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Final Notice Template

Here is Final Notice Template. When your customer goes serious overdue state then it is unavoidable to issue a Final Notice. Here is a Microsoft Word Document for you to to download and create a professional looking Final Notice quickly and efficiently.

Again when the second notice is sent, the company waits for a few weeks and then sends the third and final notice. Unlike the notices before, this final notice contains the outcomes or consequences the client will have to face if he or she doesn’t respond soon. Some companies also use a legal or court document in the final letter and some send this notice through an attorney so that the client realizes that the situation is not that simple and he has to contact the company soon. Mostly the clients respond once they receive the final notice and provide some excuse about why they didn’t respond or made the payment. Although it’s not possible to keep good relations with the client after they are served with a final notice but companies try their best to keep the client with them till end of the legal procedure.

There are number of ways to send the final notice to some client for example you can get help from your recovery department in the company which writes the notice and also makes sure that the client receives the letter. Also you can hire an attorney for this kind of service who will make it more legal by attaching some court documents too. There is another way to send this final notice, by hiring an individual who works as a delivery guy and he also makes sure that he has delivered the notice in the hands of the client. This way the client has no reason or excuses and he can’t claim that he didn’t receive any of the notice documents.

Here is preview of this Final Notice template,

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