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Office Memo Template

An office memo is a draft used as a mean of communication between different workers of an organization for conveying messages in a better form. It has many advantages of running a successful business.

The memo is the short form of memorandum and basically an office memo is a written message that is conveyed by one person to the other person working in the same organization. The actual meaning of the memorandum is a note that is used for assisting the memory. When it comes to office memorandum, then it is that written note or communication note that is used between the workers of the same organization for running a successful business. An office memorandum can be used for the following purposes:

  • For issuing the instructions about the project to the staff.
  • For giving as well as seeking instructions.
  • For communicating with the staff regarding the change in the policies.
  • For requesting any kind of help and information for the confirmation of any decision that arrives on the telephone or by email.

An office memo can be filed for any reference with regard to the future. Therefore, it acts as an evidence for serving for legal issues. With this internal short note that is known as office memorandum, the information about the business is also exchanged between the superiors and the subordinates of the organization and it helps them to coordinate with each other in a better way as they can get all the details about the project through this note. A memo can be used for various purposes. There are a lot of advantages of making an office memorandum as this is one of the most common and the best way for a writer to communicate with the organization.

Here is preview of a Free Office Memo Template created by our staff in MS Word,

Office Memo Template

Some of the most common advantages of writing an office memo are:

It saves time:

Many organizations use the memorandums in printed form because a printed memo takes less time in drafting it.

Low cost:

The cost of communication by means of an office memorandum is usually less and affordable as compared to others.

Provides information:

Another advantage of making a memorandum is that it provides all the basic information about every level that occurs within that business.


As memo is a written document, so it can be very easily used for references in the future.

Maintenance of good relationship:

A good office memorandum also helps in maintaining good relationship between the boss and the subordinates because usually the attitude of the boss is not present there.

Less formality:

While drafting an office memo, no formality is necessary as usually the inside address, complimentary closing and salutation are omitted in the draft.

Informs about the decisions and actions:

Another advantage of creating a memo is that it helps in informing about the decisions and the actions. For the purpose of informing about the decisions and the actions, it must be written by any higher authority.

Requests for the decisions and actions:

The office memorandum also helps in requesting for the decisions and actions and for this requesting purpose, the memo must be drafted by the subordinate of the organization.

Remain someone for the purpose of action:

A memo is also drafted for reminding someone about the action only if it is required.

Here is download link for above shown free office memo template,


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