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Sample Service Invoice Template

This is a sample service invoice template designed in MS Word 2003. When it comes to generating professional invoices, everyone look around for a professional sample or service invoice template. Since this is a MS Word 2003 template so can easily be edited after download. Being a professional sample service invoice, this template can fulfill all or most of documentation responsibilities one sales representative might have had.

Here is preview of this sample service invoice template,

General guidelines to create a standard invoice:

  • First of all, you have to keep in mind that this is an official document which comes very handy in legal disputes too and that’s why you have to create it carefully.
  • Put your company’s name and logo at the top of the page so that it looks more professional. If you do a little effort, you won’t find a single sales invoice which doesn’t has the company’s name and logo on it.
  • Bellow that, you provide your company’s address which includes; street address, email address and telephone number.
  • The most important part begins from here as you put an invoice number on the page which is very useful and type of an essential part of a standard invoice. In the future, you can track the invoice by this number.
  • Always put a date on the invoice when you have composed it and write it. This way if the buyer delays any procedure, you can prove that you sent the invoice on time.
  •  Bellow that, you provide the billing period which is the time duration the invoice is covering like if it’s for the January, you write 2013/01/01 – 2013/01/31.
  • After that you should put the due date for example 2013/02/05. This way when you give a deadline to the buyer, you get better results.
  • Now it’s time to provide all the info about the client who you are writing the letter to. Include his name, address, account number in your company and his social security card number.
  • Within the billing period, list every service or product you delivered to the client and in return, you deserve to be paid for your services.
  • In case there is more than one service or tasks, provide its completion date, due payment, and the discount if you are offering any.
  • At the bottom of the invoice, include the total amount of the invoice that the company owes you.
  • Put your name and signature at the end and close the invoice.

Here is download link,

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