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Project Management Templates

Task List Templates

Task List Template

Here goes one of several Task List Templates that allows you to not only list down all tasks but also to schedule them as per your need. This task list template allows you to plan tasks in week by week basis for the whole months. This Task List Template is …

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Project Plan Template

Project Plan Template 1

Project plan is a process in which someone or a team is asked to plan the execution of a project. It includes taking about the scope, aims, targets, achievement, objectives and strategies needed to complete the project as per the expectations. Also it includes the duties of individuals, their responsibilities, …

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Project Timetable – Word Template

Project Timetable

Project Timetable is a great project progress monitoring tool that will enable you to quick overview project time line and then match it with your progress to estimate completed work against planned work. Projects are essential part of any business nevertheless maneuvering a project is simply not an easy task …

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Project Task Assignment – Word Templates

Task Assignment Sheet

Managing project task is a process in which the administrator or supervisor of a project manages the different tasks which a project includes and assigning those tasks to different employees and workers. This also involves allocating resources for the project in some specific cases but mainly it’s all about assigning …

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Project Log – Word Template

Project Log Sheet

A project log is a document which contains all the information and progress report about a project and the executive or manager can understand it by just taking a look. Every project either it’s big or small, local or international, it involves more than one person or sometimes more than …

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Project Schedule – Word Template

Project Schedule Template

The project schedule is generated to identify the start and completion dates of a venture. In straightforward terms it is a tool that allows to point out the timeline of the project. Normally the project schedule is produced at the preparing of the project. It is special component of the …

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