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Car Wash Flyer Template

Car Wash Flyer Template

Regardless of the nature and location of a business, you need advertisement and promotion for all kind of businesses equally. Car wash business also requires proper marketing and advertisement in order to get customers. No matter where your business is located, cars, trucks and other vehicles get dirty on roads …

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Separation and Release Agreement Template

Separation and Release Agreement

The separation and release agreement is a professional contract that is given to the employees at the time of the termination of their employment for any reason and cause. It can be the employer who decides to let go the employee due to poor performance, the company may go bankrupt, …

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Music License Agreement Template

Music License Agreement

When a company wants to own the rights of a music album, video, song or lyrics or when a distributor wants to acquire the rights or distributing and reproducing the copies of the music with the permission and authentication of the original owner, an agreement is signed between the owner …

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Consumer Loan Agreement Template

Consumer Loan Agreement

When a bank, loan firm or financial company gives a loan to the consumer or an individual, the consumer has to sign on the legal agreement with the company and this agreement serves as the proof or paper of guaranty for the consumer that if he doesn’t repay his debt/loan, …

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Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template

Assignment of Copyright Agreement

The agreement that is written and signed between a company and the local patent department of the government related to the copyrights of a business is known as the assignment of copyrights agreement. This is a very common type of agreement that is used by governments and patent registration departments …

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Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

When a company wants to protect its intellectual property, inventions, techniques and secrets from outside the company and competitors, it signs employee non-disclosure agreement with the employees and business partners so that when they leave the company for any reason, they don’t leak or share the secret information to anyone …

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Pension Plan Template

Pension Plan Template 1

A Pension Plan is also referred to as retirement plan which is a process of saving some of your earnings every month for later needs. It is a fact that no matter how much you love to work and look forward to go to office every morning, a time will …

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Career Plan Template

Career Plan Template 1

Career planning can be described in number of ways but in most simple words, it’s the development of one’s goals and objectives regarding his work accomplishments and future achievements that he wants to gain after a specific time period. Career planning enables a person to set his future goals and …

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Woodworking Plan Template

Woodworking Plan Template 1

Wood work is a very common work around the world and even if you live in a country where houses aren’t built with wood panels, you need wood for your kitchen, floors, ceilings and other stuff. The drawing or detailed plan that provides an idea to the contractor about what …

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