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Legal Memo Template

Usually the legal memo is drafted by a lawyer, but professional people can also draft it if they try to think like a lawyer and refer laws on every issue. The basic purpose of writing a legal memo is to give guidelines and educate the readers the law that is relevant to any particular issue […]

MOU Memo Template

The people or the organizations when interact with each other or plan to interact on a mutually agreed objective, they draft an agreement known as MOU which is considered as a written agreement between them. As everybody knows that memo is a document that is drafted for the basic purpose of communication between the employes […]

Staff Memo Template

An effective staff memo is really very important to be drafted as it helps in motivating the staff to take the actions recommended in the memo against any specific issue. A staff memo is drafted for informing the members working in an organization about any specific issue, that encourages them to take an action. These […]

Office Memo Template

An office memo is a draft used as a mean of communication between different workers of an organization for conveying messages in a better form. It has many advantages of running a successful business. The memo is the short form of memorandum and basically an office memo is a written message that is conveyed by […]

Partnership Contract Template

“Sharing is caring” is a well-known saying and it does mean as well. Business is an old way of earning and is pretty efficient as well. Usually it is not owned and run by only one person; instead it is more than one and sometimes a lot of people as in today’s business world. People […]

Housing Loan Contract Template

A housing loan contract is a legally binding between the lender and the borrower to identify the purpose of loan, important procedures and rights of both borrowers and the lenders. Lenders and real estate brokers write the housing loan contract during the sale process of the property. The terms and conditions of the contract can […]

Promissory Note Template

A Promissory Note is required when you have to obtain loan or make promise for a financial transaction to a bank. Here is a Promissory Note Template that might be used to sign an agreement or contract with you. If this is the first time you are signing a promissory note then it is good […]

Project Funding Proposal Template

Funding proposal is an important document that is written to secure the investment for a specific project, charity or any  non-profit organization. It is significant to write a funding proposal perfectly to convince the funding source to provide sufficient funds for the completion of your project. A successful funding proposal enables you to get required […]

Financial Meeting Agenda Template

Documents are of extreme importance for every corporate and business institution from banks to other large business companies. These documents are of use within the company and outside as well in the form of record keeping documents, filing or legal documents as well. Documentation is the proof of legal activities of a company and provides […]

School Attendance Certificate Template

A certificate is an official document for verification or proof that an individual has achieved the specified designation or qualification. A certificate of attendance is used in a number of ways depending on the institution or the reason for which it is being awarded. Every country, region, university or school has its own criteria for […]