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A check requisition is actually a sort of documentation written by a department of any company to the accounts of that company for writing a check for the payment of some specific purpose. A check requisition is a vital element of the official documents which come in use on daily basis. Check requisitions can be made either by one person in a department, capable of making payment requests or it can be written on the behalf of the whole department. Check requisitions are mostly written if there is not much space available on the invoice form.

Check requisition is a slow and time consuming process; as it takes some time to clear the request made by a department to the accounts department of any organization. The people at the accounts department cannot issue or write check on their own; instead they need to clarify the person or the departments’ request to proceed further in the said matter; that is the reason why check requisitions take time to process. In every check requisition form there are a few basic elements which are common and are a must for any organization; some other features may vary according to the needs and complexities of any accounting department in a specific company or organization. These elements include the names of the payee and the name of the head of the department. Other things like the account numbers and invoice details etc. can vary according to the scenario.

Check Requisition Template is not very common. However no one can deny its need in day to day business transactions. Here is a Word Template that will assist you quickly in your Check Requisitions if you need that. Even though it was tried to make it comprehensive despite of the fact that it is general, please feel free to modify it as per your needs. Here is the preview,

Check Requisition Template

Check requisitions are a need of every organization in the present day world. The smooth running of a system in any organization is not an easy task. It is important to note that it is not possible for the account department to personally visit or deal with every payment related issue of the organization; so that is why departments or people in departments use documents like requisition  forms so as to keep the routine going in a smooth manner and avoid any gobbling or hectic situation. The requester should keep the time frame in mind while writing the check requisitions; because it always takes a few days to process the request. Secondly the details required should be properly provided and in full; with no missing or confusing details; because the accounts department have every right to reject such incomplete or chaotic requests. The check requisitions mostly get returned because of incomplete fillings, missing signatures, mismatching in the amounts mentioned on the requisition and the documents attached like invoice etc. and incorrect account numbers. So one should keep the above mentioned points in mind while writing a check requisition; so it can be processed smoothly without wasting your time and a quick response could be generated.

Check requisitions should adequately have the date, reasons of filling requisition, receipts, invoices or online transaction receipts, price lists, reasons of expenditures,  people concerned with the payments and account numbers mentioned in them. Some other requisitions can also include additional information required like the method of handling checks; like mailing a check or handing over in person, and address etc.

Check requisitions pay a vital role in the organization financial management; the process becomes much more organized and time saving with the help of requisitions, plus it serves as a proof and for check and balance of the expenditures of any company.

Here is its link to download,

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Packing List Template – 6 Free Templates Fri, 10 May 2019 01:07:44 +0000 Related posts:
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Here are some general purpose Packing List Templates that can suit any purpose you want. It allows you to define Ship To and Ship From addresses as well as items to be shipped along with their quantity. Finally it allows you to write down size and weight of the cartons if applicable.

What is a Packing List?

A packing list which is also called a packing slip or shipment slip, is an official document which is delivered with each shipment or delivery and this list shows all the details of the delivery; i.e. items, quantity, price etc. this list is sent by the vendor or shipper and the key purpose of this list is to inform the receiver about the parcel without opening it so that there is no misunderstanding or error in the delivery. With the help of this list, the receiver gets to know about the items included in the shipment, quantity of each item, a small description and weight of each item along with their prices.

As this list contains the price of each item and a gross amount at the end, some companies also use it as an invoice. On one hand, this list shows the receiver the amount that he or she owes to the shipper and on the other hand, it serves as evidence if there is something wrong with the delivery or the consumer wants to return or exchange it. When the shipper sends the delivery, it’s not uncommon if the parcel is lost in the way over to the receiver or the buyer’s address is wrong and the delivery guy is standing in front of a wrong person. With the help of this packing list, it’s very easy to track the shipment because of a unique slip or list number printed on the slip.

Here is preview of this Packing List Template,

Packing List Template

Here is download link for this packing list template,

Checkout another good looking professional Packing List Template available for free download.

Packing List Template 02

Download link is bellow:

If you are travelling and need a Travel Packing List or kind of a Checklist. There here is one very useful for your requirements. I am sure you are going to get all common things there that anyone need during a travel.

