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Free Invoice form or Sample

Invoice Form is a need of every business. Here is our Free Invoice Form or Sample that you can download to quickly create your professional looking invoices on the fly. This is a Microsoft Word Template and is an idea for those busy businessmen having no time to create templates or customized Invoice Forms for their customers.

An invoice is an official document which is sent to the buyer by the purchaser to make sure that every service or product is delivered and the buyer will make the payment soon within the due period. The invoice establishes an obligation on the buyer to pay and that makes it an account receivable. As this is the only evidence which proves that the services or products are delivered to the purchaser and now he is obligated to pay the seller or services provider. This document contains each and every detail of each item and it can be used as evidence in case there is some dispute or misunderstanding. If the company is providing products on regular basis, it’s possible that it also sends invoices every time it makes a delivery but if the products or services are cheap or low priced, the services provider waits until it becomes reasonable so that it’s okay to ask for the money.

The usual sections of a standard invoice are:

  • Date
  • Name and addresses of both seller and purchaser
  • Information about each item or service that delivered to the purchaser
  • The total amount which the buyer owes
  • Specific terms about the payment; i.e. duration to pay in full

Here is preview of this Invoice Form or Sample,

Invoice Form

Here is download link of this sample invoice form,

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