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Housing Loan Contract Template

A housing loan contract is a legally binding between the lender and the borrower to identify the purpose of loan, important procedures and rights of both borrowers and the lenders. Lenders and real estate brokers write the housing loan contract during the sale process of the property. The terms and conditions of the contract can […]

Promissory Note Template

A Promissory Note is required when you have to obtain loan or make promise for a financial transaction to a bank. Here is a Promissory Note Template that might be used to sign an agreement or contract with you. If this is the first time you are signing a promissory note then it is good […]

Project Funding Proposal Template

Funding proposal is an important document that is written to secure the investment for a specific project, charity or any  non-profit organization. It is significant to write a funding proposal perfectly to convince the funding source to provide sufficient funds for the completion of your project. A successful funding proposal enables you to get required […]

Financial Meeting Agenda Template

Documents are of extreme importance for every corporate and business institution from banks to other large business companies. These documents are of use within the company and outside as well in the form of record keeping documents, filing or legal documents as well. Documentation is the proof of legal activities of a company and provides […]

School Attendance Certificate Template

A certificate is an official document for verification or proof that an individual has achieved the specified designation or qualification. A certificate of attendance is used in a number of ways depending on the institution or the reason for which it is being awarded. Every country, region, university or school has its own criteria for […]

Marketing Meeting Agenda Template

The marketing refers to the publicity and selling of products, goods or services of any company to the customers for achieving better performance and providing healthy profits for the producers or service providers. Marketing is a monstrous field in the present age where the business has grown its own heap in all over the world. […]

Investment Proposal Template

Proposals are very important documents in the business and the corporate world of today’s important economic world where there are millions of deals and businesses run every day. These documents of peculiar nature make deals, help grow peoples’ businesses and facilitate businessmen and entire companies in a number of ways. Investment proposal for one is […]

Building Maintenance Contract Template

Construction is an ancient business having its origin from the times of cavemen. Man has always been building in jungles, mountains and deserts to ensure his survival and this has led to many ancient civilizations including that of Egypt, Greeks, Chinese and many more. Building is a business which is never ending and for this […]

BBQ Party Invitation Template

Do you have a special reason to celebrate and want to do it in a different style? Are you tired of the regular parties that you attend and want to organize something different? Are you itching to throw a party but do not have any special occasion coming up? If the answer to any of […]

Annual Report Template

Companies at the end of their fiscal year perform many assessments and reviews to analyze their performance for the year. As such, to record the performance review of not only the employees but also its financials it needs to note down i.e. create documents for record keeping. These steps are taken to provide stakeholders with […]