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Weekly Calendar Templates

Do you need a calendar template that can help you plan your weekly activities? Here are a couple of professional quality Weekly Calendar Templates that will help you quickly create and maintain your weekly activities with effective scheduling. These weekly calendar templates are prepared in MS Word 97 or later version so you need these them for editing. Just download these templates and unzip the file to extract .dot template file.

A calendar is a well-known term to every one in the present day world; a term coined centuries ago and the history is from the age of Greeks or may be even before that time. In simple words a calendar is a chart or table, which mentions the days in a month and in turn the months in a year. Normally calendars are issued at the starting of a new year; but since the technology has advanced too much, the digital calendars available in the computers and cellular mobile phones can mention dates of a few hundred years after and before the present time. The calendars can be according to different systems like Gregorian and Islamic calendars etc.

Here is preview of these weekly calendar templates,


Here is download link,


Here is its download link,

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