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Free Invoice Template

This Free Invoice Template is a great tool for everyone to generate professional looking invoices in minutes quickly and efficiently. This is a professional invoice template which is created in Microsoft Word 2003.

Blue Invoice Template
Why a blue color theme is selected to create this invoice template? The answer is very simple. Blue color represents a business nature document and hence make its first look as professional and serious document. Secondly, blue color has cool eye effect. It allows its visitors to keep reading the document for as long as he/she want without being overburdened on his/her eyes.

Key Elements of this Invoice Template
This invoice template contains all the basic elements of standard professional invoice. You need to specify your business name, address and contact details. You are also require to specify To and Ship To information correctly. The detailed part of this invoice template contains columns to mention Line Item, its description and obviously hours of work as well as hourly rate. Finally a total of amount is also handy and easy to be calculated using MS Word Macros. Once a total is computed, you can also mention tax details (if any).

This invoice template also allows you to create hourly invoices as well. If you are looking for a free invoice template or sample invoice form them here it is exactly for you.

Here is preview of this sample invoice template,

Here is download link of this Free Invoice Template,

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