Past Due Notices Template

In almost every business, you come across a situation where your customers have payments past due date. Here you need polite Past Due Notices. Here is a Microsoft Word template for such Past due Notices. This template allows you to write down details of customer account and related information. It will also allow you to write down reminder summary along with past dues. Finally, you can input customer response for office use purposes.

A notice is an official letter which is written to a customer or client by a company to remind him about a payment he owes. Companies do business every day and only a few of them get paid prior to the job or delivery they are agreed to do but mostly people do business on credit. Doing business on credit means you buy some stuff or hire someone to perform services but you convince the other party that you will pay them after some time i.e. a week or month on even in installments. Organizations and companies do mutual contracts of millions of dollars and it’s not possible to pay the other party in full or immediately after the project is done. Individuals prefer to do a deal or project only if they are getting paid before or immediately after the job is done but businesses mostly operate in opposite way.

When a client or customer buys stuff on credit, he agrees to pay after some time in full but when he doesn’t make the payment, company or the vendor has every right to remind him about the money he owes to the company. They send him a notice or credit letter to that customer to let him know that the company haven’t receive the payment as per agreement and it looks like that he has forgotten about the payment. So the company is writing this letter just to remind him. This is the first letter which asks about the payment but the writer doesn’t use any hard or threatening words because the company wants it’s money but also doesn’t want to lose the customer. Once the first letter is sent, the company or vendor waits for two to three weeks for the reply of the client and then they write the notice again. In this second notice, the company still doesn’t use harsh words because that’s not going to get them the money they want.

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