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School Sports Certificate Template

The activity of sports is probably one of the oldest indulgences of human beings. Since the advent of civilisation, sport has been practiced in one form or the other. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different sports played today, with a fan following and practising community consisting of billions of people. Although the occurrence […]

Workshop Participation Certificate Template

A group exercise, workshop or training is organized to train individuals to develop their skills and abilities according to the requirements of the organization. The workshop is a way to train a group of people for the future benefits of organization. You can learn different things in a workshop and after completing your training successfully, […]

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween parties are a mode of excitement and entertainment for adults and children alike. All of us look forward t the event as it gives us an opportunity to just let things go and enter the world of fantasy where we can be anything we want to be and do whatever we want to do […]

Payment Receipt Template

Payment receipt is one of important documents of used in organizations and main purpose of payment receipt is to keep record of payment procedures accomplished in human resource department. Payment receipts are equally important for employees and human resource departments for maintaining their record. Payment receipts are used everywhere there you have numbers of employees […]

Business Proposal Template

Business in this era is not easy, as you have to face fierce competition in the market. Accurate marketing techniques and strategic alliances are important for the success of the business. The triumph and collapse of the business may depend on its ability to get contracts or to attract other business ventures for strategic alliance. […]

Field Survey Report Template

The earth is a land that has lot to offer and a lot to hide. Field survey reports are a technique to understand a land in a better manner so that it can be out to good and appropriate use and no mistakes are done. It is often said that prevention is better than cure […]

Student of the Year Certificate Template

It is a known fact that if there is some competition among some people, more people will also try to be a part of that competition to prove that they are better. Similarly, it is a general observation that if someone proves that he or she is better than the others, they deserve appreciation and […]

Employee Performance Certificate Template

A certificate is an official document awarded to people for the attestation of their achievements through the course of their lives. Everybody gets some kind of certificate in one part of their life or the other. Some may get a certificate on account of their valuable actions or achievements or some may get due to […]

School Degree Certificate Template

School degree certificate is a proof that the student is eligible to attend an institution of higher education to get another degree or certification. Every school has its own rules and regulations to grant school degree certificate to students, usually it is granted to the students at the completion of a specific study period either […]

Project Status Report Template

Creating an effective project status report is really very important to know about the progress of any project. These things can be very much helpful in creating a best project report. The project status report is really very important for communicating the status of any project. This report is basically used as a tool for […]