will be free of defects and work for long. “Warranty” or “Guarantee” are two terms that are used interchangeably. Warranty certificate, or guarantee certificate accompanies all kind of products, especially electronics, which states the term of repair or replacement in case of any defect or other issues within a declared period of time. Warranty certificate is fundamentally a contractual agreement that the goods or services you are selling will be meeting particular quality standards without any defects. Warranty of course means the company’s high level confidence in the quality and performance of their product or service. Generally, warranty certificates are issued by the manufacturers, but it has become an important tool for the third parties (like sellers or distributers) to offer warranty certificates or warranty cards with the products they sell. Warranty certificates play the same role in case of services as of products.

If a consumer is not offered a warranty certificate, or they need to make claim due to some defect in the product, they may write a letter to claim warranty outlining all the faults and details of product or service purchased. Sometimes, manufacturer companies provide detailed document of terms and conditions, and warranty statement to the sellers. Then sellers issue warranty certificates to the consumers.

There are no set rules for issuing warranty; it can be either a short document, or just a business card with warranty note on it offered to the customer. However, it should clearly list the company name, product name, serial number / product registration number, and exact and obvious terms of warranty, so that warranty becomes legal and official to the consumers.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Warranty Certificate Template created by our staff using MS Word 2013,

Warranty Certificate Template

Contents and terms mentioned in the warranty certificate should be complete and easily comprehended by the consumer to prevent any confusion, legal claims, or disputes in case of fault, refund, or replacement. While issuing a warranty certificate, include only reasonable terms of warranty that are not likely to be out of your pocket or beyond the budget. Warranty is usually offered for at least one year at no extra cost. But avoid offering such good terms like free 5 years repair, or 3 year replacement guarantee.

The reality is that when you sale your product, you are giving some expectation to the consumer about the quality of the product or service as implied warranty. For example, while buying a cell phone, a consumer expects that it will be working with all features it is offering, or while buying a motor bike, a consumer expects it will drive long when you start it.

A warranty certificate can be incredibly valuable marketing tool. Using this tool, you are actually trying to lower the perceived risk that the consumer feels in buying a product or service. Put yourself on the customer’s side to decide what a customer may be looking for in a warranty certificate to be included when they are buying a product or service. So think the ways to ensure that a product or service sound less risky to a potential customer. For instance: money back guarantee, free repair for a particular period of time, or replacement of the item within declared period of time from the date of purchasing. It sounds like an insurance policy to the customer that encourages them to take risk.

Let me mention an important point here. If you want to sell your product with minimal markup in order to make money from service, then service should not be covered in warranties. You can offer warranty of a product but not the safety of a product. Seller in only liable for the warranty terms defined on warranty certificate, but not for the missing out or damage of the product caused by negligent behavior.

Keeping above described points in mind, you can easily draft the warranty certificate. Let’s have an example of an air conditioner warranty certificate. It can cover company name, product name, model number, product registration number, date of installation, installed by (person name), name of owner, address of installation, and all terms of service and repair of air conditioner. Company seal or stamp will make the certificate more official, authentic, and legal.

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School Sports Certificate Template https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/school-sports-certificate-template/ https://www.wordtemplates.org/certificates/school-sports-certificate-template/#respond Wed, 22 Apr 2015 10:24:02 +0000 https://www.wordtemplates.org/?p=1190 Related posts:
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The activity of sports is probably one of the oldest indulgences of human beings. Since the advent of civilization, sport has been practiced in one form or the other. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different sports played today, with a fan following and practicing community consisting of billions of people. Although the occurrence of a specific sport varies with location, culture and age demographic, there is no doubt that sport is played and enjoyed in all the corners of the globe.

