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Portrait Tan Calendar – Word Template

Another great Calendar Word Template. It looks professional and beautiful. It is a monthly calendar and gives out a clear layout of days and dates. very much recommended for you if you are calendar loving person.

Similarly the common man can sometimes become bored by seeing those pre-printed pictures and animal portraits on the calendar. So why not create one’s own customized calendar; where they can add the pictures of their own choice? These might include the family portraits, the pictures of one’s children, their better half, parents and what not. Like the organizational calendars, the ones in the home can also have customized events like birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

The custom calendars can be created of any reason one might like. Obviously everyone has the right to live like they love, so why not include the customization of calendars in it? Shouldn’t we?

Here is its preview,

Portrait Calendar Template (for year 2017)

and here is its download link,

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