Packing List Template 03

Another complete Travel Packing List Sample for your review.

Packing List Template 04

If you are going on a Safari Trip and looking for a checklist to manage your Camping Trip. Here is one useful Camping Packing List Sample for your review.

Packing List Template 05

Packing List Template 06

Here is a list of the necessary elements that a packing list must contain such as:

Key Elements of a Packing List:

  • The company the shipment is from.
    • Company log
    • Company’s information like address, phone number, fax and email.
    • The receiver’s information.
      • Receiver’s name
      • His complete address along additional details like phone numbers and postal code.
      • Buyer’s order number for future reference.
    •  Information about the included items.
      • The quantity of items
      • Net weight of each item along with gross weight of the box
    • Other necessary information.
      • The date the buyer ordered the items
      • Date the shipment was made by the sender
      • Details of by what means the order was shipped
      • The estimated time of delivery
    • Comments (if any)
      • If the items inside are fragile then the shipment should contain a note by the sender in order to keep the items safe.
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Purchase Order Templates Wed, 23 Jan 2019 14:55:49 +0000 Related posts:
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A Purchase Order is an official document which is sent by the seller or vendor to the purchaser. The key purpose of a purchase order is to specify the terms of purchase that exist between both the seller and the buyer. The purchase order is a formal document which enlists all the terms and conditions of the agreement along with the specification of each item or service that the vendor is bound to deliver. This order shows the buyer what he ordered and what the company has sent to him or her.  Typically every purchase order is different in nature and description but the key purpose of a PO is the same so it’s quite possible to enlist the key elements of a purchase order.

Purchase Order template is a MS Word 2013 template. This is a sales related word template. Here goes its preview and download link below,

Purchase Order Template

Here is download link,

Purchase Order Form

This is a Purchase Order Form in MS Word Format. You can download this Purchase Order Template for free by clicking on the button bellow the preview thumbnail. This is a professionally design template which allows anyone to record and afterwords track purchase orders easily and effectively. This purchase order template also includes PO instructions and place for company address as well as logo. Here is its preview,

Here is a link to download this purchase order template,

Purchase Order Log Template

Here is a Purchase Order Log Template. This template allows you to record and track purchase orders sequentially. Once downloaded, this Purchase Order Log Template can be used to record purchase order issued, received and money in hold. This is a professionally designed MS Word 2003 template and such templates are very flexible to modify and utilize in any business environment.

Here is preview of this Purchase Order Log template,

Here is its download link,

Key Elements of a Purchase Order:

  1. Item Description:
    Items you get are the same that you ordered that’s why it’s essential that the purchase order clearly provide details about the items or products included in the shipment that were ordered by the buyer or if the company offered some alternates and the buyer accepted it. If the buyer has agreed to buy the new or substitute products, it’s necessary to send the purchase order which contains new items list not the old or previous ones.
  2. Quantity and Unit:
    this step may seems easy but actually it’s not as you have to enlist each and every item that has came in the shipment. If a box contains 100 pieces and the entire shipment includes 10 boxes, it means there are 1000 items in the shipment. If the purchase is too big to send in one shipment, you better tell the buyer that the remaining items are coming in another shipment followed by the present one.
  3. Price:
    the purchase order should contain the detailed price per item, per package and per ton. If the buyer has to pay for the shipment and packaging charges, mention that too. Also it’s a must to mention the time duration in which the buyer is asked to make the payment.
  4. Freight and handling charges:
    it depends on the deal and agreement if the buyer will pay for the handling charges of if the company. When the buyer agrees to pay the freight and handling charges, he or she pays it prior to the delivery and those charges are added on the sales invoice and when the buyer receives the shipment, he doesn’t have to pay anything to the delivery staff. Whatever the agreement says or the buyer agrees to, this should be included on the purchase order.
  5. Delivery date:
    unless the buyer mentions that the shipment should arrive on a specific date, the vendor or seller is bound to deliver the items or product before or on the date, both parties agree to. As you know that if you want the delivery urgent, it will charge more as compared to a standard time delivery. This means that you have to add the date on the purchase order so that the buyer knows exactly when the shipment will be delivered to his or her doorstep.
  6. Receiver’s address:
    in order to deliver the shipment to the correct person, his or her address is needed where the buyer wants to receive the delivery. This address is asked and kept in record when the buyer makes the order so that the company won’t have to contact him again and again.
  7. Instructions (if any):
    if the items in the delivery needs to be handled with care in case the parcel contains fragile products, the buyer should be informed about that. This way before opening he will know how to carry and open the package.