The advantages of playing sports are numerous and clear. All sports require physical and mental activity, which are a healthy alternative to staying idle, which can lead to higher risks of heart disease and depression according to scientific research. Many sports also require individuals to come together as a team, and to combine their skills and efforts to attain success. Football (or soccer, as it is known in the United States), is the world’s most widely played game, and requires teams to be played. Sports such as these teach the players the importance of teamwork, and the dynamics and mental approach required to succeed within a team. Players also learn the value of leadership, and various leadership techniques and traits which are vital to success, not only on the playing field but in all other areas and circumstances. In addition, sporting competitions and situations teach an individual to cope with stress and pressure, which are important things to learn.

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School Sports Ceritifcate Template

In light of these advantages, it is easy to see why sports are encouraged from a very early age. In most schools, sports are considered an important part of a student’s learning process, and are given due importance and time. Society has recognized that encouraging and cultivating a love of sports in children leads to a drastic improvement in confidence, personality, health and competence of a child. It has also been realized that children who play sports from a young age are more likely to discover hidden talents in a specific sport and go on to succeed in that particular field. For these and many other reasons, schools hold many sporting events. Winners and participants are often given certificates to commemorate their achievements.

Sports certificates in schools are a common way of awarding a sports participant or winner. Mostly, sports certificates follow a simple design. The emblem of the school is found on the top center, and the rest of the document contains the name of the receiver, the reason he is being awarded the certificate, and the signature of the person awarding the certificate. These sports certificates are also used as proof that the receiver has participated in a particular event. Many schools and universities offer scholarship based on sports, and these certificates can be used as documents of proof when applying for such grants. Furthermore, they are a useful instrument of recording personal achievements.

Throughout the ages, sports have held a special place in the hearts and minds of millions of people. School level sports are a terrific way of grooming a child to become a confident, successful individual. Sports certificates go a long way in making sure a participant feels rewarded, and are also useful in his or her future endeavors.

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A group exercise, workshop or training is organized to train individuals to develop their skills and abilities according to the requirements of the organization. The workshop is a way to train a group of people for the future benefits of organization. You can learn different things in a workshop and after completing your training successfully, you will be awarded with a workshop participation certificate as a proof. You can take lots of advantages of workshop and workshop participation certificate. The certificate is an important document, because it enables a participant to prove his/her skills and abilities.

Advantages of Workshop Participation Certificate

  • During the workshop, the participants get intensive educational experience and in the short period of time, they can learn maximum things. The participants have to work together on a regular basis for short, or for large amount of time. The workshop introduces lots of new concepts to encourage participants to learn new things and technologies. After learning everything, it is important to have a workshop participation certificate to prove your worth.
  • The workshop is conducted to learn new skills and the group practice can help you more to learn new things, because you can learn from the experiences of your peers in the group. You can learn how to work in a team, and it is an important requirement of almost every employer.
  • The workshop is often organized by an organization before adopting a new thing and after going through the workshop, the people will be ready to accept new changes. The certificate of this type of training enables you to prove your worth in front of potential employers.
  • Workshops and trainings are often organized to develop professional skills, and the workshop participation certificate will serve as a proof of your all skills.
  • Graduate students, future educators and teaching assistants can earn a workshop certificate of participation after attending three or more workshops within a two-year period. Every kind of workshop has its own requirements, and there are no set rules to determine exact individuals for the certification.
  • After earning the certificate of participation, the participants can prove that they have excellence and professional development in their field, because they have earned workshop participation certificate. Additional qualities help an individual to get the best job in the market.
  • The workshop participation certificate will be a great addition to your portfolio, because it enables you to learn new technologies and skills according to the latest requirements of the job.

Contents of Workshop Participation Certificate

  • The workshop participation certificate should contain the name of the training institute followed by the title of certification. The logo of the organization is usually placed at the top corner of the certificate.
  • The name of the participant and his/her performance should be written in clear words. It is important to write commencement and ending date of the workshop on the certificate. Signatures of concerned persons are also important for the authentication of the workshop participation certificate.
  • It is important to proofread the contents of the certificate to avoid any grammatical or logical errors, that may spoil your impression in front of others.

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Participation Certificate Template

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