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Job Description – Free Word Template

Job Description Document is an important document for any Human Resource Department. It defines duties and responsibilities of employee for a particular job designation. All organization has their own formats of Job Description Document however there are also many organization still struggling with their format.

A job description is kind of an explanation about a job that a company is offering and by providing job description in the job advertisement, the company promotes the ad to perspective candidates and to make sure that only the right applicants apply for the job and the recruiter doesn’t has to filter a lot of candidates. It’s possible that when an unemployed person sees a job ad or hears about an opening in a company, he or she immediately creates a resume and sends it to the company. He is so desperate that he doesn’t even read the requirements of the job which put him in the eligible or non-eligible category. This way when a company advertises for an opening, it provides the job description along with the ad so that people thoroughly understand the requirements and expectations of the company and only those apply who thinks that they fulfill those requirements.

A job description is used:

  • To explain the job expectations to the employee
  • To manage the recruitment efforts and focusing them in a specific area
  • To manage and estimate the employee’s performance
  • To keep the employee on the track same as the company
  • To divide the workload and responsibilities to different employees so that only one doesn’t have to do everything
  • For the job evaluation and classification process
  • To provide career opportunities inside the company

Here is a great Job description word template that will help you quickly create Job Descriptions for all of your employees. It is professional yet elegant. Here is its preview,

Job Description Template

And here is its download link,

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