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Executive Summary Template of Annual Budget Planning Thu, 25 Oct 2018 10:10:20 +0000 Related posts:
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In simple words, an executive summary is actually a shorter and more brief version of anything related to business either it’s a proposal, annual report, budget allocation plans or even a resume of an applicant. The main theme behind preparing an executive summary is that it’s not possible for the superior decision makers of a company to go through each proposal or report thoroughly without knowing if they need to review it or not. This way when these high profile employees and CEOs of a company are provided with an executive summary of a report or proposal, they understand the basic idea of the original report and then verify if they need to read the original draft or not. The key purpose of this executive summary or shorter version of a long report is to provide the lengthy information in fewer words so that when the readers review it, they don’t need to spend hours to find out the conclusion and they can decide whether it’s useful or not without going through dozens of pages of the actual report.

Executive Summary of Annual Budget Planning:

There is no way a company will survive without money or budget that is needed for all the business related processes such as buying the raw material, purchasing the machinery, paying the employees and advertising the products in the market. This all takes a lot of money and if a company is not prepared for the upcoming year budget vise, it won’t survive that long. At the end of each year, companies arrange big corporate meetings to find the expenses of the previous year, looking which area consumed more money and which department won’t need that much budget plan. This way, they decide how much to allocate as the budget for the next year. The executive summary of annual budget planning is actually the shorter version of the long budget report which doesn’t require that much time of the directors but provides the entire idea more briefly.

Here is preview of a free sample Executive Summary Template of Annual Budget Planning created using MS Word,

Executive Summary Annual Budget Template

General Guidelines to Create an Executive Summary of Annual Budget Planning:

  1. Estimated cost:
    No matter what the budget is about and what kind of market it will target, it needs money to run and complete. At this stage, you need to explain the costs of a project or the expenses of a company for the upcoming year. This can be done simply by checking the expenses of the previous year, resources and upcoming projects in the next year. This way you can prepare your company for the delay that lake of money will cause if you don’t have enough budgets.
  2. Estimated income:
    When a company spends on projects, employees and advertisement of its products, it surely expects profit in return of those expenses. If it’s not a non-profit organization, the key purpose of a business is to earn more profit. Some companies make so aggressive strategies and plans that they don’t even consider their customers and just want to make more profit but history has showed that only those companies survive that give importance to their clients and customers more than their own profit. But here the summary declares the estimated figure of income for the next year so that company can increase or decrease its expenses in order to achieve a target profit ratio.
  3. Adjusting budget:
    At the start of every year, each business and company prepares their next year’s expenses and profit ratios but that’s not it. It’s not authenticated that there won’t be any changes in those strategies or figures but the budget and expense strategies of a company should have enough flexibility so that if there is a change necessary in between the next year, the company can bare it.

Here is download link for this Executive Summary Template of Annual Budget Planning,


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Executive Summary Template for Crisis Management Sat, 20 Oct 2018 09:04:30 +0000 Related posts:
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If you work in a company or run your own business, you understand the idea when a single person or a team of directors are responsible to make a decision and chose strategies for the business, it’s not possible for them to go through each proposal and report because they simply don’t have enough time for these lengthy reports reviewing. A report, either it’s a proposal for new business or progress summary about an existing project, it’s very common that it will consist on several pages which are all very important for the reader to read. But the problem is that when the CEO of a company is the one who makes all the decisions, he just doesn’t have enough time to read these lengthy reports and business proposals. So the solution is to convert the lengthy report into much shorter version or an overview that includes all the key points of the original one. This shortened version of a report is called an executive summary which is exclusively written to save the luxurious time of upper management and directors of a company.

