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Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template

The agreement that is written and signed between a company and the local patent department of the government related to the copyrights of a business is known as the assignment of copyrights agreement. This is a very common type of agreement that is used by governments and patent registration departments around the world and even when the government and laws are different in various countries, the content of this agreement is almost the same most of the time with the same terms and conditions and clauses along with same obligations and jurisdictions for the copyrighter.

Brief Description of Assignment of Copyrights Agreement:

In the business world, it is very important that when a company produces a product or has a specific trademark, it takes care of it and secures it against plagiarism and illegal use of the brand name by other companies. For example, when the competitors feel that a specific brand or product of a company is getting very famous in the market and customers are really spending their money on the qualities and features that the specific product owns, they try to copy the content of the product and produce the same product either with different or same qualities but either way, it not only damages the reputation of the company in the market but also damages the profit and sales ratio. In order to make sure that no other company uses the brand name, same product name and trademark that a company owns, the company gets copyrights of these particulars from local government department and the agreement that is signed between the company and the legal department to handover the ownership of the copyrights is known as the assignment of copyrights agreement.

The content or elements in the assignment of copyrights agreement depend on each specific country, local laws regarding copyrights and patents and the government jurisdictions on this matter. Typically this agreement starts with the name of the patent or the company that wants to own the copyrights of a trademark, product or brand name, the department that is assigning the copyrights to the company, details of the copyrights, handing over the ownership of the copyrights, legal obligations, rights and limitations of the owners of the copyrights and the legal steps that the patents can take in case of any violation of the agreement. This agreement also includes the termination and violation clauses for the owner of the copyrights along with validation and expiration of the agreement and signatures of both parties i.e. patent and legal department. Most of the time, the content of this agreement remains the same but it can also include different clauses depending on the type of the product, trademark, business or company that is going to own the copyrights.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Assignment of Copyright Agreement

Key Elements to add in the Assignment of Copyrights Agreement:

  • Name of the client/company
  • Name of the company/legal department
  • Details of the project/product that has copyrights
  • Specifications and particulars about the project/product
  • Details of the company that will own the copyrights
  • Details and specification of the copyrights
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Mutually agreed clauses of the agreement
  • Legal obligation of the company that owns the copyrights
  • Validation and limitations of the copyrights
  • Termination of the agreement
  • Results of violation of the agreement
  • Signature of both parties

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