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Free Letterhead Templates

Do you need corporate identity package for your business? Here is our collection of Free Letterhead Templates. These templates are created using MS Word 2007 or 2013 version. So you need it or later to edit them after downloading. A letterhead must be professional and shouldn’t be too creative or graphics rich. All these letterhead templates are created keeping in mind a business environment and professional impression to be build. Download the corresponding letterhead template below.

A letterhead is an official document on which a company puts its name, logo, addresses and phone numbers and uses it as an official document to communicate with external clients and customers. Every company and organization uses letterheads because when a letter shows the company name and logo on its top, it looks more professional. This way when a company writes a letter, it doesn’t has to put the inside letter every time which saves a lot of time. Departments or employees who has to write lots of letters on regular basis save much time by using the letterhead because if you write the inside address, it takes two to three minutes and in case you have to write hundred letters, you can save an hour or two by using the official letterhead. Letterheads are not only used for communication but companies use it to make invoices, purchase order and credit letters too. It’s proved that something written on a letterhead can convince a person in such a way that a simple letter can’t.

Although it seems complicated but a letterhead is not that complex as you think. It’s just a piece of paper with a number of details on it such as; company’s name, logo, street address along with mailing address, phone numbers and websites so that people can easily access you. Letterhead is not only a way of responding but also a physical representation of your business or brand name you own. This letterhead will be read by your employees, outside customers and government officials so try to keep the information short on the paper and only add essential stuff. Also it’s not that difficult to create or design a letterhead as you can do it by you or there are number of websites that offer to design it for free. There you can use your own imagination to use different colors and templates and once you are finished and satisfied with the results, you can download the design in your computer and print it on printing papers.

Here is preview of first Letterhead Template,

Color Letterhead Template




Letterhead Template with Envelop

Here is another letterhead template with envelop as well,



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