Executive Summary of Crisis Management:

The crisis management is an organization process or tool that helps the businesses and companies to foresee the upcoming problems and threats to the business and take essential steps to overcome those issues before it’s too late. Basically a company faces two types of crisis; natural and artificial. Natural crisis includes the floods, earthquakes and land sliding where the artificial disasters include everything that is caused by humans or other living beings. These types of reports are very lengthy and it usually includes about 10 to 20 pages for locating and describing the problem and suggesting solutions for it. But those superiors or high level management that has the authority to make any final decision won’t have time for these lengthy reports and proposals. So they prepare executive summaries for crisis managements.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Executive Summary Template for Crisis Management created using MS Word,

Executive Summary Crisis Management Template

General Guidelines to create a Crisis Management Executive Summary:

  1. Purpose:
    The first and key element to include in this summary is allocating the main purpose of writing this report and the basic idea behind all this. Here you define all the aspects and different point of views about a lengthy crisis management report.
  2. Planning:
    Here you describe the planning you or your team has made to overcome the upcoming troubles in the company. There is no need to provide everything because that will just kill the idea of preparing this summarized report. You just need to provide a little something about everything.
  3. Adopted procedures:
    At this point you mention the strategies that you have made along with your management to foreseen the upcoming problem and to solve it. This way you provide an overview of your planning to the reader who, then decides if he is satisfied with it or there is something needs to be changed.
  4. Reason of the Crisis Occurring:
    Here you describe in short that what went wrong in the past which caused this trouble or crisis in the company and what steps company should take to eliminate these kind of uncommon situations in the future.
  5. Suggestions:
    At the end, after the reader has read the entire summary, you provide your suggestions according to your thinking and experience. You should provide these suggestions at the end so that the reader can compare it to his own conclusions.

Here is download link for this free Executive Summary Template for Crisis Management,


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Executive Summary Template for Annual Sales Mon, 15 Oct 2018 09:01:09 +0000 Related posts:
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When it comes to businesses and working of companies, mainly it’s the higher management and the CEOs of the company that make all high profile decision such as starting a new project or terminating an undergoing one. But the problem is that they make dozens of such decision on regular basis and most of them have only a few minutes to review reports about a project or a new business proposal in order to find out if they really need it or it’s just not appropriate for their company. In order to save the expensive time of such superiors, the middle management prepares much shorter versions of the original reports which give just a main idea to the higher management so that they can decide if they want to hear more about this or not. This shorten version of the original report or proposal is called an executive summary. Executive summaries are a usual part of all the companies and organizational processes and companies spend a lot of time preparing these summaries.

Executive Summary of Annual Sales:

Unless it’s not a non-profit organization, the key purpose and essential element of each business and company is to make more profit in the market. The sales of a company declare the credibility of its products in the market and its position against the competitors. At the end of each year, every business counts its previous year’s income and net profit. This way it makes crucial decisions if it’s not enough or if company is not fulfilling its goals. This report includes a lot of other things besides just the profit ratio such as the tax the company has paid on the sales and income, the discounts it has given to the clients in order to increase the sales and the money it has spent on the advertisement of the products in the market. This all could take dozens of pages to complete and if a superior or executive level person wants to know all the above, he has to go through all those pages to find out what he wants to know. But what if he doesn’t have that much time to read or review. This is the place where an executive summary of annual sales comes handy and it provides the big picture with lesser words and fewer sentences.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Executive Summary Template for Annual Sales created using MS Word,

Executive Summary of Annual Sales Template

General Guidelines to create an Executive Summary of Annual Sales:

  1. Opening words:
    This is the place where you need to show the reader that this summary includes something that he needs to read. This will grab his attention and he will be convinced to read the entire summary. The opening line is the first thing that you share with the reader so make it unique and remarkable.
  2. Mission statement:
    This explains your company’s strategies, the goals it wants to achieve, the planning it’s been working on and the dedication of staff with the credibility of the company. You don’t need to provide the entire mission statement because it’s a summary not a report but you just need to mention the overview or key points of the mission statement declared by the company.
  3. Sales charts:
    Here you provide brief but concise explanation of your previous sales figure. It also includes the affects of the strategies you implemented to increase the profit, the increased ratio of customer satisfaction with the product usage and the goodwill your company acquired in the market. This makes it easier to compare the profit figures of previous years to analyze which year it was at peak and what was the reason of that.

