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Painting Workshop Flyer Template

Painting is the most colorful and dynamic way to express and it’s also an effective way to refresh yourself. Conducting a painting workshop is a good idea if you are tired of your daily routine. A vibrant flyer can help in attracting a good number of interested participants for the workshops you are conducting. It’s […]

Indemnity Agreement Template

When an insurer takes full responsibility of actions that are going to occur against another person or company, it is known as the indemnity process and most commonly, it includes the money and financial help. In simple words, with indemnity, a person agrees to pay the bills and financial expenses that are due on another […]

Project Progress Report Template

The most crucial thing while working on a project is its successful completion. The client would always prefer to have its project completed on time and not face any kind of delay. This requires the project managers to handle every detail of the project with careful consideration and in a swift manner. In order to […]

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template

There are hardly any words in the vocabulary that can even begin to describe the feelings of a person on his or her graduation day. It is a huge day for them as it is the mark of the beginning of a new world, wherein they will make their own decisions, earn their own living […]

For Sale Brochure Template

When a shop or a business wants the customers to find out that they are selling the items on sale i.e. reduced prices of particular items, they use the sale brochures. A sale brochure is a pamphlet that includes the introduction of the company or shop who is selling the product on reduced price, the […]

BBQ Party Brochure Template

If you want to use a cool manner in order to invite your friends, family members and coworkers to a barbecue party that you are going to have soon, you should use the barbeque or BBQ Party Brochure. It is really easy to design these brochures by yourself and if you have a little knowledge […]

Professional Services Contract Template

No doubt about the fact that doing your own work saves you money, gives happiness and improve expertise and makes you an independent person which in long term is a good and healthy activity. But in some cases there are matters, which are beyond your reach and needs someone else’s help or assistance who is […]

Production Shift Report Template

Shift reports prove to be very useful in removing communication gap between coworkers or members of a team. Proper execution, control and oversight can also be achieved through these reports. It aids in assessing the work that was completed in a previous shift and provides a good reflection of the employee’s commitment to their respective […]

Travel Expense Report Template

The business travel expenses are usually offered by the company, but it requires an expense report as well. Make a good report using the following steps for providing accurate details of the travel expenses to the company. This report is basically used by the travelers for reporting all the actual expenses that are incurred while […]

Free Letterhead Templates

Do you need corporate identity package for your business? Here is our collection of Free Letterhead Templates. These templates are created using MS Word 2007 or 2013 version. So you need it or later to edit them after downloading. A letterhead must be professional and shouldn’t be too creative or graphics rich. All these letterhead […]