Here is download link for this Executive Summary Template for Annual Sales,


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Job Description Templates Sun, 07 Oct 2018 11:56:09 +0000 Related posts:
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Here are a couple of Job Description Templates that can help any HR Manager to create professional looking comprehensive job descriptions for almost any job designation. A Job Description is crucial for the success of a job designation. It defines the responsibilities assigned to an employee against a set of designated authorities. An employee can only be accountable against his/her job description. Hence it is very important for an organization that proper Job Descriptions should have been prepared and handed over to the employees at the time of their joining.

Here is preview and download links of these Job Description Templates,


Here is download link,


Here is its download link,


Key elements of job description:

  • Job title:
    this is the part which reflects the brief introduction, content, purpose and scope of the job.
  • Position summary:
    this defines the purpose of the job and the main responsibilities of the job.
  • Job requirement and qualification:
    here the minimum necessary education for applying for the job is provided. This helps someone to examine himself that if he is eligible for the job or not. Along with the education, the experience required by the company is also described in this section. This way the company or recruiter makes sure that only the senior or experienced person is applying for the job. If the job requires you to have some extra certificates or short courses, they are mentioned here too along with the skills that you need to have which will help you on the job.
  • Fiscal responsibilities:
    this describes the level and type of the financial duties the job requires which the applicant should have a knowledge of.
  • Contacts/references:
    here the recruiter describes about the references the applicant is required to provide both inside and outside. This way company makes sure that the applicant is authenticated and has a good employment history.
  • Physical demand:
    it describes the intensity and duration of physical demands or capabilities that are required by the job. This way the company makes sure that no disable person applies for the job which he or she can’t do.
  • Environment/work conditions:
    here the recruiter explains about the environment or circumstances which you will have to face on the job such as working with males if you are a female or working in a lot of noise or if you are required to shout every time you want to talk to someone.
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Past Due Notice Template Mon, 20 Aug 2018 02:15:21 +0000 Related posts:
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In almost every business, you come across a situation where your customers have payments past due date. Here you need polite Past Due Notices. Here is a Microsoft Word template for such Past due Notices. This template allows you to write down details of customer account and related information. It will also allow you to write down reminder summary along with past dues. Finally, you can input customer response for office use purposes.

A notice is an official letter which is written to a customer or client by a company to remind him about a payment he owes. Companies do business every day and only a few of them get paid prior to the job or delivery they are agreed to do but mostly people do business on credit. Doing business on credit means you buy some stuff or hire someone to perform services but you convince the other party that you will pay them after some time i.e. a week or month on even in installments. Organizations and companies do mutual contracts of millions of dollars and it’s not possible to pay the other party in full or immediately after the project is done. Individuals prefer to do a deal or project only if they are getting paid before or immediately after the job is done but businesses mostly operate in opposite way.

When a client or customer buys stuff on credit, he agrees to pay after some time in full but when he doesn’t make the payment, company or the vendor has every right to remind him about the money he owes to the company. They send him a notice or credit letter to that customer to let him know that the company haven’t receive the payment as per agreement and it looks like that he has forgotten about the payment. So the company is writing this letter just to remind him. This is the first letter which asks about the payment but the writer doesn’t use any hard or threatening words because the company wants it’s money but also doesn’t want to lose the customer. Once the first letter is sent, the company or vendor waits for two to three weeks for the reply of the client and then they write the notice again. In this second notice, the company still doesn’t use harsh words because that’s not going to get them the money they want.

Here is preview of this Past Due Notice template,

Past Due Notice Template

Here is download link,

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Sales Quotation Template Mon, 20 Aug 2018 01:57:40 +0000 Related posts:
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Here is Sales Quotation Template that you can download right now in order to prepare your own professional looking sales quotations. This is a free sales quotation template and comes with royalty free. Everyone knows that in a serious business environment, a professional sales quotation is the key to collect orders. In most of the cases people simply judge their vendors by their quotation formats and level of professional it shows.

The business world as we know of today has spread into vast branches; where we have businesses related to providing services, selling of goods, doing a piece of job for one of the customer or any such matter. In this world of great complexities a sales quotation or sales quote has a very dire importance in dealings and business transactions between the customers and the businessmen. A sales quotation is the first step to knowing about the customers’ requirement and their mind set about the services or products they need you to deliver them. A sales quotation also lets the buyer to understand the costs for the services or the products they are going to avail. Hence the sales quotation has a very important role in the initiation of a business between the two parties; it is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller in the process.

Here is preview of this Sales Quotation Template,

Sales Quotation Template

Quotations being of several types have their very own style and a specific format needs to be followed for each type of quotation. A sales quotation is a type of document; resembles a form to be filled in by the customer or buyer, for the businessman or seller. Sales quotation lets the customer to decide about the budget and the quantity, once they have an idea of expenditure in their hand, in the form of a sales quotation. Sales quotation describes in detail all of the costs that the customer is going to face, because there are several hidden charges in many services, which can’t be fixed. For example, if in providing of a service, some material is used, the price of which varies time over time, then the company can’t fix any price for that service, because it is subjected to the price of that material; and so on. Many sales quotations have few things in common which are considered to be the key elements of sales quote or sales quotation. A few of these are described below for your knowledge:

  • A Sales Quotation should have the customers information, their name etc. It can also be the name of a company, if you are dealing with some other organization.
  • A list of items or services must be mentioned in detail. Each item should be mentioned clearly and distinctly and all the costs which would be charged from the customer must be mentioned in the quotation.
  • If there are any rates which are subjected to change in the rates of market, they must be mentioned separately to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.
  • The sales quotation should include if there will be any delay in the services provided.
  • Sales quotation should be signed and a copy should be created for your own record; in case the customer returns and is interested in the offer you have given them. That copy can be then used for referring and clearing any rates; if any have changed.

Other than these basic elements sales quotations have different details included in them with respect to the type of the business or the provided services. But these key elements will be found in every sales quote; as these are considered as the fundamentals of sales quotations.

Here is its download link,

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11 Free Invoice Templates Sat, 10 Mar 2018 01:33:48 +0000 Related posts:
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Allow me to share with you 10 Free Invoice Templates to help you prepare your own invoice quickly. Invoice Template is a great tool for everyone to generate professional looking invoices in minutes quickly and efficiently. These are professional invoice templates in Microsoft Word to help you input your own data easily. Please feel free to download them as per your requirement. They are royalty free and doesn’t require anything to pay. Using an Invoice Template help people to focus more on contents rather than standard Invoice Format.

Key Elements of an Invoice Template

These invoice templates contain all the basic elements of standard professional invoice. You need to specify your business name, address and contact details. You also need to specify To and Ship To information correctly. The detailed part of this invoice template contains columns to mention Line Item, its description and obviously hours of work or quantity as well as rate. Finally a total of amount is also handy and easy to be calculated using MS Word. Once a total is computed, you can also mention tax details (if any).

These invoice templates also allow you to create hourly invoices as well as product sales invoices as well. If you are looking for a free invoice template or sample invoice form them here it is exactly for you.

Free Invoice Templates

Usually a blue color theme is selected to create a invoice template. Blue color represents a business nature document and hence make its first look as professional and serious document. Secondly, blue color has cool eye effect. It allows its visitors to keep reading the document for as long as he/she want without being overburdened on his/her eyes.

Here is preview of first sample invoice template to help your prepare your own invoice.

Invoice Template 01

Here is download link of this Free Invoice Template,

Invoice Template 02

Invoice Template 03

Invoice Template 04

Invoice Template 05

Invoice Template 06

Invoice Template 07

Invoice Template 08

Invoice Template 09

Invoice Template 10

Invoice Template 11

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